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Engel Institute, Dental Implant Training

S. Johnson, DDS

Excellent suturing/grafting knowledge and experience. 

H. Sekhon

Fantastic in all respects; from facility to lecture material to ability to do surgery. The time and effort that has gone into producing this course is immediately evident and sincerely appreciated. Looking forward to future courses.

G. Grewal, DDS

Awesome class! Wonderful people and great learning. Will definitely come back to expand my knowledge.

A. Butler, DDS

The course was very informative, practical, and relevant to private practice. Dr. Engel was a great speaker and encouraging mentor. I feel much more confident and capable after the past 3 days. I look forward to returning! Best CE experience I've ever had!

R. Wright, DMD

Truly enjoyed the course! I have attended others that weren't nearly as organized and filled with practical knowledge that could immediately be applied to my practice.

D. Patel, DMD

Lecture was extremely informative (and entertaining!). I was nervous previous to the actual surgery, but Dr. Habashi was a great mentor and helped along the way to a successful implant placement.

J. Batlle, DMD

This course has been so invaluable for helping me progress as a new dentist. I've learned more about implants in the past 3 days then in the past 5 years. Will definitely try to attend M2 with my father in the future!

A. Mehrnama, DDS

This course met and exceeded my expectations. Very informational and Dr. Engel made it a fun experience.

B. Reavley, DDS

This course was amazing and full of knowledge. I can't wait to get back and start placing. I have a renewed excitement for dentistry. 

A. Nagaraj, DDS

Phenomenal course, one the best mentors/teachers in Dr. Engel. Full value for money spent.

J. Peiffer, DDS

This course was unbelievable, the amount of work and effort by Dr. Engel and his team was amazing. I am so excited for the patients and how we all helped change their lives, looking forward to helping my own patients. 

K. Rowan, DMD

M3 was awesome but M5, well its a whole different level of great! The amount of content is staggering. I've said it before Dr. Engel & his team are the best out there and it's worth so much more then the cost! Just sign up already!
Thanks guys, it was an awesome fun filled week!

J. Cornell, DDS

Great course! There were a variety of cases to be involved in. Many pearls to take back to my practice and enthusiasm to keep learning and return for future courses.

J. Kiggins, DMD

It far exceeded my expectations and changed the way I'll do implants. This course was eye opening and I consider my surgical skills well above average for a general dentist. I learned new techniques in this course I can use this coming Monday.

J. Ramellini, DMD

Great course as usual. Even though I've bee doing implants since 2009 I still learn a lot every time. 

S. Johnson, DDS

Dr. Engel takes very difficult subject material and breaks it down making it memorable and fun. Wonderful course. 

O. Figueroa-Valle, DDS

Great experience. Should have done this years ago.

E. Hortman, DDS

Thank you for the opportunity to "change my practice life". Loved the clinical and academic content. The mentor-ships and connections are invaluable. Looking forward to M2. Lets do this!