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First Eat Right

RT Nagar .

LLM. Lawyer. Joined for Diabetes, DVT, & Weight Management

* Extremely well organised. Diets were tailored to suit both tastes and other requirements. Great level of responsiveness. Excellent experience overall.

PhD. - Joined for Chronic Kidney Disease. Hypertension. Renal Cortical Cyst.

Please find below my feed back.
“I am about 70 years old and an overweight person. Recently I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. I read several articles and learnt that eating right food and change in lifestyle are the only available ways to protect my kidney from further deterioration. These two factors are important since there is no medicine to cure the chronic kidney disease.
I started looking for web to find a well educated, experienced and registered clinical dietician. Finally I found that Dr Nafeesa fits in very well as dietician/ Nutrionist to guide me to eat right food in right quantity. Hence I contacted her.
Dr Nafeesa analysed my medical reports, my food habits and daily routine activities. Then she provided me with a very easy and practical diet plan.
In the first diet plan of three months I have lost more than 7 kg body weight with a significant correction in my medical condition. I am so happy with the outcome of first three months that I have taken up another three months course of diet plan.
Dr Nafeesa I would like to convey my sincere thanks for changing my life and making me believe that I can reduce my body weight and can also stop further deterioration of my kidney function.
Her staffs are very supportive and friendly.

BE. Computers. IT Professional. Joined for Weight Loss

From last cpuple of years i had been putting on weight and even after working out regularly it was bot working. With Dr. Nafeesa s diet plan i am aboe to brrak that plateau within two months. She s extremely good and kistens with patience and her counselling really helped. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking out for a good dietician. She is very good.

MTech. Software Engineer. Joined for Hypothyroid. Diabetes. Weight Loss.

I approached First Eat Right's Dr.Nafeesa for guiding me with a balanced nutrition plan that would help me in long-term health and also in losing weight & maintaining it at that.
The sheer simplicity of her approach towards right nourishment is mind-blowing. Yet another biggest strength of her program is that - it's designed exclusively for each individual based on our health requirements & lifestyle, only using routine everyday native food, so nothing fancy & absolutely no starvation of any kind of nutrient.
There was nothing drastic in the nutrition plan that made me wonder at start - "Am I actually on a diet ?" :-) IMO, that's the biggest advantage. Their simple and effective plan motivated me to keep following it, even when I went off-track for a day or two due to travel or work.
At the end of my 3 month program, First Eat Right and Dr.Nafeesa have not only helped me with losing weight but also have enlightened me a great deal on how a balanced food intake can do wonders in physiological & intellectual aspects !

MBA (Marketing) - Marketing Manager, Joined for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

* I found Dr. Nafeesa on Practo & there were so many positive reviews that it looked too good to be true, but that’s also the reason I wanted to check it out! Dr. Nafeesa is very friendly & puts you at ease on the very first meeting. It’s not one of the fancy set ups which intimidate you and that’s the best part about it. They make sense! I went for post pregnancy weight loss on a 3 month program & was able to lose 7.5kgs! Their program is a sustainable one, I could do it with an infant at home, and 3 trips!

B Tech. Software Engineer. Visited for PCOS, Weight Management.

* I visited Dr. Nafeesa for weight loss advice.
I had followed other diet plans before, but they did not seem sustainable, as following them was a chore and it was too easy to get out of track.
The diet plans by Dr. Nafeesa were so customized, that I did not feel like I was on a diet plan at all and I enjoyed following them, despite being a huge foodie. I lost around 8 kilos in 3 months and my irregular periods became regularized in just a month of following the plan.
I now know what a sustainable lifestyle change looks and feels like and I really regret not having met Dr. Nafeesa before.

B.E. Software Engineer. Joined for Cholesterol, Acidity, Weight Loss.

* Perfect choice for Weight loss and medical conditions. Dr. Nafeesa is very friendly and will listen to us with patience. Lost more than 10Kg. Before starting this program cholesterol level was 198 and it came down to 158 within 3 months. Diet program is pretty simple and can be followed by anyone. At first, they will collect all the details about our food habits and lifestyle. Later, Diet prescription will be provided with the foods which we eat in a balanced way for all meals in a day for a week which has to be repeated for 6 weeks.Based on individual personality, weeks or months program will be suggested and it is our wish which one to choose.Following the instructions strictly will give the results quickly.I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for weight loss or medical conditions to visit this clinic once.

