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Smart Energy Healing

9119 Ridgetop Blvd NW #160
Silverdale WA , 98383

Through Dr. Smarts BluePrint nutritional plan I found that much of my chronic pain was caused from excess weight and not eating enough nutriant based foods.
His staff skillfully guided me through the plan, so now I have changed the way I look at food. After losing just the first 15 pounds my pain was nearly gone. Now I sleep better and have more energy. What a blessing!
My wife and I would highly recommend the Blueprint plan to anyone serious about improving their quality of life.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Smart for a few years now & he’s gotten me to try some homeopathic remedies to get away from pharmaceutical drugs. I just started using “Free Breathe” for respiratory & sinus problems. It works. And I go in for adjustments on. Regular basis. He’s been very effective in helping my pack pain.

Felt horrible this morning.. stiff and barely able to move.. after my visit I feel alive again. Able to eat better and do just fine at work. No regrets here!

Dr smart is one of the best doctors I have ever known. He is kind and compassionate and he takes great care of me and my family .

I thought my decline was irreversible. Dr. Ryan Smart has literally turned back the hands of time. He is the Fountain of Youth. His Energy Healing techniques are science based, instantly effective and extraordinaryly powerful!! I slipped and fell hard on concrete steps. My arm, wrist, back and hip were injured. After two treatments from Dr. Smart, I was 100 percent healed!! Dr. Smart is truly amazing and is certainly an unheralded treasure in Wa. Thank you so much for everything Dr. Smart !!?

Dr. Smart is a fantastic chiropractor. He has an amazing holistic approach, and the way he adjusts is very different (and awesome! ). As a very experienced orthopedic massage therapist, I trust him with my patients 100%.

Dr smart knows what he is doing. I send my whole family to him because he is also great with kids. He is passionate, knowledgeable and gets to the bottom of our issues each and every time. I highly recommend Dr smart to anyone who needs an amazing chiropractor so they can get well.

Our family has been in Dr. Smart's care for over a decade. He has seen us though car accidents, pregnancies, adjustments for colicky babies, headaches and general aches and pains from life. His practice is very reasonably priced compared to other chiropractors in my experience and has been able to help my family when others were unable. He and his staff are always kind, understanding, and quick to listen and have always made time for us.

There is no other place I would trust my care to. If you are new to the area or simply looking for the best care team around I STRONGLY recommend calling Dr. Smart today. You will not be disappointed.

Our family has been seeing Dr. Smart for about eight years and I can't even begin to tell you what a skilled, caring, compassionate healer he is! He's the only one that can get me out of the horrible neck kinks/ mussel spasms I've been getting since I was a kid! Normally they last three days of neck tilted to one side agony � Dr. Smart can work his magic and I walk out of his office upright and out of pain! It's truly miraculous! But today, my level of appreciation has reached new heights! My four year old son, with autism, woke up crying in pain with the same chronic neck kink that I have! I was so freaked out, I took him to urgent care. After a five hour wait and visit, we were given a neck brace and no answers. Then it dawned on me, CALL DR. SMART! They got him in right away and looked at his X-ray, did a very gentle adjustment and two hours after, his neck is straight, the life is back in his eyes, and he's running around causing trouble � Thank you Dr. Smart! I can't thank you enough for always caring about my family!

Love this office! My shy three year old begs to get adjusted here. And I take my newborn in frequently because it helps with her gassy night time crying. And for myself and hubs, Dr. Smart always takes his time and makes sure that we are our best possible self when we leave. He has even helped us when other well-meaning chiropractors were unable to get results.

Thank you Dr Smart for helping me to get off all those darn pain pills. I always get such great care from you.

i go the for massage therapy everone is so nice and proffessional