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Christopher Shaw

Amazing Drive

The drive is awesome. It is quick and painless to set up, and is constantly updated. If you have a problem you can email Chris and he will be able to resolve it. This drive is awesome, I recommend it to anyone who is thinking of building an arcade cabinet.

Amazing support from Hyper arcade

Just to say that Chris as been wonderful to deal with. I had issues with my arcade controls Chris troubleshooted by logging into my machine via anydesk.He didn't have to do it, but still did it at night. This guy puts in many houes to make his product better, will upgrade soon to the 8tb+ drive for additional Wii a d pc games.

Chris's support is seriously 10/10

Christopher Shaw and his hyperspin drives! I know most of us come across as being a pain with all this hyperspin stuff as frustrating as the program is. I know how much time and work you put into this to get it all working for us. Im also aware of how many sleepless nights and the time you spend on this. Just want to say really appreciate you and what you do, you have no idea myself included how much i really want to say thank you for all you efforts. This really honestly needs to be acknowledged.

Well worth the wait

I finally decided to build a full size arcade and retire the bartop. I have limited experience with the software side of arcades however I know just enough to be dangerous. I've done research over the years and know some people indicate you should build your own hyperspin drives from the ground up therefore you understand your system. Some people do not have the time, have the need to understand all phases of the frontend, or bandwidth to download all the date. However, this is the 3rd prebuilt hard drive I purchased over the years and I found it to be the best as far as being "turn-key". The controls work out of the box on at lease 90% of all emulators and being updated everyday. Send Chris an email or report it on his FB Page and his team gets it done. The support is the best, I only experienced Chris and one other seller that go out of their way to ensure their product works. There is a downside, truth be told, with all his orders and the time it takes to clone a large hard drive you will wait awhile for your delivery. It's not that bad but if your an impatient person like me order your disk, then start your build. Your disk will arrive when you are ready for them. I will admit I watched all Chris' videos and damn near memorized them so my install wasn't bad. I had a few issues which Chris remoted in and fixed immediately. After booting for the first time I realized it was truly worth the wait. Be patient you will be pleased in the end. I'm waiting on my PS3 Collection and will be finished for awhile. I signed up for Patreon because it's worth reporting what needs repair, knowing their is an ongoing process for updates, and knowing their is a team behind the scenes making the donuts. Happy gaming one and all.

Drives are excellent

Chris takes the pain out of setting up your arcade.. Drives have a easy to use install along with countless hours on his end setting it all up and configuring it to use different types of Joystick controls.Highly recommend to avoid all the download time and headaches from configuration..VERY SATISFIED


This drive has yet to disappoint! Outstanding customer service and every game (and even others) from when I grew up! Now I can share all of these great memories with my kids! This is so worth the investment!

Best Customer Service!

I'm not well versed with computer stuff. I was afraid of trying to set this Hyperspin system up but Chris makes it very painless and the best thing for newbies like myself, he responds to emails in a timely manner cause Lord knows I had to have a couple of things explained to me. He's done a great job with this collection and I love how he continually tries to make it even better on a weekly basis! Thanks Chris!

Best hyperspin drive, ever, anywhere (16tb version)