B.Ed. Teacher. Joined for Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOS Mangement

After pregnancy I gain too much wait , that time I was 91 kgs . For that I faced many problems like body pain , leg pain , pcod, thyroid , even diabetes ( all these problems I never had before , got after my delivery wen I gained so much of weight.. I decided to meet with doctr nafisha , after reading so many good reviews in practo . She is very good , bubly nature , nd friendly . I JOINED the 6 months diet progrm , coz my weight was in the higher side that time. She sended her diets my mail , I religiously followed the diet , it was a 7 days diet plan ,her diets r not very difficult to follow nd not boring also and everyday she ask to walk for 1 hour . Sometimes I did eat outside also when I was unable to contrl my cravings . Even I can say Wkly once I use to had outside foods , coz I m foody person.. but that didn't increased my weight at all , coz hee diets were so perfect , balanced and calculated . Hats off really .. she won't asked me to eat something extra ordinary . She gave very common things , maximum was already in my kitchen , that's the plus point of her diet , rice , roti fish chkn everything I get to eat . And when ever I get any confusion I msg to the support team , they r also very helpful , always got a perfect solution of my problems. Even when ever I sended mail to doctr ,even frm there also got regular rply. .. doctr nafisha and her team is going a great job , when I start the diet that tym My weight was 86 kgs , after 6 months I m 62 kgs . Plus my pcod , thyroid , sugar , body pain everything going like magic after 2 months of diet only .. I m completely out of medication . Thanks to doctor nafisha nd her team.. really "thanks " is a very small words to say you. . My best wishes for you all ..

MBA Roorkee - Marketing Manager. Joined for Weight Loss

* First thing first - she’s awesome, you’ll definitely reduce weight if you follow her suggestions & you would actually be eating all things you’ve actually been eating since your childhood (as someone also mentioned).
Now a bit about my personal journey. I have reduced closed 9 kgs in 3 Months of time by following her diet, which involved eating at every 2-3 hrs of Interval & this keeps me full all through the day. While actually starting the diet i thought this diet is actually making me overeat but frankly that worked because i stopped binging on food in one go. Earlier, when the gap was huge, i used to eat a lot of food in one shot but she has a really different & practical approach. She took note of all that i eat & basis that only gave me a diet plan. The only thing additional was that i need to necessarily walk/jog for 45 mins a day, which helped me burn extra calories. I never thought that eating itself, but in the right way, will help me lose weight. I have been overweight since a long long time & nothing has ever worked but First-Eat-Right. I wanna thank her for the valuable guidance & motivation she provided to keep me going and her team as well for following up with me every week to motivate me & take note of my progress. I had never followed up anything so seriously & for such a long duration (3 months) in my life. But the diet plan she gave was nothing different from what all i was already eating, just that she took care of its timings, portions, water intake & exercises. Now that i am taking a break from her schedule, she has given a maintenance chart as well for me to continue on my own. Thank you Dr. Nafeesa, a long awaited dream of losing weight & looking my own better-self in mirror has started taking shape!!!
To all - without doubt, just go & try. It’s a life changing experience. Just devote 3 months & you’ll come to know.

Lecturer. Joined for PCOS, Infertility, Conception.

* I am Manjula. My weight increased from 64 to 78 within one year after my marriage. I was working as lecturer. We thought to plan a baby in December 2017. But after seeing my weight, thought to first reduce the weight before planning the baby. I was searching in internet and found some tips (Only eating vegetables, having fruits and fasting) to reduce weight. I followed some tips, but it did not work. I left my job in February 2018. Finally, I found first eat right clinic. I verified all the feedback in Practo. We took an appointment and met Dr Nafeeza. Doctor verified BMI and explained about diet. She suggested me 6 months course. As we initially decided for 3 months course, we took some time to think about 6 months course. Finally, I decided to go with 6 months course. My course started on March 15th, 2018 and ended in September 15th, 2018. I reduced 14 kg in 6 months without affecting my regular activities. We met Dr Gayathri Kamath (gynacologist)fortis hospital in October month. She appreciated about weight reduce and diet chart. I am very happy to say that I am conceived. Thanks, Nafeeza Madam.

