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Circumcision in London

78 Beverley Drive
Edgware , HA8 5NE

I appreciate all the help and after care instructions. I would highly recommend it. I was worried about healing process and on third day I emailed the picture of ring 6:30pm to clinic. Within 5 minutes Dr call me back and assured me. Ring came off on 6th day and it healed well. Happy with everything. Thank you

It was a fantastic service! Everything was perfect we really appreciate it

Thank you, the circumcision healed really well and quick and the instructions of the aftercare were really straight forward and helpful. The workers were also really welcoming and answered any concerns that I had.

Thanks for everything is ok and went well

I m so happy for both my boys, The plastic ring fall after 9 days the little one didnt notice it even that he did circumcision. The bog boy with traditional method is healing in ten days and the stitches falls after 12 days. I would recommend your clinic to my friends I am happy with your services.

The ring fell off on the 8th morning was very pleased with the whole procedure and has healed with no problem would highly recommend

Great service. Nice team. Very happy

We are extremely happy with the service and the ring fell off before our expectation. Thanks very much for your excellent service .
Kind Regards,

Have used their service twice, both time very easy and professional service. Highly recommended and affordable.

It was a good experience I did circumcision both my soon4 and half and 8month with both methods traditional and ring one I m happy with the service and my soon healed quickly and no problems at all thnx to the staff job!

Yes everything went well, thank you very much I would recommend your services to my friends in the future, all the best.

Very good service I received at your clinic. Very clean clinic, friendly staff and explain everything in detail. Very good doctors as well. My son's healing process went well. Would recommend 100% to everyone. Thank you very much.

We are happy with thee results and have recommended your clinic to our friends.

We are very pleased overall with this clinic's service. There were no side effects following circumcision and baby seemed to have no pain at all. The plastic ring fell off in one weeks time and the redness went in another 3 to 4 days. So baby's penis healed in 2 weeks. Would highly recommend to others too.

Thank you very much. Me & my partner would highly recommend your clinic. Very professional, caring and friendly. Our son healed fairly quickly and we are very happy overall!

Went perfectly, was reading the reviews and was scared because I didn’t know what to expect but it was quick and easy. The doctors explained what they were going to do and made us feel safe. The procedure took like 10-20 mins and my baby did not cry at all. Was a bit of blood but other than that, the process was done, and he didn’t react in any way. Highly recommended!!

The clinic is very good an I would recommend it to anyone looking for circumcision. Thanks

Everything went well. Thank you the ring fell off and it has healed