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Circumcision in London

78 Beverley Drive
Edgware , HA8 5NE

In 5 days the ring fell off. Very clean premises and very professional staff and doctor. Easy instructions to follow for the after care. I will definitely recommend this clinic to people around me.

The ring came off after 5 days only. The baby he is doing well. Thanks

Very clean clinic and very professional approach about the Circumcision in London. In 5 days ,my 25 days old boy experienced the fall of the ring and no headaches, no complications at all ,with easy instructions to follow for the aftercare. I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends !!

The healing process went really well and we are all really happy with the results. I will definitely recommend your clinic with a 5 star rating.

Thanks everything is doing well

All is well thank you. I am happy for the result and the healing was so quick thank you

Thank you so much, everything went well, baby is doing great.

Thank you, everything went well and his fine.

Hi, all is well, thank you for everything.

My son wound healed within two weeks, it was great and easy procedure, went nicely. Thank you very much

Thank you very much... really happy with results and it healed very quickly ...

I'm soooooo happy with my Both son circumcision. last 2 years for my younger and The baby last Friday .now the ring it's come off. Also when We were in the clinic with the doctor both of them not cry 😂. Thank you Doctor S Al Ali . And thank you Rita and other colleagues. 🌷

This was our second son getting circumcised. With our first we went somewhere and was a horrible experience. We wish we came here the first time round. We are very happy with the whole process and experience and if we ever have another son we will bring him here with no hesitation. The Plastibell healed extremely quickly and fell off within a few days. Our son showed no sign of discomfort and the whole process ran smoothly. The doctor and staff were very friendly and helpful. Thank you so much

This clinic is a very clean and well kept clinic the receptionist, Doctor and assistant are all very nice people. The procedure went really well, it was very simple and very quick they made the experience for my 10 years old son a calm and relaxing experience.

My two sons had circumcision. Everything went smoothly from booking until the procedure finished. Very calm and clean environment. Will definitely recommend.

My 8 year old son attended this clinic as it was recommended by a family friend. We were not disappointed at all, the doctor explained the whole process to us (the parents) and also made my son feel at ease by explaining it to him step by step as the procedure was being conducted and my son reacted perfectly. The whole procedure was done in such a professional manner and everything was so clear and explained in detail and also in depth information for the after care was given. A huge thank you for the service you have provided. I will definitely recommend your clinic to friends and family.

We have been today with my 9 yr old son they are very gentle and my son are totally settled thank u very much. Highly recommended.