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Engel Institute, Dental Implant Training

R. Kinn, DMD

An exceptional course. Have taken other implant courses but nothing compares to the instruction I received in this course. I feel confident placing selected implants in practice moving forward.

N. Wadie, DDS

Dr. Kosinski was very thorough, kind, caring + made sure each and every one of us felt very comfortable.

H. Falcon, DDS

Absolutely impressed with the course. So excited to start placing implants next week. Highly recommend the course. 

R. Darji, DMD

Dr. Engel was great. Very down to earth and took away the fear of placing implants. Strongly considering M2 & M3 courses for further learning.

A. Hasanagic, DDS

Great course, it got me ready to go home & start placing simple implants. It also motivated me to learn more.

B. Magee, DMD

I've really enjoyed this course with Dr. Engel! He's a very funny and knowledgeable super GP! I'm definitely confident in placing implants more then ever. Thank you!

H. Bunch, DMD

Have practiced 35+ years & placed implants approximately 10 years. I've been to other implant courses & this is so far superior! Even though this was a beginner course I learned a lot of new pearls! My son took this course also - as 2 years out of dental school, I am so thankful to see him learn with discipline and specific guidelines that are the best! Thanks Todd & staff, awesome!

B. Orr, DMD

Implant courses teach how to place implants and what to do. Always good to learn what not to do in implant dentistry. This course teaches you what not to do to avoid complications and how to rectify the complications if they happen. Highest recommendation.

D. Wilfong, DDS

Excellent course! Thank you Dr. Engel and Staff

D. Faget, DMD

"Dr. Engel has a way of explaining the information in a way that is very easy to understand, thank you."

J. Kasunich, DMD

"This course is a "MUST" - will definitely take your confidence to the next level."

M. Stewart, DMD

"Loved it. Could not be happier - I will be seeing you at M2".

J. Hubbard, DDS

"Great course! Can't wait til M3."

K. Frazier, DMD

"Awesome! Learned a ton of stuff! Thanks!"

J. Vu, DDS

"Previously had taken M1 & has been invaluable to my practice. M2 is no different. I was able to perform every procedure discussed and feel confident I will perform each in my practice. Thank you!"

S. Heuer, DDS

"Great experience! Thank you!"

A. Yaldo, DDS

"Dr. Engel's course was truly a masterpiece and his ability to teach and make it fun along the way is a true testament to how awesome of a guy he is."

M. Sesi, DDS

"Excellent course, really gives us major confidence to build on. Glad to have the implant recipe for success."