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Working with Melenee was everything I hoped it would be! She gave me expert advice on how to navigate job applications and left me feeling a lot more structured in my approach. The resume she built for me expertly showcased my personality while still fitting into the structure a recruiter would be looking for. Best of all - I heard back from the first company I submitted it to within a few days!! Melenee was very accommodating to my feedback through the process and made every effort to make sure I was satisfied with the work she provided. I would highly recommend working with Melenee to anyone looking for an excellent career coach!!

Deft career coach

Melenee has the gift of being both a skilled recruiter and deft career coach. The insights she offered into the mysterious process of what happens to your resume once you submit it really helped put my search and my priorities into perspective. In the end, careers are about knowing what YOU want from a job and life and she does not shy away from asking the important, make-you-think questions to help you get to the answers. Whether you're just starting out on your work journey or are in a mid-career shift she's a wonderful resource to keep you on track and help you punch up every aspect of your resume and portfolio.

From one Recruiter to Another

I have worked with Melenee at Bloomingdale's and already gave her a recommendation, however I wanted to give her an additional one, recently I found myself looking for a new job and as a recruiter who reads and updates resumes daily, I was struggling with my own, it was well to long. I turned to Melenee and she crafted the perfect resume just enough detail to catch the recruiters interest in the 60 seconds they would give my resume. If you need a resume reboot or career advice, Melenee should be your first call.

Confidence Booster

Melenee isn't just an extraordinarily good at finding talent- she also has the gift of coaching and teaching how the recruitment process works to prospective employees. Working with Melenee to improve my resume and networking abilities has given me new insights and a profound sense of confidence as I search where I go next in my career. I couldn't be more grateful for her help.

Detailed and Uplifting

Melenee is a phenomenal person who takes the time to not just understand what her clients need, but to determine who they are and what they're aspiring to be. Her attention to detail and dedication to ensuring her clients future are evident as she utilizes her own HR experience to tailor and accentuate each skill and ensure that your resume stands out among today's competitive job market. Melenee's services are not just for resumes and cover letters, but also to strategize the right steps for your career that will guarantee the results you're looking for.

Melenee has a strong background in assessing people and has strong insight to match talent to the right opportunities. She was instrumental to me in my search for a new role when I began assessing my career options. Melenee took the time to thoroughly review my experience and qualifications, and helped me to see that I was ready to move up to a higher level of leadership in my next role. She believed that I had the qualifications to seek Director-level jobs, which I previously did not have the confidence to apply to. She helped me see that the work I had already done was equivalent to Director-level responsibilities in other companies, and I trusted her guidance because of her many years of work assessing candidates. Thanks to Melenee's wisdom and passion in supporting my career journey, I secured a Director position in a new organization, and I'm on track to get to the next level and beyond in my new company. I can't thank Melenee enough for the push she gave me to believe in myself and my abilities.

Intuitive Coaching

I was fortunate to have met Melenee at the very start of my career. She's not your typical recruiter. She makes one feel at ease at once which brings the best out of the person she's interacting with. She has this uncanny ability to see people for what they really are and all that they can be and this is likely the biggest reason she is an incredible recruiter and a person. She goes beyond the resumé and the obvious elements to help candidates reach their highest potential. Her coaching style is thoughtful, extremely practical and she pushes you to push your own limits. Her approach isn't "one size fits all". She takes the time to get to know the core of the person tailoring her approach all the way to the person in front of her.

Future Planning

It was a pleasure working with Melenee... I definitely plan to take what I learned from her and apply it to my career. I can positively say her wide breadth of knowledge is a force to be reckoned with, and her experience has truly made her a master at recruiting. I know that any candidate she works with in the future will appreciate her consistent empathy and follow through.

She can relate.

My favorite thing about Melenee and why I believe she is great at what she does is because she is personable and relatable. She makes her candidates feel at ease. Melenee knows the business/industry inside and out and is very well connected. She understands the digital world and can fill positions from marketing to UX designers. Melenee will always be one of my favorite co-workers. She had patience and helped me when I had questions or issues. I highly recommend Melenee when it comes to recruiting...

Melenee is a top-notch professional. Her work ethic and dedication to her craft is exceptional. She is always ready and willing to provide guidance and leadership. Melenee takes on new responsibilities and aggressively pursues successfully completing her projects.