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Dr. Bayne Heersink (University of Alabama, 2009)

“When I purchased my practice, one of the first things I did was call Russ. It has been one of the best business decisions I have made. Our average monthly collections are up more than $20,000 per month, and all we have done differently is work smarter, not harder. I would highly recommend The Ledbetter Group to anyone who wants their scheduling and production to be more efficient and predictable.”

Dr. Brian Cook (University of Alabama Dental School 2006)

 "After my fourth year as a practice owner, I wasn’t confident I had control of my office and felt I was repeating the same mistakes each year.  I decided I couldn’t fix things on my own and began searching for a consultant.  I found Russ and had several friends recommend him.   We have seen tremendous growth over this past year in production/collections, improved patient experience, better organization, lower overhead, etc.  In one year, we have made changes that would have taken my entire career to implement.  You will not make an investment that has a better return for your practice.  I now feel confident in running the business side and can sleep at night not worrying about finances." --

Dr. Ash Walker (Medical College of Georgia 1995)

“It is my pleasure to recommend Russ Ledbetter of The Ledbetter Group. Russ has tweaked vast information into practical applications that you can learn today and use tomorrow. I have benefited tremendously, financially and personally, through Mr. Ledbetter’s guidance. I can honestly say that not a day goes by that I don’t use something that he has taught me. I have seen phenomenal growth in my practice and my staff development since learning his tried and true techniques. I am grateful for all that he has done to help my practice grow and flourish."

Dr. Steve Swords (Medical College of Georgia 1996)

"Hiring Russ and his team (The Ledbetter Group) was not only my best business and career decision ever but also by far the best investment of my life. I have never bought any piece of equipment or attended any seminar where I had a 1700% return (over $513,000) within 1 year. Although the numbers speak for themselves, Russ’ overall impact on my life was even more valuable. My only regret is that I waited 8 ½ years to decide I needed a “coach” – someone to teach me what dental school did not! Thanks for everything."

Dr. Burton Moffett (University of Alabama Dental School 2006)

“The Ledbetter Group has helped me both personally and professionally over the past year. My young pediatric dental practice was growing at a very healthy pace, and it was actually this growth that spurred my decision to work with a practice consultant. Despite the success my practice was experiencing, I knew that without systems in place and clearly defined ways of doing things, our growth would eventually overwhelm my hard-working staff and myself. I also knew that there was much more to running a dental practice than I had been taught in dental school – specifically regarding the business side of the practice. The Ledbetter Group gave me and my team a structured framework for operating the practice, as well as a detailed system for monitoring practice statistics. I now feel I have an in-depth understanding of how to manage our growth, as well as a way to recognize problems BEFORE they happen. From a personal perspective, I now enjoy the reduced stress and increased satisfaction that comes from having a well-organized, clearly defined way of doing things. My team is more empowered to use the skills they possess to make the practice successful, and we are a closer group as a result. I’d read so many testimonials from other clients of The Ledbetter Group that lamented having not worked with them earlier in their careers. I’m so glad I made the decision to seek their help in preparing my practice for the future.”

Dr. Britt Burcham (University of Tennessee 1988)

"The Ledbetter Group proved to be a key part of a true “turning point” in the productivity of my practice. Making recommendations based on a practice analysis, they exceeded every expectation I had, while remaining sensitive to my wishes and personal goals. Using the principles The Ledbetter Group implemented, my practice has continued to grow. I heartily recommend their services to anyone looking to increase productivity and satisfaction in their professional lives."

Dr. Lance Osborne (University of Tennessee 2000)

"I would strongly recommend The Ledbetter Group to every dentist who wants to maximize their practice’s potential. My experience of working with Russ Ledbetter was not only professionally rewarding but personally rewarding. I have found that my practice is more efficient, more productive (double what he promised me, over $200,000 more per year) and also less stressful. Russ and his staff will put all the pieces of the dental practice puzzle together for you."

Dr. Barton Barrett (University of Alabama Dental School 2008)

"Several months ago, I began to feel the stress and burn-out creeping in, and knew I needed to do something differently. About that time I received a brochure from Russ in the mail, and after checking some references, I finally called him. What he has done for my practice in just a few months has been amazing! Our stress level is lower, and our production has well exceeded anyone's expectations. I'm the biggest skeptic in the world, and wouldn't have believed it had I not been living proof. I highly recommend Ledbetter Consulting to anyone."

Dr. Tamsie Coker & Dr. Matt Coker (University of Alabama Dental School 1996 & 2001)

"The Ledbetter Group helped a great deal with boosting our production and collections. They far exceeded the production increase they promised. They really helped to organize our front desk and provided detailed job descriptions. Our office is much closer to our long-term goals after the year of consulting."

