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Service was amazing

The Best yet!

This was the best massage I have ever received. I will recommend Atlas to all of my family and friends.


The service was fantastic. I recommended anyone with a toddler to get one on a weekly basis. Great job!

Great Massage!

Great massage!!  They were very professional.

Pleased and Refreshed!!

You will be totally pleased the service is so professional. And a total refreshing experience.

Excellent for Lower Back

It was very fulfilling in the lower back area, I felt very refreshed and everyone was very professional. I enjoyed it very much!

Loved the Special Care and Attention!

I appreciated the attention to what I requested. Also, due to my medication regimen, Joseph check first to see if I was able to have a massage prior to the experience. Thank you for a relaxing time. I feel at ease.

Highly Recommend

Absolutely loved my chair massage. It was very relaxing and complete! I would recommend this professional family massage business to anyone!

The BEST thing after a race

I received your services after a 5k and felt so rejuvenated! Thank you so much!!!


This wasnt my first time receiving a back massage, but by far was the best. I was thoroughly impressed with the service andthe professional education that was provided.

Great Massage

Today I received a complimentary massage from Atlas Mobile Massage Therapy. WOW what a wonderful job it was. They are professional and friendly. It feel better anf would recommend you give them a try. 

Best Massage Ever

WOW! Great massage.  Just the right pressure. So relaxing. I recommend them.  You will not be disappointed.

Yesssssssss Lawd!!!!!!

I didn't even now that my back and sholders were in such bad shape until the miracle hands man did a great job on giving me one of the most professional back massages I have had in a long time. I have been to a few places: Massage Envy, Hand & Stone massage Spa, and others...this one, Atlas Mobile Massage, tops all of them!!

Ken Middleton from the Jacksonville Transit Authority


Professional Service

Really great. Very Respectful & enjoyed. Try it.


Very relaxing!

Compliance Officer

Excellent. The best massage I had in years. I will recommend everyone to check him out!!