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First Eat Right

RT Nagar .

Film Actress - Visited for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

* I am an actress by profession and I need to maintain myself. I was trying to lose my post pregnancy tummy very badly but not succeeding, so I came to first eat right with great hope. After completing 1 month program I would say, I am very happy to join first eat right clinic. I was able to lose the stubborn weight on tummy and 4inches on my tummy also. This health center is very nice because it is advising clients to follow good healthy diet and proper physical activity which are very important for good health.
My hearty thanks to the Dr. Nafeesa for helping me to reach my goal in a healthy & scientific method.

Engineer - Visited For Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

* FIRST EAT RIGHT is the place where I was able to come out of stress and depression. Your personal attention and motivation could help me or anyone lose weight.

First eat right is the place where I was able to understand how to analyze my body fat and your diet plan (without changing food habits) fits well in to my life, and I feel I have never been in better shape than now.

Now I lost around 10kgs,its because of your regular diet plans and simple workouts really unbelievable .Thanks a lot….. Dr.Nafeesa

MBA Housewife - Visited For Weight loss

* I would like to thank Nafeesa madam for making me believe, that I can reduce weight, her speech is real
and & I have lost almost 8 kgs in 3Months which I thought it was impossible .I also like the way customers
were treated, and I am sure about to enroll for my further process. Keep up the good work, and wish all success to you guys…….

Architect - Joined for Weight Loss

* This is a testimonial to reinforce how much I benefited from the weight-loss program, I had enrolled with first eat right, where Dr. Nafeesa monitored and expertly guided and encouraged me during a period of 3 months. Along with the program schedule for exercise there was also a very important factor of proper diet without cutting out important nutrition. Thanks a lot Dr. Nafeesa for inspiring me to achieve my desired goal.
Cheers to you and your team

Bio technologist - Research Analyst - Joined for Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

* Motherhood brings unparalleled joys. It brings indescribable agonies of body too. And being a fitness freak for7 long years, my whooping 21kgs of weight gain sent me into throes of despondency. I was at the brink of desperation to get rid of those unhealthy flabs. 83kgs was weighing me down, literally. I joined my gym back a year later but a twisted ankle and some silly cysts erupting from my ovaries made my struggle a bit more severe.

My distress was growing manifold. My yoga, my dance, my weight training..i missed them all. And more than that, missed my fitness. And then ; I thought "if not now, then never". A newspaper ad took my resolution flying towards 'first eat right'. And there she was, my angel, Dr. Nafeesa. and there was no looking back after that. She chalked out my goals and guidelines to achieve them. She gave me 12 weeks. I gave myself a second chance. And I swore to help myself. To save myself. The most promising part of her diet plans was that it was so very doable. No crash dieting. No supplements. No gimmicks. Plain practical healthy eating with calculated nutritional intake coupled with regular high intensity exercise.

Fortunately since I have always been gastronomically very flexible, it was pretty easy for me to modulate my intakes. {That foremost included resisting my son's rejected (but utterly delicious) food primarily consisting of oodles of ghee and calorifically richest ingredients on earth! And the other being my unflinching loyalty to the set of sweet teeth i inherited from my maternal ancestors! ;-)}. As my exercise-loving self gave me an extra edge to grind myself at the gym, those ugly adipose tissues hanging dedicatedly for 1.5yrs started surrendering in defeat. Inch loss! Can anything render greater bliss!!

After the first week when I weighed exactly a kg lesser on my scale (i did that thrice to reaffirm the swirl of delight erupting inside), it was nothing short of awe. My resolution doubled up, sleeves rolled up a few more folds and the road ahead-much clearer and closer.Following her prescription till the last punctuation delivered me to my goals.Nutrition and portion control managed 80% of it while my yoga and cycling handled the rest. The subsequent weeks were exciting and extremely fruitful. 14 weeks and 13 kgs down. Whoa! It was something..

I would also add that I ended up annoying and offending a lot of people in those few weeks. I learnt to say NO. Be it outing with friends or family meals or party invitations, I was on high alert. (Since temptations come in the most delectable forms, I suppose I had turned into a saint fighting those tasty sins!) My mental calorie calculator didn't allow me to touch the forbidden! But all the sacrifice reaped the sweetest fruits. And the daily diet diary which I was required to fill not just kept me in check at all times but gave me an extra high. (I have an OCD of documenting everything!) ;-)

My secret motivation trickled down from the time I decided NOT to give away my pre-pregnancy clothes. And the moment I managed to slide my 4yr old jeans up, successfully fastened its button, and pulled my old kurti down without exploding out of it, I knew I had done it!
Though I was still 65kgs (a little on the higher side of my ideal weight), my hopes were not any lower. I knew I could go further with my hardwork. I had reached my plateau. It was tough but I did manage to break it eventually in 2 months and tumbled down to 61kg by last September, and I still maintain that weight despite all the occasional cheating! My plunge from 83 to 61 was indeed an ordeal and a learning experience. With confidence skyscraping and health regained, I cannot be happier than now.

