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Dan Enloe

14646 Patriot Square Drive W
Plainfield IL , 60544
United States

Dan is truly an amazing coach. His workouts kicked my butt. His diets aren’t boring and you eat what you want without the guilt. My coaching experience with Dan was life changing for me because I’m a type 1 diabetic and my biggest struggles with dieting and diabetes we’re staying full and self control. I highly recommend Dan as a coach!

Dan really was there every step of the way. He did a good job of teaching me what is okay to eat and what I should stay away from. His process is for the long term and not a “magic” fix. Also, his workouts are never the same and you will be dropped in sweat after each one.

So happy with my decision to give Dans program a shot. The True Coach app he utilizes to keep up with clients is perfect. He is super fast with answering any questions you may have, and he gives you a welcoming feeling. Now onto the workouts, he will create your plans to exactly how you want them. I asked for intense and yeah I got nothing less than that, the first workout I wanted to puke and that hasn’t happened since freshman football practice haha. I’m just 4 weeks I could already see a difference and was getting more define and more vascular. I will continue to be a client!

One of the best decisions I have ever made. For starters, its cheap. The pricing is fair and personally, I feel like you get more than what you pay for. The true coach app he uses is really organized which makes the workouts and meal plan very easy to follow. You tell him your goals in terms of what you want to do (build strength, shred fat etc.) and the workouts and meals are customized for that. The workouts are never the same and the meal plan is worked around foods that you like. Dan himself is super accessible, shoot him a text or DM on Instagram about any questions you may have and you'll get a response within the hour. Its only been about 5 weeks and for once I have seen progress that I am actually happy with.

Having just done a bodybuilding competition i was scared about strict dieting all over again but wanted to get my nutrition in check. So i came to Dan asking for help and it’s probably one of the best decisions. He made it so easy with staying on track because he tries to incorporate foods that you actually like and gives amazing recommendations (like healthy tacos!). At first i did a small cut just got a trip i was taking and i noticed my metabolism kick back up and i dropped close to 10 lbs in a few weeks(with a cheat meal every week,but that’s just for me) and still kept my figure after the trip! Now of course i didn’t hesitate to come to him for my bulking plan and so far it has been so smooth! Highly recommend him

Dan, has help me over come my wall and helped my mental focus!!! His Workout's are very unique and fun. He will work with the foods you love, so the diet goes great!!

Dan helped me every step of the way. Meal plan and workouts were easy to follow and he answered any questions I ever had right away. Dan Enloe Fitness gets you the results you want!!

Meal plan was easy to follow and fully customized to the foods that I liked! He is always so helpful and available 24/7. The workouts are INTENSE but that is good, they are also different every single day!

Having a coach like Dan who not only has a passion for fitness, but a passion to help others achieve healthy goals in life is refreshing. Dan’s one on one attention is something that I have not gotten from other coaches and having that has been a motivation. Dan is always a call or text away if you need any questions. I will always recommend people to Dan Enloe because he changes lives and helps you get to the goals you strive to accomplish.

The customized workouts and meal plans were awesome! I was able to tell him what was or wasn’t working and he would adjust the meals and workouts to better fit me! Definitely going to be continuing with other programs!

Phenomenal. I've gained serious strength and confidence in myself in the several months I have trained with Dan. He's always available for questions and advice whether about dieting or exercise, and I can tell that he has a great passion for health and fitness which he translates into helping others improve not only their bodies but also their lifestyles. I will always recommend Dan Enloe Fitness to others. Thanks Dan!!

I signed up for Dans transformation challenge (12 weeks long) and at the time I signed up I just finished a dirty bulk and was the heaviest I have ever been at about 182 pounds. Although I added some muscle, I felt heavy and sluggish and that’s why I chose to join the transformation challenge. Dan sent me a customized meal plan based on what I like to eat and gave me amazing workout routines (never had the same workout twice). Any questions I had were always answered right away and it really could not have gone better. After 12 weeks I cut down around 20 pounds and have maintained most of the muscle I made during my bulk. This is the best I have ever felt and I recommend Dan and his programs to anyone who is ready to make a change.

Always there to answer questions when I need them, and truly cares about other people’s success