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Engel Institute, Dental Implant Training

H. Falcon, DDS

This course is amazing. I feel so confident now to tackle many cases. Excellent job. Great mentor, staff, & facility.

W. Zeitouni, DDS

Thank you for what you are doing to make the profession more fun + for providing the means for dentists to provide better service.

A. Nagaraj, DDS

One of the best implant education courses I have ever attended. Dr. Engel is super generous with his knowledge + information.

S. Kleidosty, DMD

Looking forward to the M2/M3 class!

D. Pambianchi, DMD

A very solid review of the fundamentals of implant placement using a systematic approach that makes total sense and gives a recipe for success!

W. Lewis, DMD

This was my 2nd implant course to take and I can confidently say Dr. Engel is far superior to the other. I have learned many things that will enhance my skills in placement and care selection.

J. Zellmer, DMD

A fantastic course! The setup and education exceeded my expectations. I can not wait to place implants in my office!

R. Marshall, DMD

I've been to several implant courses (both lecture & live patient) and this far exceeded my expectations, unlike other courses that I have attended, Dr. Engel does not give you a false sense of security. However, Dr. Engel does give you the confidence to place implants safely and predictability with a whole lot of personality!

T. Fisher, DDS

By far the best CE course I have taken. Dr. Engel is great at building confidence by giving you everything you need to be safe and successful.

K. Griffin, DDS

As a "bread and butter" GP, I took this course hoping for a GP level, real world type of training and Dr. Engel delivered! The course was fantastic and I learned a TON. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

H. Falcon, DDS

M2 is an amazing course. They make sure you understand the material and are able to apply it right away. Dr. Habashi goes above and beyond. Can't wait for M3.

M. Stewart, DMD

Content is extremely applicable. I leave this course feeling confident to carry out these procedures in my office on Monday! Rejuvenating and refreshing!

J. Ramellini, DMD

I feel really confident about FGG + CTG which is something I didn't know I would get out of the course, so that is a nice surprise.

W. Carmichael, DDS

This is such a great learning experience! Can't wait to participate in M3.

S. Heuer, DDS

Thank you! This was a great course. I will be able to immediately use the information and learned skills.

S. Varghese, DDS

Best implant course with so much hand's on experience. Great learning experience overall!

S. Hanna, DDS

Very pleased with the outcome of the course. The experience was invaluable.

P. Yancho, DDS

I learned what I came for. I appreciate the concise delivery of material and organization as a whole.