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Tripp Chiropractic

2400 Tee Circle
Norman OKlahoma , 73069
United States

The End of my back pain

Dr. Ron Tripp is the chiropractor to go to for any and all your neck or back pain and injuries. He is also top of his field in sports injuries. His office is easy to find and the staff are all pleasant. So the next time you need a chiropractor give dr. Tripp a call.

Best Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr Ronald Trip is one of the best ever I have seen. I would recommend most of my friends and buddies about Dr Trip. He is just a blessing to me. He is such a kind heart and will give you the best treatment. Hope more people will love to visit him.

Always a pleasure

Always a pleasure to visit Dr. Tripp's office for my adjustments. The staff is friendly and professional and he's very attentive and very personable, always leave his office feeling great.

Review from Facebook #25

I was suffering from stabbing lower back pain and some upper shoulder/back pain. After a few sessions with Dr. Tripp my pain had subsided. He also introduced me to Charissa for deep tissue massage. Doing my back exercises and an occasional visit my back is feeling better than it has in years. I would highly recommend going to Dr. Tripp.

Review from Facebook #24

I always refer my friends and family to Dr. Tripp. He’s professional and caring. His office is clean and his staff is friendly. I have used him because of my issue with sciatica. He’s done more for my back pain than anything else ever has and my wife sees him for headaches.

Review from Facebook #23

On the occasions I am in the Norman area I make it a point to see Dr. Tripp. He's amazing at what he does. His approach to pain just makes sense to me. Instead of just adjusting my neck or spine he'll take the extra time to find what are the underlying reasons why I might be out and then he fixes it with an amazing technique (that you just have to experience for yourself to believe). Also, as some other reviewers mentioned he’s easy to talk to and never makes you feel rushed. I wish I still lived closer because it’s been hard to find a doctor who is warm, caring and a good listener that is also really good at adjusting. Thank you for always fitting me in when I come home, Dr. Tripp rock!

Review from Facebook #22

I was scared to death at the thought of seeing a chiropractor. I have had several whiplash crashes in the past. I also sit in front of my computer screen all day in a crappy chair. I was in such God awful pain for over a month until my mom talked me into going. Dr. Tripp was nothing like I was expecting. He was able to see me the same day I called. There wasn’t much of a wait and not much paperwork. The exam was no big deal because after I met Dr. Tripp I felt comfortable and he simply straightened out my head then pulled ever so gently. It didn’t hurt. It felt good in a weird sort of way. I was surprised that later that afternoon my headache was actually much better. Dr. Tripp also sent me for x-rays which he said have a diagnostic importance that I never would have known about. His office has been so very professional, clearly explaining everything. And Dr. Tripp is very gentle because he is respecting my fear and apprehension. He's also giving me some good strengthening exercises and stretches I can do at home to help. As I started seeing him I learned to really appreciate the fact, despite how busy his office is, that he doesn't over-book. I highly recommend him. I am much, much better in just under7 weeks!

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Dr. Tripp is fantastic. My wife went through over a month of back & Leg pain from old injuries incurred from her job as a nurse, many years ago. From the first treatment she felt improvement to the point that she no longer needed pain pills to achieve sleep. Thank you Dr. Tripp , Rock n' Roll ! Tom Hamilton