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Dream Wedding Team

To our Dream Wedding Team


We all know it takes a village to raise a child. Well, how many people does it take to raise the roof and pull off a dream wedding for Lou and Sheree? Oh, and manage their crazy demands? It took You! 

We have a vision/plan for perfect happiness and it requires each other. We have a vision/plan for our children, family, and a thriving business that incorporates our friends; all requiring each other. These visions/plans are  works in progress, just as we are, completely imperfect.

We had a vision for our wonderful wedding and it required: so much more! It required,

- individuals with drive and ambition,
- individuals who would be willing to learn, grow, and teach (all at the same time!),
- individuals who were willing to look, think and act outside the box, knowing that Lou and I see only possibilities and not barriers!), and
- individuals who were professional and dedicated to their craft.

You are that individual and, thanks to you, our dream came true. We had the perfect wedding. This wedding was an amazing accomplishment and now, the sky should be your limit for what you create for others!

Keep being brilliant. Always desire more (because you deserve it), and of course, appreciate every moment of every day with the people you love the most. It’s said, feeling grateful and not expressing it is like wrapping a beautiful present and not giving it.  We are grateful for the gift of you! 


Lou & Sheree

Indian Wedding at Hard Rock

I was leaning toward a destination wedding but I also wanted to have a Hindu Ceremony. In a bridal show I met Gyna Herrera from I DO Destination Weddings and Noelia Gisbert from Proficient Travel. My mom and I sat with Gyna for 30 minutes and that’s when I knew a destination wedding was the right decision. Gyna worked with me from that day forward. Based on what I was looking for, Gyna recommended a few locations that are experienced in Hindu Ceremonies. Rick and I selected Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana as our venue for our destination wedding and it was perfect, we couldn’t have selected a better location. 
Our wedding was absolutely beautiful from start to finish and everything went smoothly thanks to our wedding planner, our travel agent, our onsite wedding coordinator and all the staff at Hard Rock. We highly recommend anyone considering a destination wedding to look into Hard Rock, where dream weddings come true. 
We feel that a destination wedding is the way to go! It was much easier to plan, less work, less stressful and more fun. One of the most precious thing about a destination wedding is the fact that all of our guests – bride and groom’s friends and family are all on the same resort for a few days allowing both parties to mingle, really get to know each other and bond.
Thank you!Kamela 

Indian Wedding in Hawaii

"It is a sweet challenge to even begin to thank Noelia and her team from Proficient Travel and I Do Destination Weddings for the huge contribution they were towards the success of our Indian traditional destination wedding trip in Hawaii islands !!"


We wished to create a uniquely memorable ceremony, other traditional events around the ceremony, all intertwined with sightseeing activities in a new scenic place like Hawaii islands. This was the idea for our full family extravaganza. When we actually set out to execute the action steps for above intentions, we quickly ran into unknown territory. We realized that we are going to need some very specialized assistance and the hands of an angel to make this dream come true! We were in the midst of a lot of confusion when we found the contact for Noelia's company.

Noelia took away all our confusion, overwhelm, uncertainties, and turned them into real solutions for us. Noelia and her team had the technical and professional skills like building rapport, negotiating contracts, finding best places to stay at and tour companies to use (within our budget guidelines), managing guests lists & RSVPs, creating a website for all the information to be in one place for our guests, managing rooms list, a million other details that came with all that we were out to accomplish.

It would be an understatement to say that Noelia and her team went above and beyond to make this experience the very best in our lives. :) Read complete testimony here 

Indian Wedding in Punta Cana

"When we decided on picking a date and begin the wedding planning process, we looked at a couple of destinations – Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, and Punta Cana. At the same time, we attempted to plan a local wedding to compare. It was much easier to have the packages at each destination and choose one from that than to plan a local wedding from trying to contact venues and vendors and try to work around a tight budget. After comparing both, we decided that going with a destination wedding was clearly the better way to go – it involved less researching and stress to give more time to enjoy wedding planning! Picking a destination wedding also gave us the ability to purchase our first home together.

Once we chose the destination and date, Gyna helped our guests with their bookings – flight and hotel. This made it easy on our guests and ourselves and helped ensure that our guests were roomed close to one another in the wedding party. It helped avoid guests from making mistakes on their bookings, eased their transportation from airport to the resort, and helped us manage our guest list because we were given a report every month of who has booked so far. I can imagine how chaotic and unorganized it would have been if we didn’t have our guest’s book through Gyna and if everyone was told to just show up at the resort. We wouldn’t have been able to prepare for 120+ people. I appreciate all the hard work they put into this in making sure guests were booked properly! Even when we got to the resort, they made sure our wedding party had the best rooms and no issues with the rooms. They helped keep things in order and organized and took a stress load off of me.

We have received many compliments from our family and friends who attended the wedding that everything was so much fun and very well organized. In fact, family and friends who could not attend the wedding also complimented on how well everything looked and that they regret missing the one of kind traditional yet modern destination wedding! There are many differences between a local and destination wedding and if I was to recommend another couple planning their wedding – I’d say go for destination. It was much easier to plan, less work and stressful on both sides of the families.

Tushaar and I are so happy we went with a destination wedding and we are so thankful for Noelia, Gyna, Erika and the staff at the Grand Palladium Palace Resort for taking such good care of our guests and both of us. We really had a great time and there is nothing else I would have done any different. If I were to get married again, I’d want it exactly the way it went!!!"  Read complete testimony here   


"Gyna helped us plan a destination wedding with over 60 guests. She was amazingly kind, very efficient, and extremely responsive to all our questions. It went off without a hitch!! 

It was AMAZING!! Beyond our expectations! Everyone had such a wonderful time. The staff at Sandals Emerald Bay was exceptional and even joined on the dance floor during the reception! We had a blast! Thank you so much for our gift, the frame is lovely you made our day so special and everyone talked about how on top of things you were. 

Thanks so much Gyna.. all of our guests talked about how great and knowledgeable you were too!! 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! "

Scott & Tracey 

Gyna made my wedding dream come true

"When my husband and I finally made the decision to get married and have a destination wedding, we had no clue how to even begin this process. I had a million questions but no one to ask. I started to reach out to some of the resorts and when reaching out to the Majestic Colonial Resort I was also  provided with a Facebook group page for support. In that group page I found the women that rescued me and made my wedding dream come into reality. Working with Gyna has been the best experience I could have ever asked for, I put my wedding dreams and hopes into her hands and she delivered! From the start she was just a phone call away answering emails at all hours of the day and specially working with family which had probably the same questions over and over. Gyna was always patient making sure that I had the  best rates and that my family was taken care of from the very start. We  truly believe that without Gyna this day would have never turned out the way it did. My reservation was perfect from check in to check out. Gyna made sure we had the best rooms not just us but the entire group. We had 50 of our closest friends and family members join us. Planning a wedding is stressful by itself planning it from another country well, let just say it  could give any bride cold feet lol. But with Gyna by our side not once did I think our dream wedding would be anything less. We will forever appreciate all the effort Gyna put into our wedding. She helped us as if it was her own wedding she was coordinating."


 Thank you,


 Mayra & Javier Gaona