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Robert J. Zatz, D.M.D. Family Dental Care

1741 Ellington Road
South Windsor CT , 06074

It is a one person practice and they don’t over-book themselves. They are very fast and efficient with what they do and they seem highly professional. I don’t have any problems with him; they are easy to work with and they are reasonable about working with someone with small children.

I have been going to Dr Zatz for about 20 years. He is the best dentist I have ever been treated by. I was always (like many people) very afraid of going to the dentist as my pain threshold, at least for teeth, is IMO very low. That's ironic, because the fear of going to the dentist probably ended up causing me more tooth pain then if I had just gone more regularly in the first place! Another reason I avoided dentists is because I didn't really trust them, after some of the ones I had been to were less than honest with me, at least I believe. If I don't trust you, I am not likely to let you anywhere NEAR me with a drilling tool! I stumbled upon him almost by accident-he had a flyer advertising work without the pain, guilt, or sales pitch generally associated with dentistry by people like me, so I made an appointment. 20 years later, I am still going. He keeps his word. His flyer turned out to be 100% true. If you are like I was, a "chicken" who avoids the dentist, I would highly recommend making an appointment and speaking with the Dr. He is honest & up front about what he can do, and never made me feel guilty about my dental habits (or lack of), but rather focused what possibilities existed going forward. His staff in top-notch as well. I never had any billing issues, but I am sure if I ever did, his office would work for me to get it straightened out. I gotta tell you...I am NOT related to Dr Zatz, or any of his staff, or employed by his office in any way. I just feel it's right to point out the positive when sometimes there is so much negative around, and I feel for any other dental "chickens" out there who need help but don't really know where to look for it. He has worked out well for this "chicken"!

I started seeing Dr. Zatz around 1990 when he was working with another dentist near my home. I was nervous because of my concerns about dental pain, and said so. Dr. Zatz reviewed my questionnaire, and asked, "So if there's no pain, there's no problem?" Even though I needed a substantial amount of work (I'd been avoiding the dentist), Dr. Zatz eliminated my fear and trepidation of dental visits. He took care of all of my dental issues and advised me about proper self-care. I was so impressed that when he relocated to South Windsor, there was never any question of looking for a new practice, I just made the trek out there. He treated me for a number of years and quite frankly, I began to take his excellent patient care and his pleasant, cheerful good humor for granted. When I took a transfer on my job and decided the 120 mile round trip to his office was just too much, I left and found a dentist closer to home. I was shocked when the dentist acted more like a car salesman than a healthcare professional, trying to sell me thousands of dollars of unnecessary dental work. I bounced back and forth between a number of other dentists, who never spent enough time with me and invariably left me with other, less-skilled staff for most procedures. Problems began to develop because minor issues were overlooked at checkups by overworked staff, and I realized that the only way to get the treatment I wanted was to go back to Dr. Zatz. Needless to say, I learned the hard way how important it is to find a conscientious, technically proficient and patient-friendly dental practice. I'm very pleased with Dr. Zatz and I'm staying there. And the three-hour round trip? Well, some people travel that far to get their hair done, and my dental health is more important. If you are in need of a new dentist, visit Dr. Zatz. You won't be disappointed.

I recently switched dentists to Dr. Zatz because of a bad previous experience. I have visited twice and both visits I had Dr. Zatz clean my teeth as well as do the examination. His office is small and dated, but comfortable. But he has very up-to-date digital X-rays to view immediately and keep on file. I had very sensitive teeth and when he cleaned he was very gentle and didn't spray them with cold water and let me rinse my mouth with a cup of warm water instead. I haven't had any other work done here to rate on fillings or crowns which I think really makes a difference between a good and a bad dentist. Hope you found this helpful.

I have been receiving care from Dr. Zatz for over 20 years. Myself, being in the healthcare profession as a Registered Nurse and prior to that working in the dental field, I feel I can professionally address the type of care given by this provider. I have received excellent care as has my family. It is difficult to find someone in this field that is as patient, kind and caring as he is. I would hate the thought of ever having to find a different dentist to go to. I would recommend anyone to give him a try. If I trust him with my family's care that says a lot. If the care was substandard then I, as a healthcare professional, would never continue to receive care from him. I plan on another 20 years of excellent care

“Dr Zatz is a unique dentist. The way he works when doing work in your mouth is with a precision and accuracy of a neurosurgeon and he takes a lot of pride in his work. The level of comfort you get by never having to worry about him accidentally hurting your gums makes it a pleasure to go there for dental work. He is also one if the few that can still work with classic amalgam fillings. Thanks to this, he been able to save two of my teeth that would have to be pulled otherwise. His dental hygienist has the same style when he work. He goes over the teeth with a minimum of force, changing tools constantly to be able to clean the teeth without giving you any discomfort. The whole place is friendly and even the kids i see there seem to be as happy as i am. Highly recommended!”