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Archer started at DLSA in February of this year after over a year of no lessons and losing most of his confidence. I am amazed how far he has come, he has just been moved up into Water Confidence 3 (he started in WC1) and he absolutely loves swimming and his teacher Danielle, his Saturday lesson is definitely a highlight of his week.

can not recommend Tess or Ms heath enough. they both have such a nice caring nature and able to comfort my children and get down to their level to make them ENJOY the lessons. Tess is amazing with younger kids when tantrums accrue she is able to give them the time, love and attention they need to help stop the melt down, rather then ignoring them and giving them the cold shoulder.

Our 4 months old boy (Ethan) has been in Tess's class from day one and she is truly amazing. I don't know how she is able to pay attention and remember each of the babies' learning abilities but she did! One day, Ethan suddenly decides to not like swimming (he was enjoying before; teething, separation anxiety, etc? I seriously had no clue why) and you can imagine me, lost with a screaming baby during class. I was so thankful to Instructor Tess who encouraged me not to give up coming to classes, advised me to not force my boy to do things if he doesn't like it, and how I can change my class timings to better match his early wake time. Only possible with her bountiful experience with babies! Slowly but surely, Ethan got his interest back and was able to complete the entire class happily, confidently and independently. Only stopped attending because we had to return to our hometown. Thank you, Tess and DLSA for such a fantastic program. We missed you!

So loving the early morning aqua classes, both Wednesday and Friday. Would like the Friday Morning to continue through Winter. Also a possibility of a Monday morning as well.

Darren Lange is a GREAT place to improve your kids swimming skills, from scratch or to just improve how well they swim. The swim instructors are very friendly and very helpful, and great at getting the kids to learn. I am so glad my daughter learnt new skills through them. Great place for kids and adults.

Joel and Charlene are great with our littlies :)

The teachers are fantastic with the kids and the admin staff are so helpful. My daughter has improved in leaps and bounds since starting swimming lessons at DSLA.

staff are very professional and friendly. They make the lessons very enjoyable and fun.

I love that the WF classes are free! The instructor Sue-Ann is fantastic, caring and patient with all the babies. Well organised classes and can't recommend them enough at DSLA

Charlene is lovely and patient with my daughter! I couldn't recommend her enough.

Thanks Tess for a great week of aqua classes. Every class is different and very enjoyable. Would love to see a Monday Morning class.

Awesome Aqua class this morning with Tess She always comes up with something new to keep us motivated

The water familiarisation classes are a fantastic way to introduce your Bub to the water. The instructors are fantastic and have so much knowledge!

Tess is fantastic! Highly recommend the water familiarization class.

Amazing service, great team. Instructor Tess is so lovely and attentive in our water familiarisation class for my 5 month old twins. We all love going and feel so very welcome!

Friendly, encouraging coaches as well as great swimming skills taught

I cannot recommend Darren Lange enough! I learnt to swim here and now 20 odd years later my 2 children are learning to swim. I cannot recommend Tess enough. Tess has jumped leaps and bounds to help my 2 year old be more confident in himself and in water. My 4 month old also has tess as a swim instructor in the free class. In 5 short lessons my daughter is showing signs of being more water confident as well. My son absolutely adores Tess and I cannot recommend her enough.

My son has been swimming at DLSA for the last 6 months. He started water familiarization classes when he was 3 months old and he has so much confidence (and respect) around water. It’s a great feeling as a parent knowing that even though he is so young he has already learnt some skills on how to ‘handle’ being in the water. Mum and Bub have so much confidence and it’s all thanks to our lovely and super supportive teacher Tess. Best thing you could ever do for your little one!