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What a great watch.

What a great watch. Looks good, feels good on the wrist, and is more accurate than my Rolex. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the watch and how to get it. When is the next model coming?

I love this watch,its more than that its a fine timepiece. Well worth the wait. Thanks guys.

I really like the looks of the watch, and it is very comfortable, and keeps accurate time.

Love my new Farr & Swit watch. The Automatic movement, weight and aesthetics are equal to any of the Rolex’s that I own. You will not find a finer time piece for the value.

Seaplane delivers

I am really impressed with the Farr + Swit.  I had it side by side with my Tag and my Hamilton and this had the better look.  The see-through back is very cool and the blacked out look is solid.
I have the sailcloth strap with the buckle.  The blue stitch is a nice touch and I like the deployment buckle.
Keeps good time and already had someone ask me about it.  The sapphire bezel and the blue inner ring have a nice pop.
Overall, good value.  I got it on pre order so saved some off the current price but even at full price it is a deal compared to what you get.

Great Watch

A really great watch.  The build is high quality and looks nice on the wrist.