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Lebanon New Jersey

Regina - Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap

My baby, Regina Romea di Palazzo Manzoni, a greyhound, had a carpal tendon broken with bone deviation during a European Coursing Championship in 2016. She had surgery and the orthopedist suggested us to use your Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap and the Carpo-Flex - X. The sport one is amazing for everyday training and preventing arthrosis, and the Carpo - Flex - X is great for running and preventing hypertension.

Lootah - Custom Carpal Wrap

I bought a carpal wrap several years ago for my aussie after a tendon injury. Last year he had a small lump removed and it was a perfect way to keep him away from the stitches. He does really well and we still use the carpal wrap every now and then.

Daphne - Custom Thera-Paw Boot

We are so impressed! Daphne had to have her outer toe amputated due to a cracked toenail that became infected and impacted the bone. She's been pretty much restricted from any walks for over a year now. We just received her personalized boot from Thera-Paw, and the results are amazing! We are all so happy to have her back on the trail--happy dog!!!!

Bishop - Thera-Paw Boots

Bishop was SO happy to have both of his front feet protected by Thera-Paws this weekend. These boots are seriously the best. Thank you!! He's only 9 and without these, he wouldn't be able to go anywhere. What kind of life is that??

Thera-Paw Boot - Helps Your Pet in Many Ways!

Lame gait can be troubling in a pet, and not only causes worry for you, but negatively affects your dog's day-to-day activities. The dog boots are really cushioned, providing pain relief. Also, the boots provide a sense of structure and help your dog walk with more even weight. There's breathing space that also prevents paw injuries such as torn calluses, corns, and blisters from getting worse when drenched in sweat and trapped moisture. Overall, this is an inexpensive, yet effective product to make things easier for an aging or injured dog. Even if your dog isn't injured, you can use the boots to protect him when you're walking on icy and gritty surfaces. I use this product for my Labrador retriever, but I've heard it works wonders for breeds such as greyhounds and boxers. The boots seem to be pretty comfortable, and I haven't had a problem with my dog gnawing on them or trying to remove them from his feet. This is clearly a good investment, whether you have an aging pet or just want to prevent injuries to its feet.

Mojo - Thera-Paw Boot

My French Bulldog has very bad foot allergies. He licks his paws incisively, which caused a lot of pain and swelling. We started using a boot to prevent him from licking. The boot allowed his paws to heal and he no longer licks them. I highly recommend trying this if your dog has itchy paws.

Jinny - Thera-Paw Boot - Works great in the winter!

I know it may sound ridiculous to some people that I would buy boots for my dog, but I live in Pennsylvania up in the mountains where the winters are brutal and tough. Especially for an old dog like Jinny. The Thera-Paw Dog boots were easy to slip on and off of my dogs feet, and she did not fuss with them on at all. She was happy to go outside because her feet weren't getting wet and cold. I was happy because I didn't have to worry about her stepping on rock salt, or slipping on the ice. They are great because they have a no-slip rubber sole, and they completely cover my dogs paws and toes. I am very satisfied with the Thera-Paw boots because they are very well made, and I don't have to worry about my dog getting hurt when she goes outside in the winter anymore. These would even be great if you wanted to take your dog hiking. Jinny doesn't mind wearing them at all, because they are comfortable and don't irritate her feet. She looks happier because they give her feet cushion, and keep them warm and dry.

Thera-Paw Dog Boots battle Ohio's brutal cold

My yorkie isn't a fan of winter's here in Ohio. He doesn't like getting his feet wet or cold. Unfortunately that's an issue in Ohio during the winter months. So instead of trying to force my dog to go out into the snow during nasty weather I decoded to purchase Thera-Paw Dog Boots for him to wear. I expected him to put up a fight or not want to wear them. But to my surprise he didn't mind them at all. The first time I tried them on him he was a little wobbly and unsure of his footing while wearing them so I took him outside and let him walk around for awhile. He got used to them in no time. Now he goes to the door and waits for me to put his boots on so he can go outside. It's the cutest thing. They keep his feet so warm and toasty and most importantly they keep his feet dry. They are perfect for any pooch who has to battle the elements.

Skipp - Thera-Paw Boot

Skipp Is at the point where he cannot walk at all without his boots beyond getting around the house on specially cut carpet runners.  I always take the opportunity to recommend your company to other dog owners in need of dog boots. I've had nothing but positive experiences and it really does make the whole special needs fur baby thing much easier to handle.  Thank you again!

Thera-Paw Boot - For Greyhounds!

We had been looking for some boots for our dog for quite some time as he does suffer from corns on is paws. These did the job for him more than we could have hoped for. He took to them more or less right away and these protect his paws from walking on pavements and rough ground helping to prevent more corns. Brilliant.

