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Great experience, very professional. Will book again.

Great upper back and shoulder massage by Joe.
Felt a lot of pressure and stress relief! I highly recommend.

Thanks for a great massage. My shoulders feel great!

Had an amazing 20 minute chair massage from Joe. I sit at a desk all day and he really worked out my upper back and shoulders. I would recommend Atlas. Very professional!

I'd recommend Atlas, I had knots and soreness in my neck and shoulders and they found them, focused their attention on the area and I feel great. Thank you!

My husband and I had a great experience with Atlas Mobile Massage Therapy. Felt really relaxed and had our endorphins kicking. Thanks so much, going to take naps now.

Woke up with a back pain, a few minutes massage did the trick. You made my day! Many thanks.

The massage was great excellent service.

Amazing experience, enjoyed to the fullest. They do take care about the concern area and work it out. I recommend you guys should try at least once.