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DJ Candi B

Washington DC
United States
DJ Candi B

I’ve used DJ Candi B’s talent multiple times. Whether it’s spinning a live set or providing a dope mix for an event, each time she outdoes herself and leaves you checking for songs & vibes. If you want the soundtrack to set the right tone and energy, get the Party Perfectionist that blends with Love! 🙌🏾❤️

I remember first hearing DJ Candi B at an event at the Spice Suite in DC. I liked her mix so much that day that i had to get her info for an event i had coming up. In the meantime she sent me over to her soundcloud (DJ CANDI B) where i could find some playlists to get more acquainted with her work. To my surprise there were mixes that fit every genre. I especially love the trap, flashback ans afro beats quick mixes. For my event i was able to use one of the aforementioned mixes as well as a playlist designed specifically for me. My guests were so impressed with the transitions and overall flow of the music. DJ Candi B will forever be my first choice.....STRAIGHT LIKE THAT!!!

Every event, every playlist I have listed to on her SoundCloud has been LIT every single time. I especially like the "turn up" mixes. They take my workouts from a 6 to an 11. Ya'll ever needed that hype man or hype song to push your through...well DJ Candi B's playlists give me that every single time!!!! Please keep the mix playlists coming, I NEED THEM :-)

Thank you for everything, the event was so great!

I hired DJ Candi B to spin at my uncles birthday party and she did a fantastic job! The crowd ranged from ages 21 - 50 and she was able to entertain the entire group which was no easy task. She arrived on time (and trust me I've had my share of late vendors) and had everything she needed to get the job done. Prior to the date, she verified the type of music we wanted to hear, and since I'm not musically inclined, I was impressed with how well she understood what would work for everyone. You know it's a great party when you don't want to stop dancing even when the cleaning crew is beginning to break everything down! You won't find anyone better! DJ Candi B had excellent work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.