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Christopher Shaw

Best drive by far

Chris stands by his product save yourself a headache if your not that tech savy. this is a all in one arcade drive for dummies. Its Magical. Save yourself months if not years of time.

Whizshaws drive

Have been using Chris's 8tb drive for over a year now. It never ceases to amaze me how frequently he updates his drive with new games, new controls, new media and new settings. We always get the newest updates to emulators and working roms. So happy with his drive and his service. He looks after us well and noone has a drive on the market like him.. Couldn't be happier. Saving up for the 16tb :D

BEST Hyperspin hard drive out there period....

I've had a couple pre-configured hyperspin hard drives and this is easily the best. This guy makes it so simple to do everything from in-depth videos to auto hotkey scripts. Best part is after initial install u r done and the systems work, I got 1 from and it was a rippoff nothing worked properly, it was OVERPRICED, and they wouldn't even email back to explain anything... I will be purchasing any future hyperspin hard drives from christopher shaw, he puts alot of time and effort into his product and even offers free updates.

3 Years later and still amazing service!

I purchased my 4TB drive in 2014, upgrading to 8TB in 2016 and I still get great service. Quick responses to emails and great updates to the drive. I am now considering upgrading to the 16tb drive! Thanks Chris

Chris Shaw is the real thing

I bought a drive from Wizshaw and WOW. I've been burnt by other drives that only sort of work. This one is great. So much of it actually works it is astonishing that it is all together. Other drives your looking at 60% max. The drive from Shaw is 99% awesome, and the other 1% he is always working to fix bugs, and work things out for everyone who buys them. Great guy, will always answer questions (be patient though he is only one man). Thank you so much, it was exactly what I was looking for.

All around great product and person

Chris is great to work with. I bought my drive in November 2016 and became impatient with the 8TB downloads... Sooo, I mailed him the drive. He provided great customer service and turned the drive around in about one week, all while servicing other customers and making improvements to the product. Overall, I am exceptionally satisfied with Chris and his product and look forward to an upgrade in the future.

Exceptional Customer Service

While I have only just started working with the drive, I had run in to some small issues at no fault of either Chris or the work he has done. I sent off a quick message to him, and very shortly after he was able to log in to my system to troubleshoot the problems, and quickly resolve them. I had everything up and running shortly after that, but sadly within days of enjoying gaming the drive I purchased at my local computer store ultimately failed. Chris saw what I was going through, and went above and beyond for me. He told me to simply make a RMA for the drive to send back to the manufacturer, and in the meantime prepped a drive for me and shipped it out to help get me up and running even faster. I have never ran in to customer service this fantastic, and that doesn't even factor in the constant updates he does, and alterations he constantly makes to make this project even better on a weekly basis.


All can be found on internet, but Chris make it perfectly, easyaly to install, and to update. He give us top technical support to us. I think, it's the best Hyperspin drive you can find.

Hyperspin Systen

I've had this product from Chris for a year now and out of the dodgy ones I've tried on the internet this one is by far the best and only one I would ever recommend! Excellent community forum, the best personal service when needed and it is ever expanding and being streamlined for easier use!


Chris' drive absolutely blows my mind every time I use it. I couldn't more strongly recommend this product for anyone who loves their old gaming. Updates are extremely frequent and substantial; support is very very quick and any fixes required are deployed and communicated. Worth easily every cent!!

Testimonial #9

great person


Chris is outstanding to work with and the service he provides is amazing. Most comprehensive setup I have found. He has great customer service and is very trustworthy. His customer service is A+. He provides direct customer service and I would recommend his service to anyone.

I could not ask for more

Chris provides an arcade setup that would take hundreds perhaps thousands of hours to build yourself. He provides ongoing support and is generally very responsive to requests for help or any glitches found on the drive to be updated. With support & 55,000+ games there is nothing more to ask for.

This is the drive to buy...

I have always over researched a purchase before committing.   So when my 8 year old son asked if we could build a arcade cabinet like the ones I always tell him about from my childhood... the research began for everything to make that request a reality.   a main component is the computer and drive setup to run the emulators and roms.  after months of searching I found whizshaw drive and have never looked back.   8tb full of working data with a support group that rivals large corporations.   this drive becomes better more refined and is expanding almost weekly.   I will be building a second arcade as soon as this first build is complete.   even though I already have the 8tb drive and could come it for my own use in my second cabinet I will support the efforts and community by buying a second drive.  

Guy Covers everything

Chris's drives are loaded with content and features that no one else can offer. Chris stands behind his product and offeres assistance on both a personal level and to the masses on his dedicated Community Facebook page. Chris's newly developed automatic update process is revolutionary and gives his customers piece of mind that their drives are current and have the latest bells and whistles HS has to offer. Chris has gone above and beyond my initial expectation that I had after making my investment in his product. I can't count the countless hours I have spent playing this system with my family - making new memories with retro games!! 

Hyper arcade systems

After spending months and months building my own 10 wheel hyper spin setup I finally got sick of how tedious it was and moved to launchbox.  However I still wanted to have everything setup in hyperspin .... After researching all the drives out there I finally decided to pull the trigger on wizshaw's drive (hyper arcade systems)... And am I glad I did!  I was sent a completely full 8tb drive of working  hyper spin setup.  The install is insanely easy ... You literally follow step by step instructions (videos and text) and in about an hour (it takes time to install all those damn .net framework) everything just worked!
Ive never had any issues with setup or the drive itself but I see wizshaw's answering questions day and night in the purchaser's Facebook group.  I've never seen customer service like this in any industry ...the guy is a machine!

I've had this drive setup and working almost flawlessly for months ... And the best part is wizshaw's keeps adding to it!!! Two weeks ago like 5000 did games were added .... I got to play sopwith and Mickey's space adventure ...two games I never thought I'd play again!  
This drive sits in my arcade cabinet proudly!

Chris has always helped me

I bought a 5tb drive from Chris and it worked great and any time i needed help Chris did help me he's a great guy and i would recommend him for his Hyperspin drives and he also constantly updating his drives which have good prices and he gives free updates which is awesome. And even donated to help my sick relative. 

Money well spent

The 8TB Drive is everything I wanted it to be and more.  The amount of work and effort that went into this drive is something to behold, I cannot recommend enough, money well spent!