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Engel Institute, Dental Implant Training

M. Barr, DDS

"Good course, super knowledgeable clinicians. Overly competent dental technicians - great facility and clinical information that you can use on Monday!"

T. Le, DDS


T. Wills, DDS

"Dr. Engel and Dr. Raymond have a first class teaching center that pales to Dr. Engel's ability to communicate and teach a very technical subject in a way that you can use on Monday. Awesome course! Thanks for the confidence."

L. Cerillo, DDS

"Great course! I appreciate the time & effort that goes into a course like this. Very enjoyable & informative weekend."

R. Patel, DDS

"Great course! All info was practical, well presented, and organized. The willingness to help was GREAT!"

S. Petinge, DMD

"Great follow-up to Mentoring 1. I brought my staff an they found it very informative. Would recommend program for any general dentist interested in placing implants."

A. Patterson, DDS

"Enjoyed info - perio knowledge was very good, general bone/graft info very applicable. Enjoyed seeing multiple grafting situations. The videos showing procedures were very helpful - allowed info to all come together."

C. Powell, DDS

"Awesome course, I feel ready to start doing these procedures next week. I should have already had patients scheduled. I'm excited to be able to use the knowledge I gained."

M. Yun, DDS

"It was an excellent course and I learned many tips to apply back to my office. Instructors answered all my questions & it was a great follow-up to M1. Just figure out a way to do a course in Canada!"

D. Kejbou, DDS

"Hands down best seminar taken!"

M. Frazier, DMD

"Learned a ton! Will be back in April."

P. Tetting, DDS

"Awesome course, knowledge of mentors outstanding, learned a lot in a friendly, encouraging environment."

P. Watkins, DDS

"It was great getting surgical experience and condensed information about what we needed to know beforehand. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in placing implants."

J. McAdoo, DDS

"I learned so much in these 3 days. I am very satisfied and plan to take the other additional classes. This is a life changing opportunity. Thank you. 

D. Augustson, DDS

"A career changing course! Couldn't be happier with my decision to attend Engel Institute."

R. Nazarian, DDS

"Excellent course, mentors, & staff.

E. Sachs, DDS

"Worth every second, penny, and ounce of energy! Great course!

S. Bryson, DDS

"Phenomenal course to start my implant journey. Basic fundamentals taught extremely well. I feel confident to start placing implants tomorrow!"