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Defence Lab Birmingham

Well done!

Defence lab has been a great introduction to exercise for my five year old son. The instructors have a gentle approach to teaching new ideas. The classes are full of energy and ensure a good Saturday morning workout. Well done!

I’d strongly recommend to any parent

Reuben, aged 5, has been a member of Defence Lab since May 2015. I wanted a class that would teach Reuben how to defend himself if the need ever came along rather than the traditional martial arts that I believe can be used wrongly amongst children at such an early age.  

Twelve months on, Reuben has grown in all round confidence. He is confident in his ability to stick up for himself, he understands what to do in the event a stranger may approach and takes health and fitness seriously. Defence Lab have been instrumental in this change in Reuben. Defence Lab is not ‘just’ about defending yourself it also teaches life skills such as good manners, how you interact with new people and team work to name a few in my mind these are invaluable skills that help prepare you for the rest of your life.

I’d strongly recommend Defence Lab to any parent.