Dr. Sam Wright (University of Alabama Dental School 2009)

I would like to compliment The Ledbetter Group for the outstanding service it provides. Russ is honest and he keeps his promises.  He asks you what your goals are, and like a magician, in the end, makes them happen. We are now collecting more than $500 per day more than we were when we started with him.  We used to work all Fridays, and now we work only one.  I'm on the verge of hiring an associate (one of my goals), and the situation is promising, so that I can eventually form a partnership, so that I can take more vacation (one of my other goals).  To be clear, Russ does not push adding a partner, and only offered some feedback on how I might approach it.  He is in the business of improving the business you've already established, not overhauling it.  His secret involves his hard work and study, personalized to your practice.  Consultants and coaches require your participation as well as your staff's, and his system is wonderful at getting that.  His methods are logical and easy to implement.  He sticks with you and constantly has new ideas.  He follows through.  You follow through.  Once the year is up, you miss the Group, but you and the staff are better than you were the year before.  It's a better place to work.  A better place to practice dentistry.

Dr. Amanda Darty (University of Alabama Dental School 2006)

I started working with The Ledbetter Group during a major time of transition in my career. I had just built a new office, hired new employees and was stressed to the max with trying to manage all of the newness and growth that surrounded me. I tried to tackle it all myself for about six months before I realized that I needed help and in a major way! I was consumed with how I was going to make it from one month to the next when I hired The Ledbetter Group. Immediately, Russ and his team evaluated my practice and got me started down a path of consistent, sustainable growth. With their help I was able train my staff and manage my practice with less stress and more profit. I would recommend the services of the Ledbetter Group to any doctor who wants to run an efficient, well organized practice and keep a well-trained, satisfied staff!

Dr. Mike Cox & Dr. Tina Cox (Medical College of Georgia 2014)

Russ, his wife Jill, and in-office consultant Lana are as good as it gets in the dental consulting/coaching business. You will not find a more outgoing, personable, and honest group of consultants. He'll tell you what you're doing right-and wrong- and he can guide you to fix the problems! The protocol that he implemented in our practice has increased production/collections an average of $20,000 per month over the past year. He has a very reasonable rate for the service he is providing, especially compared to most consultants who take a percentage of what you collect! Russ and team are very easy to get in touch with if we have an issue in the office that I need advising on. I can call them anytime and if I don't get an answer they will be calling back shortly. He and the team are extremely hands on, and when he tells you somethings going to happen it WILL happen. Russ's skills far exceeded what we expected! If you are in the market for a new consultant/coach call Russ and team. I will be more than happy to talk to anyone considering The Ledbetter Group. ‚Äč

Dr. Sid Parker & Dr. Jeff Pennington (Medical College of Georgia 1995 & 1996)

“We have been working with Russ and Ginny for the last 9 months. During this time, they have helped us increase our business significantly with consistency. We appreciate their efforts to help our team and their "hands on" approach is an excellent recipe for our relationship based practice.”

Dr. Joseph Labbe (University of Alabama Dental School 2004)

“After several years of owning a dental practice that was experiencing very minimal growth, I had become frustrated and no longer enjoyed my work. After working with the Ledbetter Group, my production greatly increased and I had a better understanding of how to operate my practice. My patients are happy, employees work as a team, and I once again enjoy my work. I highly recommend the Ledbetter Group.”

Dr. Tyler Myers (Medical College of Georgia 2006)

“The timing of bringing Russ in to help our office could not have been more perfect. My five year old, scratch start practice was hitting its stride and things were getting stressful. Some days we couldn’t work everyone in who wanted to be seen and other days my schedule was full of holes. Within three weeks of beginning the program with Russ our production went up and our stress level went down. Russ promised a 10% increase, but we are up 23% over last year. Nothing in the way I treatment plan has changed. His consulting has paid for itself ten times over.”

Dr. Dale Hambright (University of Alabama Dental School 2005)

Like many, I was very skeptical at first, but found Lois Ann a very sincere, hard working lady who's main goal was to help train me in leadership skills that I lacked. She is a no-nonsense, straight talking consultant with an enthusiasm that is contagious. Our production increased on less days, and our office stress improved tremendously. We are still a work in progress, but must give Lois Ann significant credit for our recent success.

Dr. Britt Morris (University of Alabama Dental School 1987)

We recommend The Ledbetter Group to anybody who is interested in practice growth and management!

Dr. Karen Connell (University of Alabama Dental School 2000)

Dear Russ, I have always been a do-it-myself kind of gal, never liked to ask anyone for help. After finishing dental school in 2000, I started practicing with my father. We quickly took a small one dentist practice and turned into a busy, growing, two-dentist practice. All the ups and downs, dad and I navigated together. Suddenly in 2009, my father, who never missed a day at work due to illness, began having multiple health issues. As he missed several months and only returned to work a 12 hour work week, I found myself at a loss. I really didn't know how to do it all! I decided to hire a consultant, and chose Russ Ledbetter because he had worked so well with several of my classmates. He is teaching me skills that can never be learned in dental school or incorporated after just attending a weekend seminar on practice management. I feel more confident, the practice is growing again, and my employees are happy! Thanks so much Russ, for making my career fun again!