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Churchill Credit Solutions

41 Madison Ave, 31st Fl
New York , 10010


Churchill Debt Settlement is a must-have resource for debt negotiation and credit card settlement. In particular, Brian R*******, Managing Director, is a true financial lifesaver. Thank you, Brian.


You have been a joy to work with. Thank you for everything

 I wanted to thank everyone there. We have worked with so many people and all have done an excellent job.  Miranda King has been our last contact and certainly done the most.  All issues with creditors are resolved and we wanted to say that Churchill Credit Solutions have done a wonderful job of delivering everything "as promised" in a friendly and professional manner.
There were very few delays in working with everyone at  Churchill.  They were all extremely busy and productive  and again, my wife and I are most grateful to everyone there and I believe that you are providing a much needed service.

Nervous At First

I was referred to this company by a friend, who has had her debt worked on by Churchill. I was nervous but she encouraged me to try it and I loved the results. I was 50k in credit card debt and they managed to get me great settlements with the creditors I owe. In no time, all my debt was gone. The reps are very helpful and answered all my questions via phone or email. They eased my fears by explaining the program and as well as keeping me updated.Just as my friend referred me, I will pass the torch onto others in need of debt settlement.

Would recommend to anyone

"My four years with you guys have been very satisfactory and I appreciate what has been accomplished. I appreciated your service and would recommend anyone to you guys in a similar situation to my own.  Thank you for your effort."

Changed My Life

“I had been in a really bad situation with my debt. Churchill was able to help me out and it really changed my life. Since I graduated from Churchill I will refer this company to anyone I know who is in debt. Thank you Churchill!”

Churchill settled all of my debt with the bank

“When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, I reached out to my bank of 44 years to try and restructure some loans…the bank had received over $6B in bail out money from us tax paying citizens but wouldn't give me the time of day…when my wife died, I reached out to Churchill for help with these loans…in short order Churchill settled all of my debt with the bank - Churchill’s service and support exceeded all of my expectations.”