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Sound Womens Health & Aesthetics

11 Bellwether Way, Suite 107
Bellingham WA , 98225

My spouse and I have both had hormone pellet therapy with Dr. Tapley and are so glad we did! It has given us both more energy,increased libido, and helped with feeling "foggy" so much of the time. Our labs were so thoroughly explained to us, as well as the options for treatment. We would highly recommend to everyone!

I felt like my lab results were thoroughly explained to me in a way I could easily understand. My symptoms were listened to and validated as being real and treatable. I could definitely see a difference in my energy, libido, and mental clarity after the first round of pellet therapy. My husband went in for a consultation shortly after my treatment and was "pelleted"shortly thereafter. He has noticed a significant change (for the better) in his libido. So this positive change has been great for both of us and out relationship! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

I highly recommend this medical facility for cosmetic procedures and wellness care. When you go to a doctor for cosmetics, such as botox, it is important togo to a doctor whom you can trust. It is also important that the doctor has a great deal of experience in all procedures that are performed on site. On both counts, this is the place to go. If you live in the Bellingham area, or if you live anywhere where you can travel to this location, I highly recommend Sound Women's Health & aesthetics. Even if you are a man, they have services for you too!

My recent relocation from S Utah to the Pacific NW has been difficult. The idea of establishing with a new physician was almost unthinkable, to the point that I seriously considered traveling back and forth to Utah to keep my current doctor. The moment Dr. Tapley entered the room, pulled up a chair and sat down with me I knew I was 'home'. The time she offered me, her genuine desire to get to know and understand my needs and goals as a whole woman, her experiences practices and knowledge, her wellness approach, the over all comfort of Sound Women's Health staff and facility...well, I am beyond happy and relieved!

Dr Tapley took the time to explain the procedure to me and answer all questions I had during my initial consult. When I arrived for the procedure I was very comfortable knowing what was to be expected. Highly recommend the beautiful office and caring doctor to everyone!!!!!

Dr. Tapley is wonderful! She wants your experience to be amazing. She has catered her office and her practice to the clients needs. She is constantly working to further her clients outcomes. Spreading the word as much as I can!

Warm & inviting atmosphere in beautiful setting. I was made to feel very comfortable & all my skin care questions / concerns were answered in a professional and caring manner - the tailored services provided are done with the utmost care with the patient in mind - I highly recommend Dr. Karyn Tapley!

Dr. Karyn is highly experienced, compassionate and delightful. Her practice is designed with you in mind: to support your health, wellbeing, joy and beauty, both inner and outer. If you want a doctor that gives you both a high degree of expertise and the time you need to connect and achieve your health goals, I strongly encourage you to schedule an initial appointment with her. You'll be happy!

What a beautiful location and office!  Very serene.