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These people are awesome!!!

What a fantastic group of people! You will not be disappointed working with the Keefer family!!! They are some of the most experienced folks in the Crawl Space and Water Restoration industry.

Glad We Hire H2O PRO!

Just wanted to let you know the crew of men that worked on our home did a great job. They where on time every day. They worked a full day and there work was done neatly. I might also add the couple of times I called the office the response to help with my questions was quick and complete. If I had to recommend a Company to rid a crawl space of mold and moisture it would be H2O PRO.

The Crews & Company Were Top Notch

I can't say enough about H2O PRO. The whole team is extremely talented and professional. 2 Weeks working under my house everyday and they left the outside just as clean as they found it, actually better. From the new crawlspace entry door, entry pit with a drain to the complete inside. The air in the house is so incredibly different and we can breathe again. I did not know how bad the crawlspace was effecting the air inside the house until now. These guys are the real deal. Thank You to everyone at H20 pro for this outstanding job!!! I honestly don't recognize my own crawlspace !!!!

Highly Recommended!

Being the owner of the Wildlife company we are always in crawlspaces either removing an animal, reptile or snake. We highly recommend H2O pro to any of our clients who ask for an encapsulation company. They are top notch customer oriented and service driven. As a business owner myself it is always good to see active owners in the field taking part in their business every single day. It shows the client you value their business and you value your business reputation!



These Guys Rock

This company does truly great work.

Most Professional Company I Dealt With In Years!

H20 PRO provided service for our crawl space issue that exceeded the initial scope of the proposed project. Not only did they go above and beyond in completing the project, they did so at the price that was initially quoted without any additional charges. I had a sense that they wanted to get it right. When everything was completed we had a final walk through to make sure our expectations had been met. Robert and his staff were friendly, knowledgeable and ()almost always timely. On the rare occasion when they would be late they communicated ahead of time so we weren't waiting around. We have elected to have them help us with ongoing monitoring and look forward to continuing to work with them. Based on our experience we would enthusiastically recommend H20PRO!

H2O Pro

I have worked with Robert and Elizabeth Keefer of H2O Pro for over a year. I refer all of my mold remediation work to them. They are extremely responsive to my customer's needs. Although they are a competitor in the sealed crawl space market, I would not refer my customers to anyone else. Sean B. McMahon Activ Pest Solutions Activ Crawlspace Systems

Flooded basement

I'm an insurance agent and I have sent H2OPro out to see several clients who have called me when they have had water in their basement. H2OPRO has always taken great care of my clients and I'm always glad to give their information out because I know they will be honest and professional.

H2O PRO Has completely won my business!!!!

Robert and Liz Keefer are professional, courteous, meticulous and the leaders in knowledge of crawlspace inspection and repairs in the area. I referred them to clients of mine who did nothing but sing praises about the whole H2O team. From their prompt response to calls, immediate inspection of the property, and the work being performed in a very timely manner. Being able to confidently refer a company to my clients means so much! Thank You H2O PRO!!!!!!

Extremely knowledgeable and excellent customer service

H20 Pro owner and operator Robert & Elizabeth Keefer are extremely knowledgeable. This company provides remarkable customer service, communication and product knowledge. We refer all of our customers to H20 for mold remediation & crawlspace encapsulation.

H2O PRO is truly and industry leader

Countless times I have referred clients to H20 PRO. Their service is exemplary. From their quick response time to their finished product, their level of service far and away exceeds the competition. I have had customers entangled in sketchy situations with other companies that claim to be able to diagnose or remediate mold issues only to have H2O PRO step in a provide a correct diagnosis and a comprehensive plan of action, saving the homeowner substantial money and headaches, much to their relief. I will continue to recommend H2O PRO to our customers and I highly recommend you call them first.

I highly recommend H2O Pro for any crawlspace

I highly recommend H2O Pro for any crawlspace work that you need to have done. I had my crawlspace encapsulated
and Robert and his crew did an excellent job. I was very well satisfied with the quality of service, the communication, followup, and the value for the dollars spent.


When the H2O Pro team finished working in the crawl space under my house, it was not only dry but clean and bright. It was AMAZING! The water damage, restoration and drainage problem was completely fixed. I so appreciated the choice of quality materials and the care and skill with which the job was done. It is such a comfort to know I will never have to worry about these issues again. Very happy ... would highly recommend!!

I am one of the very satisfied recipients of their service.

I am one of the very satisfied recipients of their service. After 10 + years of a dry crawl space I was totally alarmed when someone who went into the crawl space to perform a service, came out to inform me that I now had water in the crawl. Not knowing what to do or who to call I decided to call my HVAC company. They recommended H2O PRO. What a great find on my part. They called me back the same day, made an appt. at my convenience. Liz the female owner of this great team came out, went under the house, took pictures to show me and gave me what I consider a great price for the services they would perform.

The following week two men arrived to do the work. They were courteous and diligent workers. They kept me informed of what they were doing. End of story is e everything is encapsulated in the crawl. It looks so good that we could have a party down there. They even placed a door mat to the entrance to the crawl space. I give H20PRO 5+ stars for a fabulous job. I would highly recommend them for all and any work that you may need done in a crawl.

They are a hard working caring company. Oh by the way they give you a free estimate and pictures if you call them to your home. If you have a problem give them a call you will be amazed at their service. The following week two men arrived to do the work. They were courteous and diligent workers. They kept me informed of what they were doing. End of story is everything is encapsulated in the crawl. It looks so good that we could have a party down there!

Thank you guys so much!!!

“Our business contacted H2O PRO for an emergency mold issue in a new office space we were in the midst of renovating. Robert and Liz, unbeknownst to be me, were on vacation at the time. They responded right away and got a crew out there on a busy summer weekend. They came back, re-tested for mold, and it came up clean! They were professional, efficient, and went above-and-beyond. Thank you guys so much!!!”
- Meaghan M. Hudson of Ward & Taylor Law Firm

I wanted to thank the H2O PRO team

Wanted to thank the H2O Pro team for helping with some water in my crawl space in Bethany West. They are very professional and provided timely estimates. Their work was completed in a highly competent manner. I would highly recommend.

Before we purchased our present home the home

Before we purchased our present home the home inspector found mold and standing water in our crawl space. The previous owner agreed to have it repaired. He spent $3200.00 with a company out of Dover, Delaware who is supposed to be mold specialists. When we had our final walk through prior to settlement I inspected the crawl space and found the mold and water issue still present. The previous owner would not pursue the issue to have the company correct the issue and we wanted the house. Robert Keefer, the CEO of H2O PRO came to our house and thoroughly explained all the necessary work that needed to be done in order to permanently correct the problem. He is very knowledgeable and has all the certifications you would expect from a professional company, and then some. They installed perimeter drains and sump pump (cast iron) to drain water outside of the crawl space and an encapsulation vapor barrier system to keep moisture out along with a dehumidifier to totally control the environment. They will use the best materials available at the time. I feel they really care about the customer and will go above and beyond to do the best job possible. I would definitely recommend H2O PRO to friends and family. They were our first choice and should be yours. I'm sure you will be more than satisfied.