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Crown Gem Events

23 Brook St.
Rockaway New Jersey , 07866
United States

Great Teamwork

I was really happy! The only reason why this isn't a 5 star was that the price was a little steep. BUT it was really worth it. The team was fabulous at attending to our every need. Every bridal issue and jitters that I had they were able to alleviate and it went as seamlessly as I could've even imagined. They're just great. Thanks Mr.Kenyon! If I marry again, you'll definitely be the one I will hire again. (of course with the same man) lol.

It was fun and well organized

Everyone had a great time and we were surprised how they turned an empty hall into a charming white dream that me and my husband wanted. Thank you so much Mr.Jason Kenyon for making this happen. :)

Best and Most Knowledgeable team

They know what they are talking about! You can trust them all the way. I can help but get nervous at the beginning because Mr.Kenyon is very soft spoken but it's part of why I love them. They did really well on my event! It wasn't perfect but what I love about them is their ability to work under all the pressure. I am not a very easy bride to work with but they were able to deliver. Thank you so much!! I can never thank you all enough!!

Fabulously Unexpected

The details were unexpected. I only gave them the overview of what I wanted and I relaxed as my dream wedding came to life. They exceeded my expectations! I am not very easy to please, I know that about me but they did give me what I truly wanted on my wedding day. The planner assigned to me did an excellent job in making it happen. Thank you.


I am super happy! One of the things you should look for when booking a supplier nowadays is a solid background. Beyond that, their business permits you guys! They provided me with a comprehensive contract and our contract was notarized as well. NOT JUST THAT! They had all the business documentation to do business! You can never be too careful right? We did not meet in a coffee shop. My choice. I went to their office. I am a very careful bride. Mabuti na yung sigurado and they were worth my every peso and so much more. My wedding was fabulous and my guests were all happy. That class and extra luxury brought by an American planner sure is a plus!!!! BOOK NA GIRLS!!!!

Best Event Ever

I don't have enough words to thank you guys. My wedding, my once in a lifetime event couldn't have been more perfect without you. I am so happy that I made the right choice in booking you guys. I will be forever grateful!! I love you Crown Gem Events team!!

Amazing team!!

Thank you Sir.Jason and Ms.Summer for the memorable event! Your team was perfect! You handled every detail! We truly enjoyed our own wedding! It was blissful!