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Creations by Jen

Best teacher ever. I can't paint at all and with the instructions of Jen my painting looked professional and we had so much fun..I look forward to more classes with her.

I'm in no way an artist. But I decided to open myself to the experience of trying some of Jen's classes. I'm so grateful the the experiences I have had in her class. I feel like I am an artist. She made it so easy. Even when I felt I made a mistake, she was like no problem it's fine. It was fine, my pictures are amazing. I have completed 3 classes with her and I'm going to more.... You will not regret the experience..... Paint on people, paint on.... I'll see you in class....

Jen is very a inspiring artist. My experience is seeing her selfless desire to nurture and help bring to fruition others artistic nature. Grounded in her passion, what a benefit to the artistic community.

Jen is an amazing teacher! I didn’t even know I had any artistic capability until I took a class with her! Her personality is great, her instructors are easy to follow and she is very encouraging! I love taking classes with her!

Jen is amazing! Not only is she a remarkable artist, but she is kind, funny, patient, and a wonderful teacher. Her classes are fun and creative and she is very encouraging to her students. I enjoy using the techniques I've learned from her and I love her classes!

Amazing passion for the arts are reflected in the work she has done.

Jen is great! She made an amazing painting for my Dad for his birthday. It was a photo of us from over 35 years ago that she made come to life again. He loved it! 
I have also attended her paint class. Her guidance was very helpful, and she made me feel like I wasn’t as bad as I really am!

This girl is amazing with her art. She's a natural and has helped others find their inner paint brush. Her sweet, down-to-earth personality allows people to sit comfortably in her studio and express their artistic visions openly. Great artist and teacher.

She's a really good artist great personality.

Jen is a great teacher. She goes above and beyond to help find the artist in you, Jen is professional and a true artist at heart. I highly recommend Jen.

Jen is an extremely talented artist; her passion and love for art makes her an excellent teacher.

Jen has an impeccable eye for detail and is an expert at assisting even the most novice of artists in creating a beautiful painting!

Jen is not only full of the ability to create amazing pieces of work herself but her teaching skills through art lessons are Superior!! She is articulate, professional, helpful, remains on task, extremely knowledgeable and offers the utmost level of patience with her students. I would highly recommend her as an Art Teacher and look forward to learning from her again.