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First Eat Right

RT Nagar .

Software Engineer - Joined for Effective Weight loss program with a simple diet

*The weight loss program has really helped me lose the desired weight in the most natural way. It has not only brought about a change in my lifestyle but also made me conscious of my health. Dr Nafeesa is very friendly and is always willing to answer any of your queries. The support mechanism is also quite good and they never miss out on details. Definitely recommended for those who want to lose weight from a simple diet.

Academician - Visited For Weight Loss

*A big thank you to Dr.Nafeesa and the FER clinic. Weight loss had become difficult for me and I visited the clinic for the same.With her diet and exercise plan I have lost 7 kgs in approximately 3 months.The plan can be easily integrated in my current lifestyle.I feel really good ,light and healthy.The FER team was supportive through out and currently I am on maintenance regime.
Thank you very much madam........
Academics and Teaching

Financial Consultant (CA) - Visited for Hypothyroid, PCOS, Weight Loss

* After updating myself on weight loss techniques from the internet and self-help books, I lost up to 11 kg. But the sad part here is, this same weight loss happened several times as I could not maintain my lost weight, was getting back to my previous weight every now and then and the icing on the cake was, I was suffering from PCOD. Never once did I want to take the help of a nutritionist as I strongly believed them all to be phony people. But, I suddenly had a medical condition and the doctor advised me to lose weight without engaging myself in physical activity. Now I was really stuck. Being a disbeliever in dietitians, I was left with no choice but to approach one for help. I struck gold when I met Dr. Nafeesa. An embodiment of patience, she cleared all my queries, gave me hope, lifted my spirits and planned my diet such that I am left with no cravings presently.

I was further amazed when she told me that I can eat at a buffet! Guys, I repent for my previous opinion about dietitians and I genuinely feel that every one of you out there must get in touch with Dr. Nafeesa if you are serious about losing weight in a healthy way. The entire team at First Eat Right is extremely supportive, right from the receptionist who takes your weight loss achievements as her own accomplishments to the team of dietitians who guide you in every single step. Further, they equip you to be independent individuals who can plan your healthy diet plans thereon. The team also provides you with plans that you can rely on, anytime you feel that you are falling off the track.

We spend lavishly on many unwanted stuffs ignoring our health. Why not try to gift yourself better health and fitness by enrolling yourself for a program with the best nutritionist in town? Am done with all the diet fads and self-help books. Am done with my PCOD after 9 years of continuous sufferings. Am constantly losing weight with no extreme diet changes and strenuous physical exercise. All thanks to my angel, Dr. Nafeesa.

PRO - Visited for Hypothyroid, PCOS and Weight Loss.

Started my journey for weight loss in may 2016 I was 90 kgs when I realised that my health issues got piled up with increasing pills frustrated with my life style I decided to take things seriously I started with yoga and simple cardio and moderate diet Lost 10 kgs very easily In 3 months then the actual issue started I was stuck at 80 tried various work outs personal training , Zumba , high intensity workout no improvement inspite I gained 3 kgs back health issues still same then I read an article where it said the key thing for weight loss which everyone don't take seriously is diet . It said 80% diet and 20 % workouts then I saw Dr nafeesa reviews on practo I was shocked to see so positive reviews about her I thought this must be some kind of spam later after researching quite a some time I went to see her . The first appointment with her gave me confidence that I am going to be fine soon She gave me diet pattern with lot of talks abt my lifestyle , food habits my likes and dislikes The diet is very simple , flexible , easy to follow I started the diet in Dec which is for 6 months for the target of 18 kgs Intially took me sometime to adjust but I want it badly to bring change so I followed as she prescribed , weekly follow ups , she even changed my diet almost 3 times when I asked her , very flexible if any doubts she would instantly reply through email , Many ups and downs but I determined to change myself And the final part I lost 13 kgs and have 1 month more to reach my target I am free from my all health issues , back to my shape , my confidence came back . I am glad I meet Dr nafeesa she is very down to earth and patiently listens to you and understands your issues does research and then she starts her miracle. I will highly recommend to anyone who are serious about their life I would also like to add that determination, discipline, strong desire are must to achieve anything This review sheet wouldn't be enough to write about Dr Nafeesa Thank you doctor for giving my health and confidence back no words are enough to appreciate your work Thank you

Senior Manager - Joined for Nutrition & Weight Loss

* A Big Thanks to Dr. Nafeesa. I highly recommend First Eat Right and Dr Nafeesa Imteyaz for any weight loss. The nutrition plans and exercises offered by her are very doable with minor modifications to your diet and lifestyle pattern thereby making it easy to adopt and practice, both during treatment and even over the long term.

