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Engel Institute, Dental Implant Training

J. Hubbard, DDS

"Great course! Can't wait til M3."

K. Frazier, DMD

"Awesome! Learned a ton of stuff! Thanks!"

J. Vu, DDS

"Previously had taken M1 & has been invaluable to my practice. M2 is no different. I was able to perform every procedure discussed and feel confident I will perform each in my practice. Thank you!"

S. Heuer, DDS

"Great experience! Thank you!"

A. Yaldo, DDS

"Dr. Engel's course was truly a masterpiece and his ability to teach and make it fun along the way is a true testament to how awesome of a guy he is."

M. Sesi, DDS

"Excellent course, really gives us major confidence to build on. Glad to have the implant recipe for success."

A. Colangelo, DMD

"This course was exactly what I was looking for!"

E. Rather, DMD

"Phenomenal! Really boots confidence for future cases."

M. Barr, DDS

"The classroom instruction is excellent and the clinical "ins and outs" or corrective procedures when needed were available and demonstrated. Thank you."

S. Petinge, DMD

"Best clinical experience at a course I've had in 30 years of continuing ed."

M. Maher, DDS

"Amazing course for my assistants + me. My confidence in full arch cases has sky rocketed."

A. Correa, DMD

"Great course that helped boost confidence & reinforce knowledge to take the fear out of placement."

A. Hatten, DDS

"Great course great mentors! Definitely will continue my journey w/ M2. Thank you all for what you do!"

G. Millar, DDS

"Absolutely great course to get me started on placing implants. Best CE course I have ever taken."

S. Karande, DDS

"Great course! The only one you need to start and excel in your Dental Implant Career. No regrets! Thank you Dr. Engel & his team!"

M. Yowell, DDS

"Very satisfied with what I learned! Their motto "Hear It, See It, Do It" really applies. I plan on continuing with a G1 and M2 course".

T. Campagna, DMD

"Great course!!! Dr. Engel is a true educator. Definitely understood all concepts/principals presented. Thanks Todd! See you at M2!"

C. Tini, DDS

"I enjoyed the class & already signed up for M2. I appreciated the different insights of all the mentors."