Dr. Nafeesa has been a sweetheart all through. She never gave up on me. Every meeting was informative, corrective, thrilling and fun. Well, a talkative me and a great listener in her was a potent combo indeed. And for enduring my inexhaustible question bank with an untiring smile on her face, she deserves a paramvir chakra!
My association with first eat right did end after 3 months, but my connection still remains. A metabolic connection I should say. I am a changed person. No for any cosmetic reason, but for my wellbeing and health. I might cause many eyebrows raised in surprise if Isay that I still eat the same as I used to during those 12 weeks. And that is because it is no more a diet chart for me, it is my lifestyle now. I cheat at times. But my metabolism handles it well. All Thanks to first eat right. That is because I learnt not just to eat to lose weight, but to EAT RIGHT.
I cannot thank first eat right enough for what it has done for me. And Dr. Nafeesa, thanks would be a small word.
A big big thumbs up to the team.

Post Graduate Housewife - Visited for PCOS, Infertility - Conceived without medication.

* First of all I would like to sincerely thank you for helping my wife Sunitha to lose over 11 kg in,
Just about 4 months, Am sure it will help her to stay healthy & motivate her for many more years to come.

Here is my testimonial,

What we eat is what we are I discovered this truth when my wife sunitha took a weight loss
Program, for 4 months @ “FRST EAT RIGHT “clinic, I wouldn’t call first eat right a weight loss clinic but an Institution that educate you about what, when & how much to eat that helps in reducing weight naturally. I initially shortlisted this clinic because it didn’t involve any fancy supplements etc which are unnatural as well as dangerous. Sunitha managed to lose 11 kgs in about 4 Months in spite of few irregularities because of illness & other issues. All she did was to follow the diet suggested by the doctor @FRST EAT RIGHT & indulge in an hour daily brisk Walk. The results were overwhelming & it wasn’t just in terms of kgs but also involved lot of health benefits .All that I would say is by choosing FRST EAT RIGHT Sunitha has not only lost excess weight but also ensured that all health hurdles like irregular periods, infertility associated with it were also overcome. She conceived our second child naturally without any medical assistance.
I’m extremely thankful to Dr, Nafeesa for motivating & guiding Sunitha to achieve this feat, im sure hundreds of you would also take this opportunity & change your lives all the best……

Software Engineer - Visited for Weight Loss

* Yipee!!! Finally an opportunity to express my immense happiness and gratitude for 'FIRST EAT RIGHT' ...After losing hope on many self‐diet programs and gym workouts i decided to give one last try with 'FIRST EAT RIGHT' after receiving a pamphlet of their programme.

Though I was a bit reluctant at first on following their diet regime and work‐out schedule, two weeks into it and that kick‐started my confidence of losing 10 kgs in 3 months. I was really dedicated in following the diet chart which became my daily routine even after completion of the programme. All thanks to Dr. Nafeesa who was encouraging and made me have a positive approach through the course, disciplining me on my food habits. The best part is her mantra to maintain the weight after losing it
which I believe is not followed by many fitness and weight‐loss centers. 'FIRST EAT RIGHT' never believes in achieving weight‐loss through starvation, but with a practical and feasible diet which could be followed even after finishing the program. As I was also planning for a baby after the weight loss, I could really feel the difference in my fitness level throughout pregnancy. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight and stay fit in a healthy way. Cheers to Dr. Nafeesa and all
the doctors there for running this center and wishing them for many more successful achievements.

Doctrate - Visited for Post Pregnancy Weight loss

* It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial for "First Eat Right". Though in the beginning I was bit preplexed about joining it, so I started with a 2 months program. As after 2 months i lost almost 6.8kg. I never felt so confident and all credit goes to Nafeesa Ma'am & Sir. Just because of there guidance and moral support I was able to lose so much, and I am so much happy about the results that I extended the program for 3 more months. And I must say its worth to join.

Before joining "First Eat Right" I have been to so many places. Gyms, Slimming centers, Ayurvedic centers but nothing worked for me. And at the end of the day I felt cheated over all those places. As once you join those places they will tell you pay for some other programs. And i feel that I simply lost my money as well as time. More over that was not natural.

"First Eat Right" is a place where you can lose weight in a natural way. And you can stay healthy and fit. I mean whatever Ma'am tells about the diet is so much natural and easy to follow.

I am so much impressed by this place that still I can write more. But yes, if any one asks me I suggest them that this is the best place to lose weight and stay fit if you are really committed. As its hard to get a proper & genuine guidance. Dr. Nafeesa always listens to the problems and resolves it. She is always there to help out. Thank you so much Ma'am.

Dr. Malvika Mishra