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Aikido of Pinellas County Dojo

Drew Street,2010
Clearwater Florida , 33765
United States

Pinellas County Aikido Dojo

Thank you for hosting a terrific seminar the instruction given by our two hosts was excellent the day was filled with smiles sweat a little exhaustion but most of all a lot of learning I also want to thank Sensei LIROV for his dedication to the art and his dedication to teaching

Frederic B. has a message for you!

True Aikido Training

If you are looking for a true experience of Aikido training, come train with Sensei Reuven Lirov and his dedicated students. Such a warm welcoming group and beautiful clean Dojo! For those who have a little or no experience in martial arts and want to learn, I definitely recommend this school.

Robert B. loves the dojo!

Tradition combined with a contemporary approach.

I had the fortune of being invited to give a seminar this year as a guest of Sensei Reuven Lirov. Beautiful, clean, and bright dojo with a wonderful community of martial artists dedicated to exploring Aikido. Sensei Reuven has created a culture of a traditional aikido dojo combined with contemporary training touching on his diverse martial arts experience. Looking forward to my next trip!

Come Watch Class!

I started training late in life and I have to say this is probably one of the best things in my long life. Training in this martial are at this dojo has taught me something that I was awful at my whole life and that is patience . Trading under these unbelievable sensei's is something that makes you look forward to the next class. I implore anyone out there of any age to come and watch a class and see what I'm talking about . Rick

Oscar Loves Aikido!

I moved to the USA in 2017 and, after having been practicing Aikido in Barcelona for 20 years, one of the first things I did was to find a dojo to keep training, learning and improving my Aikido. I visited some of them in my first days here, and finally decided to join Aikido of Pinellas County. I received a warmth welcome, and Reuven quickly invited me to give classes in his dojo. I love to teach and train here. If you want to start your path into Aikido, this is the right place. A nice bunch of good people willing to learn and an amazing set of instructors that take turns in doing their best to spread the Aikido way in Pinellas County.

Bill Loves the Dojo!

Fun dojo to train at, Sensei Reuvan make it feel like family while maintaining a traditional feel. The pedigree of all the instructors is very good.

Awesome Place for Children & Adults!

Awesome place for both children and adults that builds self-confidence, improves fitness, and builds practical self-defense skills. I plan to keep working out here :)

Great Place to Train!

Great place to train, the instructors here are very knowledgeable and have a great pedigree in martial arts.

Great Dojo with a wonderful community. Sensei Reuven and Sensei Oscar do an amazing job. My wife and I look forward to each lesson!

The chief instructor and students at Aikido of County approach their training with wonderful energy and a commitment to excellence. It's a fun, dynamic place to train and a great community of people.

Wonderful Aikido Dojo, Reuven Lirov is an amazing martial artist and instructor!!

This dojo is something special, a dojo is suppose to be a sacred place; it’s not a gym, it’s somewhere you go, where humans meet and become one family. That’s what I feel when I walk into this place, a dojo that is encompassing the philosophy and principals of Aikido!

William T. Loves Aikido!

Great Dojo - Great Sensei

Great dojo - great sensei. I have practiced martial arts for over 35 years and this is definitely in the top 3 list of any I can remember. Clean, competent teachers, and I always want to come back for more.

Can't say enough positive things about them. Great instructors, friendly students, convenient hours. It's all about learning, no judgement, no pressure, just improvement.

Highly recommend this dojo if you’re looking high quality instruction!