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Lisa Snyder Bodywork

7364 Kirkwood Ct N
Maple Grove MN , 55369
United States

Lisa Heals the Cause Instead of Treating the Symptoms

Lisa is a highly skilled CranioSacral Therapy professional who has facilitated amazing healing in multiple sessions with me over the past year or so. I can attest that she is the very best you could ever find anywhere to gently but powerfully assist your body to do the deep healing it desires to do. Lisa is A+ at what she offers. I guarantee you will love your time with her and your body will thank you. Lisa is highly intuitive and brings that clear intuition into every session. Lisa is a warm gentle soul who creates a safe affirmative environment for healing. CranioSacral Therapy is gentle but very powerful core healing for any issue you would consider seeking help for. I wish I could detail all the ways Lisa has helped improve my health on every level but suffice it to say I'm definitely a much more healed, healthy person from our time together.

Truly Miraculous

Lisa is a profoundly gifted healer - combining a deep knowledge of the body with a profound intuition and wisdom. She is truly one of a kind. I can’t recommend her work enough - don’t miss it!

I just keep coming back for more!

I have been to see Lisa about 4 times now. I initially went in because my sister was bragging about how great she felt after a session with Lisa. So I decided to get my neck worked on. Lisa has been working on that and has been fixing my crazy foot that gives me trouble and everything else. I feel lighter when I leave. People say I look different. So maybe that's Lisa's work : ) I like what she does so I just keep coming back for more! Thank you Lisa!

Amazing Relief!

My husband has a very physical job and suffers from very bad back pain. He had tried everything! After just one session with Lisa, he finally felt relief. He continues to see her for maintenance and feels better than ever. My son and I see Lisa as needed too. She is very caring, patient and gentle. My son loves his appointments. She has helped us with sinus issues and our overall health. The sessions are relaxing and renewing - providing a mini vacation from our busy, stressful days.

Helped quicken healing of a bad ankle sprain

I came in for help from Lisa for a very swollen, bruised and hot left outer ankle sprain. After just two days the swelling and heat had gone down significantly! I’ve been helped with cranial sacral therapy before as I found it to be the only thing that worked! She’s surely a gifted healer! I highly recommend Lisa Snyder!

Lisa is “gifted”

I have only had a few sessions and my migraines have lessened, my aches and pains in my body are in fewer areas, my hands feel a bit more alive and my posture feels less restricted. Lisa truly is a miracle and is gifted!!! Planning to cancel my monthly massage membership...feeling like this treatment is staying with my body much better❤️


I have experienced many sessions of bodywork of different kinds but this experience was pretty incredible! My body WAS ready to release some “stuff” and Lisa was able to assist on the journey. With an hour and a half (I recommend no less) on the table I cannot describe how much better it feels to be in my body:) I am so thankful for the universe helping me find her...

Lisa is a truly gifted individual!

I've only had the fortune of seeing Lisa for two appointment so far, but she is a very talented, gifted individual. I've struggled with medication therapy, massage, chiropractor, acupuncture - you name it, I had done it - for treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis and fibromyalgia going on over 8 years now. None of these treatments had produced results good enough for me to feel healthy again. A few months ago, I happened to see an article that talked about craniosacral therapy and thought I would give it a try. I'm so happy I found Lisa and went to see her. My body cannot tolerate traditional massage and so I was relieved to find out that the therapy Lisa uses is completely different. Honestly the most accurate way to describe Lisa is "gifted" - meaning she can sense what my body is experiencing in terms of pain and during the session it amazes me how she is able to sense where my body is silently saying it needs help. I cannot recommend her enough. I am so thankful to have found her :)


Lisa is an amazing professional. She has treated me for neck, shoulder and arm pain. Lisa is a passionate, a knowledgeable, and caring provider.

Lisa is AMAZING!

I have had two appointments with Lisa now and the difference in how I feel is a miracle. I have always had back and neck pain to the point that I would go to the chiropractor weekly if not more often. I have not felt really any discomfort nor have I been to a chiropractor since January 18, 2018. This is almost unheard of in my life, therefore I cannot say enough how wonderful I think Lisa is. I am so thankful I decided to seek other options than what is considered the "norm". I can't remember a time that I felt as pain free as I do now. Thank you for everything you have helped me with Lisa!

Effective and relaxing

I have seen Lisa for three sessions. She is both gentle and effective. I was having neck and back pain. She worked in a gentle way to bring about release of tensions, allowing for more mobility. I have never been more relaxed.

I also brought two of my children to see her, both of whom suffered from post-concussive headaches. She understood the situation and brought about a release in the fascia, which has resulted in markedly fewer headaches. We will continue to see her.

Amazing work on my newborn!

I took my 6-week-old to Lisa and I cannot believe the difference in just one session! I am amazed. She took her time and was so patient with us. She explained what she was doing throughout the process and was very professional and educated.
I could tell shortly after that he had a wider range of motion in his head and neck. He also has been much calmer and happier after. He was having so much troubles eating and needed to use a nipple shield and as soon as we got home I tried to latch him without it and he latched right on!! I can’t believe how much help this has been for him. Thank you!!


I sought craniosacral treatment for my elderly parents as an alternative to massage because their conditions prevent them from receiving massage. They've been seeing Lisa for the past few months now (once every two weeks), and both are doing so much better because of Lisa's treatments. They both sleep better (duration and quality), have less anxiety (according to how I experience them), and seem to have more energy. They also seem to be enjoying life more. I highly recommend craniosacral therapy, and Lisa Snyder for her skillful ways. Lisa has a wonderful bedside manner -- she's comforting, grounded, and relaxing to be around.

Highly Recommend this Form of Therapy!

I had suffered from lower back pain for more than two months and had seen a chiropractor and a regular dr. and got no relief. I received one treatment from Lisa and feel SO much better. She has excellent credentials and treats all areas of the body. I wish I had known about this type of treatment (CranioSacral Therapy) years ago!!

Skilled Practitioner, Nice Environment

I have had a couple of sessions for CranioSacral (therapy) with Lisa. I investigated her certifications and training before scheduling and ​found them to be solid. I enjoyed the sessions and felt that I was in the hands of a skilled practitioner. I highly recommend her for this type of therapy. Nice relaxing environment. (Original post to Yelp)