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Christopher Shaw

Great Software and good updates

I am happy I picked this for my arcade system support is a good and massive collection on games I upgraded from 8tb to 24tb

Buy from the best

The amount of work Chris has done on these drives is astounding. I have not had so much fun in ages. I cannot rate this highly enough. U updates, reinstalls and help from great people on discord. Do yourself a favour buy from the best.

Phenomenal service

Chris is always happy to walk me through basic and advanced PC troubleshooting. And when I still don't get it, he doesn't hesitate to jump online and fix my issues remotely. Both his product and support is absolutely the best.

Great service

I’m giving this 5 on the fact that Chris provided good service and the product is good. It’s not easy making so many different parts come together, we need someone who cares about the retro scene. Thanks

Quality Drive

I have to start first in saying i have set up a few hyperspin drives in the past. Well the basics but always had trouble with the control element of it. So the time had come to forget all i knew and get Chris drive. From purchase through to play it was a great experience. The download was fast, the support was fast but most of all the drive was amazing. Everything has been automated for you and i mean everything. The stuff he has implemented i didn't even know it existed. Everything works and all the controls work its bloody amazing. I honestly cannot be more happy. If your thinking do i pay for a drive or do i try and do it myself, take it from me and my 5 years of trying to do it the drive you honestly will not regret it. Thank you for your work chris keep it up. One very happy customer :-)

Keep up the GREAT work

AWESOME content on his drive! Keep up the great work...

The best hyperspin in the world

A wonderful job done by Chris. Everything runs perfectly and the installation is very simple and fast. For me, it's the most complete system in the world. A big thank-you !! Do not hesitate, go for it !!!

Great Help..

Chris has more often than he should provided excellent support for what seem to be major issues, but in reality was just simple glitches that would have bit me if it was a snake.

fun 16 terrabyte

I like playing my Games with a frontend with all the settings intact/Emulators set, updated etc. And not having so many Gaming Consoles connected to my TV. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a Drive - Enjoy the games.

100% best drive and support

This is the ONLY drive you'll ever need!

I looked around at a few different setups before this one, but this one was the only one that consistently had good reviews, and great feedback about he author, and after purchasing it I can 100% say this is absolutely the best drive setup available. If your on the fence about his one, get off and buy it now!

16tb arcade drive

Excellent service more than i could of hoped for, I can’t wait till i biy the bigger sizes.

Best drive hands down

I'm a noob when it comes to this stuff. Chris and his team are always hard at work helping users and adding new updates and improving the drive. Nobody else constantly keeps their drives updated like this, and there's always new stuff being added.

32TB of pure gaming collection

Imagine 40 years of video games history captured in 32TB of solid curation. Pure joy.


Chris Shaw, and team, did a wonderful job putting in the heavy lifting to get this configuration off of the ground. Amazing work and very enjoyable and nostalgic so jump in and reminisce. Definitely a great value and a quality product that continues to improve. Excellent work!

Hard working and helpful!

Great work done by Chris in supporting a large number of users!

Overwhelming amount of content

The sheer amount of content is a gamers dream. Deciding what to play is always the hardest part of the process. Chris and team having been providing a steady stream of new content. I currently have the 16tb setup and I love it. I am getting ready to move up the 32tb. I am so lucky to have found this group, I cannot wait to see where it goes. For a completionist look no further than here.

Brilliant drive and awesome updates

Been using the whizshaw drive for about a year and have to admit had doubts buying any preconfigured drive, however I glad to say been an awesome purchase. This drive is being improved continually and is absolutely fantastic. The update system being the main reason I purchased. Once you know he to use it’s so easy and quick. The initial download went smooth and was quick giving the 16tb purchase. Instructions for building the drive are great and the help was available from Chris if I was struggling. This drive will still be around in many years to come and without a doubt will improve as better emulators become available. If anything happens to your drive you can redownload or update to fix. A great investment 😊