I bought the 16tb drive from Hyper Arcade Systems after finding out about it from the guys who I was looking at to build a cabinet for me, checked out the site, watched some of his video’s and spent some time going through the facebook site. Became obvious that he knows everything backwards about his drives and has a real passion for making this stuff integrate and work seamlessly, and spends more time helping his customers get the most out of it, as he does updating the drive itself. I looked at a couple of other drive sellers but no one else actually supports the drive they sell on an ongoing basis, certainly nothing like this guy, backed up by a team of knowledgeable admin’s and a forum of several hundred users all contributing and helping each other. I went with the 16tb Drive Donation option because I had spare drives at home but was on terrible adsl speeds (thanks Australia) and downloading those volumes just wasn’t an option. Postage back and forth took a while but I ended up receiving my drives back well before my arcade cabinet was built and delivered, so that wasn’t a big deal in the end. I spent the time in between watching some videos and tutorials on how it all plugged together, then when I received the drives I was able to dive into them and work things out a bit better before the cabinet arrived. While I was waiting for the cabinet to arrive I ran the sync tool to get my drive up to a “current state”. Worked flawlessly. Well, hit one minor issue, but I had already read the solutions for this on the forum, and applied a bit of common sense and it was no trouble. Then I ran the installation process to set it up on a new C: for the gaming pc to run, and again, the set up process on the drive worked flawlessly for me. I copied across some tweaks I had made to wheel content based on what I wanted to see, which was super-easy to do. The drive is really well organised, the installation and synchronisation feature has been refined to an easy walk-through process and it comes with a set of neat tools to allow user tweaks and customisations and is always being improved. It is way more complete than anything else I’ve seen, anywhere and the support for it is unbelievable. I’m super happy with my purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this. You won’t regret it.

Chris Shaw retro systems

After watching a u tube vid by Chris. I purchased an 8 Tb hard drive. Chris went way above and beyond helping me set up the system and helps all his customers with full support I'm beyond happy and grateful for his help for me especially because I'm not a technical wiz by any means. Thanks again Chris I wish u and your staff much success and prosperity.

hyperspin drive

the best of the best no 50 pecent working hyperspin, in chris drive you get 99percent working plus he s always updating that 1 percent, and this guy works so hard its unbelievable dont hesitate to buy a drive off him if you love hyperspin

Excellent builds thorough update system.

I have purchased both the 8TB and 16TB builds. The quality is unmatched and the update system is a breeze. I was having issues with my unique controller setup and the forums were good but Mr. Shaw took the time to start a remote session and work with me one on one. Unbelievable service. I look forward to each new update post to see what new artwork, games, and creative updates his team have made.

Drive has everything you could ever ask for

Chris updates his drive everyday. Literally every day, and he keeps finding space. He is a machine. Attentive with the emails as well, if you need help, hes there to help in about a day.

Best drive by far

Chris stands by his product save yourself a headache if your not that tech savy. this is a all in one arcade drive for dummies. Its Magical. Save yourself months if not years of time.

Whizshaws drive

Have been using Chris's 8tb drive for over a year now. It never ceases to amaze me how frequently he updates his drive with new games, new controls, new media and new settings. We always get the newest updates to emulators and working roms. So happy with his drive and his service. He looks after us well and noone has a drive on the market like him.. Couldn't be happier. Saving up for the 16tb :D

BEST Hyperspin hard drive out there period....

I've had a couple pre-configured hyperspin hard drives and this is easily the best. This guy makes it so simple to do everything from in-depth videos to auto hotkey scripts. Best part is after initial install u r done and the systems work, I got 1 from and it was a rippoff nothing worked properly, it was OVERPRICED, and they wouldn't even email back to explain anything... I will be purchasing any future hyperspin hard drives from christopher shaw, he puts alot of time and effort into his product and even offers free updates.

3 Years later and still amazing service!

I purchased my 4TB drive in 2014, upgrading to 8TB in 2016 and I still get great service. Quick responses to emails and great updates to the drive. I am now considering upgrading to the 16tb drive! Thanks Chris

Chris Shaw is the real thing

I bought a drive from Wizshaw and WOW. I've been burnt by other drives that only sort of work. This one is great. So much of it actually works it is astonishing that it is all together. Other drives your looking at 60% max. The drive from Shaw is 99% awesome, and the other 1% he is always working to fix bugs, and work things out for everyone who buys them. Great guy, will always answer questions (be patient though he is only one man). Thank you so much, it was exactly what I was looking for.

All around great product and person

Chris is great to work with. I bought my drive in November 2016 and became impatient with the 8TB downloads... Sooo, I mailed him the drive. He provided great customer service and turned the drive around in about one week, all while servicing other customers and making improvements to the product. Overall, I am exceptionally satisfied with Chris and his product and look forward to an upgrade in the future.