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Awesome family shoot.

Mike's gift for taking ordinary situations and giving them artistic flair is obvious in the finished product.  His technique for getting those "special" shots is greatly appreciated.

We have only praise for the way that he handled every level of the shoot to print process. Mike takes care of his clients, and he made sure that we received the highest quality in the final product.

Great Photographer!

       It’s been over three years since I've first seen Mike's work. Almost every single profile I have ever used is mostly by Cormier Photography. He's available all the time and almost immediately. He's very lenient when you ask him to do anything special for the shoot or the final product. I even have two embroidered Cormier Photography polo shirts that I ordered from him. The best part is that he keeps it very simple and straight-forward. One of the most chill dudes I have ever worked with. 100% Recommend this guy.

One of the best event photographers to have.

      We've started working with this guy since 2013. His work from then all the way to now shows how far he's come. His schedule and availability is super flexible. He's our main go to guy every single time and he's been worth every single dollar.