Mechanical Engineer. Industrialist. Joined for Health & Fitness.

* Dr Nafeesa at First Eat Right is a whiff of fresh air in a world filled with quacks. She is the epitome of integrity in the nutrition and weight loss arena.

I and my wife joined her program and we are both extremely happy.

The core of the program is their customized and tailor made diet plan which seeks to improve all of your health challenges through scientific nutrition.

This program is (a) very easy to understand, (b) very easy to follow for the rest of your life, (c) even if you get off track due to traveling or busy schedules it is very easy to just get back on, (d) and most importantly does not give you fad diets, pills, powders, super foods or other junk.

You are eating what you have always eaten from childhood. There is an extreme focus on your most loved and least loved foods so the chances of sticking to the diet are very high.

It is so easy to do that after about a week you will not even realize you are following a diet!

I highly recommend Dr Nafeesa and her team without any hesitation to anyone who is looking for a scientific method to lose fat or resolve health problems through targeted nutrition.

You can read review after review but please take action and book a consultation immediately. Your body will thank you for it.

* Software Engineer - Joined for PCOS and weight loss. PCOS resolved.

* I had went to Dr Nafisa at a very low phase of my life where my weight was stagnant and was not reducing in spite of trying out different diets and exercise with different other dietitians.After exercising hard and in a strict diet it would reduce hardly 1 or 2 kgs and would return back in no time. But with Doctor Nafisa's guidance I could reduce almost 8 kgs in 3 months.The diet was not restricted to only proteins and was easy to follow with all vegetables.The exercise was also easy to follow.The best part is that I could regain my confidence back and also conceived naturally while I was in the diet.

My gynecologist had told that if a small percentage of weight is reduced that would help me conceive naturally.Previously I had a history of a failed IUI and was not able to conceive because of my weight for last 4 years.The word "Thanks" would be a very small word to be expressed towards Dr Nafisa for helping me out in a very bad phase of my life.

I would recommend Dr Nafisa and her team for anybody struggling with weight issues.

Software Engineer - Medical Condition PCOS - Resolved without medicine.

* After my pregnancy, I was > 10-12kgs overweight, with constant back pain, less or no stamina to even climb stairs, or walk 500m. After I stopped breastfeeding my baby, my weight started going up. I tried a few exercises but to no avail, because of which I lost the motivation, and started binge eating again.

Finally, one of my cousin planted the idea of visiting a nutritionist, and there was no looking back. I immediately started researching for a good nutritionist and came across Dr. Nafeesa's profile on practo. I was positive even before meeting her that I will be able to manage my weight under her guidance due to the exceptional reviews she has. And I was right! I was able to lose around 9-10Kgs in less than 4 months. I probably would have lost more, but I had a knee ligament tear due to a fall because of which I wasn't able to do any physical activity in between, in spite of that I saw progress with the balanced diet that Dr. Nafeesa provided.

The diet is very healthy and balanced. and the best part about it is its doable with the food and ingredients we buy daily during our regular grocery shopping. Nothing fancy, just regular food but healthy.You feel good after the meals. Dr Nafeesa also explain the benefits of each food type and why its needed in our daily diet, which makes it easier for one to continue the good eating habits as a lifestyle change. I used to be a junk eater, but now after following the diet for a few months, I have become health conscious, have understood a whole lot about good food habits and following it with passion even though I am almost at the end of my program.

I am very close to reaching my ideal weight. My back pain has reduced to a large extent. I look good, feel good.. I am energetic, active and have a positive outlook. Thanks Dr. Nafeesa

Software Engineer - Joined for Effective Weight loss program with a simple diet

*The weight loss program has really helped me lose the desired weight in the most natural way. It has not only brought about a change in my lifestyle but also made me conscious of my health. Dr Nafeesa is very friendly and is always willing to answer any of your queries. The support mechanism is also quite good and they never miss out on details. Definitely recommended for those who want to lose weight from a simple diet.

