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I really enjoyed my massage by Atlas Mobile Massage Therapy and look forward to having them work on me again!

The man has it going on... Now I know why my dog loves for me to rub his back like he does I understand why he has the face of ecstasy that he does the man rocks!

This was one of the best massages I've had in Jacksonville. Joe was great at going deeper in the right places on my back that were tight, without causing any pain. I feel like my range of motion has significantly improved. Would definitely give them a shot.

Great massage! Very nice people

Joe was awesome. Will recommend Atlas to my friends and family!

Very kind and friendly staff. Excellent massage - knew exactly what to do. I highly recommend Atlas Mobile Massage!

It was fantastic! He was able to find out one of the problems that affects my daily life just by a massage!

I suffer from a lot of shoulder pain on a daily basis. I have had friends try to massage it to get some relief but the pain always persists. After only a few minutes with Joe, the pain is gone and I have range of motion back in my shoulder. He didn't use much force at all just knew when and where to apply a little pressure. 
Thank you Joe for the relief you've provided me!!!

The massage was great!!

Sooo relaxing! Very good at focusing on stressed areas. Highly recommend Joseph!

Best massage ever. Came in to the event hurting cranky and leaving ready to take on the world.

Excellent. Relaxing would recommend to friends and business associates.

The massage was outstanding and very happy and will do it again with the smiling face. 

This was my first time having a chair massage. Great & personal service. Relaxing atmosphere. I like that they try to focus on your problem areas. Highly recommended.

Everything was so good. The therapist really helped my shoulder a lot and he told me some things I can do to help me with the pain in my shoulder that was very good. I hope they can come out again soon.

I had a wonderful experience. I will do it again in a minute. Was treated great.

The massage therapist was very professional and attentive to areas where I needed to be worked on. I had a great experience. Thank you.

Best massage ever! Joe had the hands of an angel. He hit all my knots and sore spots, and I could have just fallen asleep. Not to mention the great background music. LaToya, the office manager, was also very helpful and friendly, and they both made me feel at home. I would recommend their service to everyone! Totally worth my time, and I hope to see them again soon.