MBA - Joined for Effective and safe weight loss program

* Thank you for making me believe that I could in fact lose weight and stay fit without having to follow an extreme diet or use supplements. I am very satisfied with the diet that Dr Nafeesa and her team have put together for me. I have lost about 13 kgs in 5 months.

Professor - Visited for weight Loss

* Thanks to doctor Nafeesa for helping me to loose weight. the diet given is very easy to follow and helps one to get fit. I am very happy with their diet program as it has helped me to reduce 13 kgs. now I feel much healthier than before.

Software Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss

* FIRST EAT RIGHT is the right place for people who want to loose weight and stay healthy.the best part is they help us reduce weight without any supplements. the diet is prescribed based on our regular food habit. Myself and my wife have benefited with a reduction of 10-12 kgs each.

Housewife, visited for weight loss

* First of all ,Iwould like to thank Dr.Nafeesa and First Eat Right to help me to achieve a goal of weight loss. With her diet chart and exercise , I lost 8.3 kg in just 3 months.Not only I lost weight but also feeling very energetic.She is a very good doctor and continuously guides me.Thanks a lot

Senior Management - Visited for weight Loss

* IT WORKED! I've always been someone who struggles with weight loss.  There have been sometimes in the past where I have managed to do this but it takes really long.  IT used to take me about 6 months to loose 8 kilos (this is with exercising and strict diet).  However, the diet that Dr.Nafeesa and her team gave me worked wonders.  I was neve hungry and lost about 8.5 kgs in almost 3 months.   I am not done with my wieght loss journey and will continue as this helps me the most. Thank you team for your support.

Bank Employee - Visited for infertility - Conceived without IVF & IUI

* It has been a blessing for me getting treated at first eat right under Dr. Nafeesa. I started my program during July 2015 & lost nearly 10kgs in 4 months of time. The intention with which I joined here was successful.
I had PCOS & was struggling to conceive from the past 7 years with lots of unsuccessful treatments & IUI. Without any medications & treatments I have conceived successfully within 4 months of joining.
Thank you Nafeesa Madam for the moral support, guidance and a wonderful diet plan.

Senior Finance Manager - Visited for Weight Loss

* Dr. Nafeesa is a very experienced doctor. Her in depth knowledge on nutrition, medical conditions & the human body is very vast. She has the ability to simplify facts making it easy for people to understand. Her dedication towards her work, coupled with the personal attention she gives you is very motivating and encouraging.

Software Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss

* I feel glad to tell you that with your prescription, I have managed to lose almost 6kgs in 2 months. My current weight is 60kg.
I feel very happy with the results and your guidance and support. Thank you very much doctor.

Engineer Housewife - Visited fpr PCOD /

* I had the necessity for weight loss hence I was searching in practo app for the best dieticians and I went to Dr. Nafeesa for councilling. It was very essential and it worked out for me.The doctor gave me the diet plan and I followed it strictly. I lost 20 kgs within 6 months. The doctor is very kind and listens to our problems thoroughly which helped me a lot. I will recommend this doctor 100 percent.

Housewife - Joined for weight Loss

* We came to Bangalore recently , was searching for dietitian,who can help my wife to reduce weight & nutrition advice.We were searching across all Bangalore in Practo, found the profile for Dr.Nafeesa, went through all her details & reviews (Like you are going through it now )
Found JP nagar clinic was nearby to us & consultation available on contacted them & got appointment immediately for next day.

As soon as ,we reach to clinic, staff greeted us & given initial form to fill out.It was very straight forward form, kind of medical history.
On the 1st consultation, Dr.Nafeesa have noted down complete background , medical conditions, eating habits,etc. Based on the all notes, she suggested 3 months program to reach 51 Kg Mark (from 61). after confirming for this program,my wife started to follow it , from day 1 , team has started to keep record on weight , eating habits & made us aware about these habits.
As she started to follow course, every week, weight was reducing around 0.750 gms. Initially it was slow, but later as followed the diet, it was around 1Kg ( after 3-4 weeks) per week. Good thing about this, Dr & Staff was continuously in touch with us to listen to our experiences. Had Dr.'s consultation at clinic during the course , 3-4 times, just to observe medical conditions & clear our doubts.
So, at the end of 14th Week, my wife has reduced 10 Kg weight , and her metabolism is also improved, the best part is she has conceived also.