Academician - Visited For Weight Loss

*A big thank you to Dr.Nafeesa and the FER clinic. Weight loss had become difficult for me and I visited the clinic for the same.With her diet and exercise plan I have lost 7 kgs in approximately 3 months.The plan can be easily integrated in my current lifestyle.I feel really good ,light and healthy.The FER team was supportive through out and currently I am on maintenance regime.
Thank you very much madam........
Academics and Teaching

Financial Consultant (CA) - Visited for Hypothyroid, PCOS, Weight Loss

* After updating myself on weight loss techniques from the internet and self-help books, I lost up to 11 kg. But the sad part here is, this same weight loss happened several times as I could not maintain my lost weight, was getting back to my previous weight every now and then and the icing on the cake was, I was suffering from PCOD. Never once did I want to take the help of a nutritionist as I strongly believed them all to be phony people. But, I suddenly had a medical condition and the doctor advised me to lose weight without engaging myself in physical activity. Now I was really stuck. Being a disbeliever in dietitians, I was left with no choice but to approach one for help. I struck gold when I met Dr. Nafeesa. An embodiment of patience, she cleared all my queries, gave me hope, lifted my spirits and planned my diet such that I am left with no cravings presently.

I was further amazed when she told me that I can eat at a buffet! Guys, I repent for my previous opinion about dietitians and I genuinely feel that every one of you out there must get in touch with Dr. Nafeesa if you are serious about losing weight in a healthy way. The entire team at First Eat Right is extremely supportive, right from the receptionist who takes your weight loss achievements as her own accomplishments to the team of dietitians who guide you in every single step. Further, they equip you to be independent individuals who can plan your healthy diet plans thereon. The team also provides you with plans that you can rely on, anytime you feel that you are falling off the track.

We spend lavishly on many unwanted stuffs ignoring our health. Why not try to gift yourself better health and fitness by enrolling yourself for a program with the best nutritionist in town? Am done with all the diet fads and self-help books. Am done with my PCOD after 9 years of continuous sufferings. Am constantly losing weight with no extreme diet changes and strenuous physical exercise. All thanks to my angel, Dr. Nafeesa.

PRO - Visited for Hypothyroid, PCOS and Weight Loss.

Started my journey for weight loss in may 2016 I was 90 kgs when I realised that my health issues got piled up with increasing pills frustrated with my life style I decided to take things seriously I started with yoga and simple cardio and moderate diet Lost 10 kgs very easily In 3 months then the actual issue started I was stuck at 80 tried various work outs personal training , Zumba , high intensity workout no improvement inspite I gained 3 kgs back health issues still same then I read an article where it said the key thing for weight loss which everyone don't take seriously is diet . It said 80% diet and 20 % workouts then I saw Dr nafeesa reviews on practo I was shocked to see so positive reviews about her I thought this must be some kind of spam later after researching quite a some time I went to see her . The first appointment with her gave me confidence that I am going to be fine soon She gave me diet pattern with lot of talks abt my lifestyle , food habits my likes and dislikes The diet is very simple , flexible , easy to follow I started the diet in Dec which is for 6 months for the target of 18 kgs Intially took me sometime to adjust but I want it badly to bring change so I followed as she prescribed , weekly follow ups , she even changed my diet almost 3 times when I asked her , very flexible if any doubts she would instantly reply through email , Many ups and downs but I determined to change myself And the final part I lost 13 kgs and have 1 month more to reach my target I am free from my all health issues , back to my shape , my confidence came back . I am glad I meet Dr nafeesa she is very down to earth and patiently listens to you and understands your issues does research and then she starts her miracle. I will highly recommend to anyone who are serious about their life I would also like to add that determination, discipline, strong desire are must to achieve anything This review sheet wouldn't be enough to write about Dr Nafeesa Thank you doctor for giving my health and confidence back no words are enough to appreciate your work Thank you

Senior Manager - Joined for Nutrition & Weight Loss

* A Big Thanks to Dr. Nafeesa. I highly recommend First Eat Right and Dr Nafeesa Imteyaz for any weight loss. The nutrition plans and exercises offered by her are very doable with minor modifications to your diet and lifestyle pattern thereby making it easy to adopt and practice, both during treatment and even over the long term.