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Cassandra's Castle

Cassandras Castle Cassandras Castle is a very exciting adventure thru time! It has you engaged the whole time, this is a! great book for all ages!

Magical Realm!

Cassandra's Castle: Magical Realm! February 10, 2018 Smooth flowing and descriptive story with well developed characters. You are transported to a different realm, set in an earlier age. You are right there with Cassandra through her adventure. Can be read as a stand alone book. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Oh Sweet Lord!

An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody: This was hilarious, entertaining, and so incredibly unique! I mean, how many vampires get laid out on their back by the butler?! And was that a Gorgon at the funeral?!

A Wondrous Tale

Ian's Realm: Dianne Gardner takes a simple premise - that of a young boy and his father whisked away into a magical land, and transforms it into something that is a true work of art. Young Ian and his dad discover that the computer program they had worked so hard to bring to life has begun to take on a life of its own.

While it is classified under Young Adult, this book transcends all such boundaries. Sure, the characters are highly relatable to teens and middle-grade readers, but the struggles of the characters, paired with her singularly masterful writing transports the young and old to an ancient land ruled by a vengeful draconic lord. I'm astounded at how the author uses her experiences to add a realism to the work which makes you believe that, lurking behind every screen, Ian's Realm might just wait... living, and breathing under a dragon's eye. With wonder and enchantment worthy of Narnia, this series will not disappoint.

Portals, Dragons and Strangers, Oh My!

Ian's Realm: Being a teen is tough – especially when you’re caught up in a world you know nothing about while your dad’s lost somewhere. The challenge of school and every day life will never be the same.

I’ve been excited to read Ian’s story since I first heard about his characters and “Deception Peak” did not disappoint. The story is adventurous and a pleasure to read, painting very real images with both words and beautiful visual art created by the author. I absolutely adore stories that pull you into a character and rumble around in their head with their highs and woes, like the internal struggles and growth Ian experiences. The story has consistent movement with plenty of action the reader gets to experience via Ian.

I enjoyed the contemporary elements and the ties to the real world throughout, making sure it’s never truly astray. Particularly touching is the father-son aspect which draws me in even more because it reminds me of my own family, where my father and brother share an interest in technology and work on projects together. It’s like being home.

The kindness shown by Amleth and others caught my heart, providing a lovely balance to other characters who aren’t as kind. I’m also a sucker for the varying emotions involved in the story, making the characters real like they should be in any great adventure. Sometimes the world is up and sometimes it’s down, but Ian keeps going. He has pluck and courage, yet there is certainly a lot of potential for him to grow! He faces several hefty lessons but his heart is in the right place, all of which is valuable to our youth who are reading and learning about the world and who they can be. I look forward to see how Ian progresses.

Beautiful and mysterious places

Ian's Realm Saga: This rich trilogy stays with me and invites me back again to journey with the author's engaging characters through unique, threatening, beautiful and mysterious places. Ms. Gardner has a way of making her characters accessible and sympathetic but complex. We travel with them, we mature and learn with them, we feel their confusion, terror, relief, and joy. Ms. Gardner does not talk down to the young fans for whom she writes, and her fantasy novels are page turners for adults as well. This series is not to be missed!

A Hard Journey Won

A Hard Won Journey April 25, 2018 Dylan touched my heart and mind all at the same time. The struggles he goes through and overcomes and accepting himself just the way he is is a journey I am glad I took.


Dylan: A child so young being abused by his mother and then the State took him away from her and Dylan went to live with an Uncle and his life was much easier. Dylan was not handicapped but was considered slow. When his Uncle died, Dylan was taken to another home. Learning about himself and not having a friend to help was pure hell and a long journey for him. This is a heart touching story and deserves to be read. Good book.

An Excellent Story

Dylan: An excellent story. The author delves deeply into Dylan's character so the reader knows what he is made of and sees that he is also like everyone else, no matter who calls him "slow". His Uncle Jim taught him well and now Dylan has to live his own life. It takes him a little while to figure out who he is and what he really wants from life. He is thrown some unexpected curves that he must figure out, but Liona is there to help him.
Dylan tends to run, and wouldn't we all like to run from our troubles. He runs to the sea and the author paints wonderful word pictures of the ocean waves, salty spray, and the peace that's found there.
Dylan's magic isn't the main subject of the story as it would be in some fantasies. It's just a part of who he is that he needs to learn to control. We see Dylan grow up and become a man.

Find the magic in yourself!

Dylan supposedly has limited capabilities. His parents are not together and Dylan has been removed from his mother's home due to her abusiveness. Dylan's uncle chooses to take care of Dylan, but the uncle is in a wheelchair so he has limitations consequently Dylan and his uncle take care of one another. Then Dylan's beloved uncle dies... the one person who loved Dylan. An aunt puts Dylan in a home where he will be cared for. However, after trauma Dylan runs away. Dylan reconnects with his uncle's friend where through Dylan's magic he is able to help the friend. Dylan also connects with a friend from the home that he ran away from and gradually he learns that he has many capabilities despite being told otherwise by his abusive mother.. Dylan learns he is capable of taking care of himself. He finds love and learns to trust and love himself and others. Plus, he learns to do what he loves!

This book has an excellent message. The characterization and description is delightful. The message is great for pre-teens to adults.