We both are thankful to First eat right, for bringing healthier life back in our lives.

Please Note: There were no tablets, or pills, or any aggressive physical exercise are suggested here. Its just regular workout & simple food are advised.

Convent School Teacher - Visited for Infertility - Conceived Successfully Without Medication.

* It gives me incredible delight to compose a testimonial for "First Eat Right". I never felt so certain and all credit goes to Dr. Nafeesa. Because of her direction and confidence I could lose 10 Kgs, and I am cheerful about the outcomes and I should say its worth to join.

It is a spot where you can get fit normally. What's more, you can stay solid and fit. I mean whatever Ma'am tells about the eating routine is so much normal and simple to take after. However on the off chance that anybody asks me I propose them this is the best place to get in shape and stay fit in the event that you are truly dedicated. As it's difficult to get an appropriate and authentic direction. Dr. Nafeesa dependably listens to the issues and determines it. She is always there to assist.

In spite of the fact that I was somewhat hesitant at first on taking after their eating routine administration and work‐out plan, two weeks into it and that kick‐started my certainty of losing 10 Kgs in 3 months. I was truly devoted in taking after the eating routine diagram. All on account of Dr. Nafeesa who was empowering and helped me to develop a positive approach through the course, disciplined me on my food habits.

'In the first place EAT RIGHT' never believes in accomplishing weight‐loss through starvation, yet with a pragmatic and feasible eating routine. Cheers to Dr. Nafeesa and all the specialists there for running this center and wishing them for some more fruitful accomplishments.

The Doctor is a brilliant individual gives complete time to comprehend and listen to your issues and after that gives recommendations which are truly pragmatic and possible to do. She guides you to the right program, unlike other places where undesirable things, tests, are recommended just to take more cash from client or patient. I am into the system from most recent 3 months till date it is going brilliant both regarding result and in addition administration from the specialist and her group.

My involvement with first eat right was great and agreeable. I achieved my objective weight without compromising important nutrients. Dr Nafeesa gave me exceptionally straightforward typical eating regimen arrangement which was like my eating routine. In the middle of the arrangement I could go out on an occasion likewise as the arrangement made me figure out how to choose what to eat and how much. It taught me how to control on junk food and significance of physical movement in our day by day schedule.

I strongly recommend first eat right for shedding weight in right manner. This is right place to stay fit and healthy.

Software Engineer - Visited for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

* I am very happy and glad that I joined FIRST EAT RIGHT. I lost 11kg in my 4 months programme. The weight loss programme was very easy to follow with a personalized diet and exercise regimen and it has worked wonders on me. I feel so fresh, light and reborn. I am planning to take up another programme to shed some more weight. Doctor NAFEESA IMTEYAZ has become a turning point in my life. So glad and proud that I took up this weight loss program.
This program has also improved my mood swings, my period cycle is on routine, I can also see difference in my skin, feel more active. My mornings used to be dull, now I wake up fast. This program also helped to get a good sleep. I had sleepless night due to my excess weight, but now I have a deep undisturbed sleep, Overall my life style has changed, I have changed both mentally and physically and I feel very good and happy.

Once again thank you very much Doctor & First Eat Right.

Software Engineer - Visited for PCOS, Weight Loss

* I am consulting Nafeesa Ma'am for weight loss for PCOS since last 2 months . She is very Knowledgable & gives the complete background of weight loss and nutrition , and how exercise and eating right food is necessary for weight loss.I have lost some weight and by following her diet prescription and simple exercise (1 hr of brisk walk prescribed for me) I am confident of loosing all the extra weight that I have .. thank you so much Ma'am. Very Good. Just follow the diet and simple exercise routines, you will definitely loose weight.And diet does not mean starving .It is well planned and well balanced with no artificial supplements etc. and moderate exercise which any one can follow. Thank you Nafeesa Ma'am , for helping me in understanding nutrition and diet :)