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Engel Institute, Dental Implant Training

E. Fisher, DDS

"G1 completely changed the manner in which I will place implants in the future."

C. Reyes, DDS

"Excellent course, A+++! Dr. Engel and Dr. Raymond are both very skillful in the subject matter. All Drs, assistants, and staff are extremely helpful and attentive. Thank you for such a great experience! Looking forward to attending other courses."

C. Schmidt, DMD

"By far the most fantastic educational program I have EVER attended. Definite confidence booster."

N. Desai, DMD

"Honestly you guys are the best. This course always leaves me feeling like a much better clinician. I thank you all so much!"

M. Frazier, DMD

"One of the best classes I've ever taken! Dr. Engel's teaching style keeps you captivated throughout the entire course and he drives home key concepts that you can apply the day you return to your office. The Engel Institute is by far the top hands-on implant class available!"

K. Rowan, DMD

"What an incredible week! In 23 years I've never taken a better course and that says a lot because I've attended some fabulous courses. The attention to detail and the amount of knowledge provided is worth so much more then the cost of the course. It's a bargain!"

T. Robinson, DMD

"Great course, atmosphere, and expert knowledge!"

A. Nguyen, DMD

"Truly enjoyed this course! Dr. Kosinski & Dr. Engel did an excellent job of removing the intimidation factor & effortlessly was able to combine learning & fun. First time I've ever felt confident and fired up after a dental course. Thank you! I look forward to M2!"

E. Suave, DDS

"This class has been absolutely wonderful & I can't say enough great things about it. Thank you!"

A. Mortimer, DDS

"It was an excellent course that was well worth it. It was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to place implants."

T. Wills, DDS

"Thanks for the ability that you have to share your knowledge and build a team that instills confidence! I appreciate it."

E. Renier, DDS

"This course made implant dentistry accessible for me – I’m excited to implement what I learned! I feel much more confident about what I can do and when to refer."

M. Owen, DDS

"It was an incredible course! Truly learned a lot about implants, restorative and surgery in general. Thank you!"

C. Schmidt, DMD

"Great course!! Gave me a recipe/protocol to help streamline procedure."

T. Espinosa, DMD

"Thank you so much! This was an incredible experience. I feel confident and excited for this new chapter in my career and it’s all because of the great training I’ve received here."

J. Skowronski, DMD

"I’m placing an implant as soon as my Straumann kit, implants, and motor come in. Thank you Dr. Engel and everyone!"

M. Barr, DDS

"Good course, super knowledgeable clinicians. Overly competent dental technicians - great facility and clinical information that you can use on Monday!"

T. Le, DDS