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I am so impressed and happy with my Teddy bear and heart. Thank you Michelle for the kindness you've shown through our emails. When I received these I was overwhelmed with happiness as part of my Sasha was home. Great job!

So Happy!!!

I just love the yarn. It's beautiful & is a wonderful way to remember my Rosie. Thank you so much! I love it!!!!

Beautiful memorial gift!

Purchased to dream catchers for my fathers late poodle. She did a fabulous job! They look beautiful, and it is doing so much to ease his suffering

Kallie, Reggie and Kira the Keeshonden (plural for "Keeshond") give the highest paws to FurEverKeepsakes! Thank you for our yarn (keesmere) and our teddy bear! We promise to keep shedding so that we can order more!

Cucciolo here ~ hi! I am a keeshond and I helped my madre collect about 3.5 ounces of my fur and I had this hat made for her! She LOVES her hat! She wears it all the time and says that she feels very special when she wears it! She and my padre love me very much! Cucciolo means puppy in Italian and they say that I will always be their little puppy! Michelle did such a beautiful job in creating it ~ it is so very special to madre!

Saved Memories

For fourteen years I brushed our furbaby and for some odd reason decided to keep his beautiful masses of fur. He was a beloved member of our family. We called him our lab/border collie/couch potato/chicken mix. He looked like a long haired Dalmation.  Friends and family never understood why I collected his fur (and at some points neither did I). I met Michelle and she was absolutely wonderful. She explained the process and kept in touch prior to providing me with a stunningly beautiful product - My loved one's fur had been spun and transformed into very soft wool that I can use to create a reminder of Trigger being in our lives. Its a lovely textile and I am thankful for having Michelle providing awesome service, as well as many caring suggestions.