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CSA II®: The New Confederate States of America

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The truth that ain't being taught

I'm a southern boy from Florida and I am a huge fan of the war between the States history and what I was taught such I'm sure y'all have been to that the war was taught purely over slavery and the south has it and the north didn't such wasn't true because first the war was about secession and preserving the union such I view the war as a second revolution because like out or patriot ancestors in the 1770s and early 80s they wanted to leave and become independent and so did we but that was stoped and our independence was lost. And also a little fact the north had slaves in their teritorys but not the States but still proves the things taught in our public education system wrong once again. My area was full of people with our flags but now there's so much development and people moving in now it feels like I'm alone but I still hold my beliefs no matter what society says . This is why we need a group like this to protect our history and heritage that is looked down upon by common ignorance of the war. So I thank the leaders and members of this group such I intend to join one day for standing up to our modern society and standing firm and protecting what I and the rest of us strongly believe and the monuments of our heroes like Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and JEB Stuart. So we as a people should make our voices heard and not back down and throw away what we believe by society because they say it ain't right .

The truth about the war

I think what is taught nowadays is totally incorrect about the war was fought for slavery but when you do your own research it was obviously secession and keeping the union together . Also I believe that we need groups like this to protect our monuments of great leaders we admire like Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, JEB Staurt all of them and peak out the truth and defend it and perhaps one day people will listen .


I love America, but it's falling apart by the hour. We need to re-secede and fight back against tyranny. If you're proud of what your ancestors fought fir, LET'S PROVE IT.

Rise again!

I’m from Illinois, but I do believe the Confederacy isn’t merely a North/South issue, it’s about State’s Rights. The Confederacy, on paper, could look rather different than it did in 1862. I think it’s time for the United States to allow several states to cede from the Union.

I love my country and my southern heritage

I've bought all my flags and stickers from them. Awesome people awesome products

Proud Confederate

Always ready to defend my heritage ,4ever and a day. Southern by the grace of God

Pro Rebel!

I am a good ole southern boy from South Carolina who loves to advocate for the Confederate cause.I am overwhelmingly outnumbered but i will not be intimidated to change my beliefs because i know that they are right.I fly my flag proudly & always will til the day i die. Pro Rebel!

Livin & Lovin my Heritage

I love my country.

I am here to support my country in anyway needed so I am all for this I love the south and fly my stars and bars with 13 stars all year round even after my cars have been vandalized and will continue to do so.




i love this


A New Hope

I am a proud conservative, and always have been. I go to a public high school which is crawling with liberals who are constantly wanting to tear down our Confederate monuments because they are "racist". I have to defend our ancestors the best I can. I was losing hope in America and thinking that nobody supported the CSA like I did. One day I was browsing Instagram and discovered this page/website. It restored my faith in the country. This is a large organization and I am proud to be a part of it. As of right now I plan on waving my flag high at the Richmond rally this coming May. General Crompton, you are doing an amazing job, and I thank you for what you do for us.


Hi, I'm from California (a Union state) and I've been a resident of this state for my whole entire life. I've visited the South with my family twice in my lifetime once in New Orleans, Louisiana and again in Atlanta Georgia. I have known the Confederacy, Confederate flag, and Confederate monuments have been around so I did some online checkups. After listening to Americans opinions on the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments (as well as state voters opinions of them), the fact that thousands of Hispanics, Native Americans, Jews, Northern-born Confederates and even a few Chinese and indigenous Hawaiians fought for the Confederacy, reading some Confederate documents that related to states rights (the Provisional Constitution, Confederate Constitution, Jefferson Davis 1860 speech, and non-slavery-related secession ordinances), and some Sons of Confederate Veterans material. I have come to known that it's not racist to love the Confederacy and all things Confederate, just ask the Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Confederate flag supporters at rallies, the 62 percent and 43 percent of Americans that view the rebel flag and monuments as southern pride not racism, Brazil's Confederados. We even have some blacks and who consider the Confederacy as part of their heritage. When these Confederate monuments were built largely by the UDC they were built not because of honoring slavery, racism or white supremacy but they were instead built to honor historic figures who were their ancestors that had a profound effect on American history. The Confederate flag and monuments are historically significant symbols that matter not just to Southern history but also American history as well and therefore based on majority opinion should be kept as is (with the only exceptions being relocation to cemetries or museums).

It my right

I'm proud southern male. Who believe in my southern heritage. I stand with the C.S.A. II. Keeping my southern heritage alive for my grandchildren. It's my right to my confederate flags, the stars and bars, and battle flag. I don't care what the liberal media said. Robert E. Lee and Stone wall Jackson was great men. And all men who fought for the confederate.

I'm Bi-racial and was always taught that the flag was Heritage and Not Hate.

I'm Bi-racial and was always taught that the flag was Heritage and Not Hate. I've seen it all my life and never felt threat until the media explained that I'm supposed to fear it and then almost overnight I thought it was evil. That is until I stood back with suspicion and looked at things as an individual and realized the media message may be wrong and my original feelings were correct. I hope you all can get the message out. Heritage not Hate. Thanks

I support your initiates 100%

"I am not of southern heritage by birth, but I should of been, I support your initiates 100% and will do whatever I can to support you! God bless your organization and the New Confederate States of America......I stand with you!"