Tango - Hindlimb Dorsi-Flex Assist

Thera-Paw gave our Tango a new lease on life. Tango developed degenerative myelopathy which caused his left foot to knuckle and drag leaving his toes sore. We tried several types of boots on him, but none were successful. Our vet suggested Thera-Paw Dorsi-Flex -- it is wonderful. As he wore the boot, we discovered ways Tango needed to have the boot custom made for him. The owner of Thera-Paw was wonderful in working with us and our vet. He now has his boots and is more comfortable when he walks outside. Our friends tease us that Tango has his own shoemaker. I highly recommend the Thera-Paw Dorsi-Flex product.


Our greyhound, BeBe, has corns on two of her toe pads. She has been wearing Thera-Paw boots for walking outdoors since last fall, and they are great! Thank you for such a wonderful product.


We wanted to thank you for getting the boots to us so quickly. We were able to go for a hike on Sunday and thought you would like to see what Thera-Paw has done for Tomochi. We use to go hiking every weekend until the accident; this was the first hike since Aug of last year. We use to hike 8-12 miles one way; I was expecting maybe 1 or 2 but we were able to hike 4 miles each way with an incline of a 1000 ft. We could tell Tomochi was very glad to be out hiking again, Thank you very much.

Kobie - Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap

My golden retriever, Kobie, has been doing agility for many years. He is 10.5 years old now, and I have noticed his carpal angulation getting more and more pronounced, undoubtedly due to years of jumping and hitting contact equipment. On a friend's recommendation I ordered a pair of the carpo-flex sport wraps for him. At a recent trial he ran like a 5 year old, and completed his 5th Championship! I am overcome with gratitude for such a simple fix that allows my old guy to continue to run with me. You can see Kobie in action here:    Thank you again!

Murphy - Thera-Paw Boot

When our field golden, Murphy, was a little more than a year old, he got through the fence while chasing a rabbit, and was hit by a car. Fixing him required a metal plate to put his pelvis back together. Because of some late-developing nerve complications from scar tissue, a bone infection struck his two center toes on the paw on the injured leg. By the time he showed symptoms, it was too late. After trying every medication possible, many trips to the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and visits to countless other doctors, we finally had to amputate the toes to save the paw, possibly even the leg. That stopped the infection. But without the two load-bearing toes, he was reluctant to put weight on the leg, which over a number of months, became thin and weak. The weaker it got, the less he would even try to use it. It atrophied to the point that one vet said we might have to consider amputating the leg all together, rather than allow it to hang there. Rejecting that option, I literally searched the world for something that would support the paw -- trying boots for sled dogs, rescue dogs, police dogs, racing dogs. Nothing really worked. Then I stumbled on Thera-Paw and Ilaria. After many phone calls and a trip to a specialist at the end of Long Island, we combined weight loss, therapy and the TheraPaw boot -- which she had just recently developed. He started to make progress almost immediately. He began to use the paw, and the leg got stronger. Within a month, he was running full speed, chasing down Frisbees and generally living like a golden is supposed to. That was eight years ago. He's nine and a half, still wears the boot, and as you can see from the photo, is still going strong. I will always be grateful to Ilaria and to Thera-Paw for giving back quality of life to an amazing dog. 

Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap

My boxer with degenerative myelopathy has worn both front splints for some time now...they are stretched out and losing sticking ability. Sometimes they stick together! I was wondering if you would consider a discount if I order another pair. She wears them 12 hours a day...since she has nerve issues I like to keep them on as protection from licking, although she hasn't licked yet. Also because when I get home there is no time to put them on...we have to race out to potty. I wash them about every two weeks and let them air she has a yeasty face and they stink too! We need them to protect her only working legs..she has been down for 6 months and in a cart for 14 months...Jen Zimmerman

Banjo - Thera-Paw Boots

I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you know about our Greyhound Banjo and his Thera-Paw boots. Unfortunately Banjo has got corns on all four of his paws, some paws even have more than one toe affected by corns, and as such, treatments haven't been successful and surgery isn't an option with so many corns. However, thanks to Thera-Paw boots, Banjo is able to go on all of his walks without having to worry about splaying his feet or hobbling along on the pavement. Once he has his boots on, he trots along like a proud horse, ears up, searching for any sign of a cat, a remarkable difference to how he walks without his boots (tail between his legs, concentrating on the pavement with his paws splayed out in front of his torso). We've had the Thera-Paw boots for two years now, and only now are they starting to show signs of wear (and he wears them every day, twice a day). I cannot imagine how much the quality of his life would be affected if we didn't have the boots, they are superb and I cannot recommend them highly enough to other Greyhound owners who's Grey's have got corns. Attached are photos of Banjo from his recent holiday down in Cornwall in the UK - he loved walking around the towns, and had lots of attention from everyone wanting to see his boots.

Thera-Paw Dog Boots

I live in a place where theres a lot of snow in the winter and the temperatures get extremely cold, so my friend recommended the Thera-paw Dog Boots to me. I am so glad that I decided to purchase these. In the freezing cold winter months, when my dog would go outside to use the bathroom, he would often start limping and not wanna walk anymore because of the cold snow on his paws. Several times I had to walk out in the cold myself to carry him back inside. With these boots that is no longer a problem. He is actually able to walk around for a bit and enjoy being outside. The first time I put these on my dog he did not really like having them on and was walking a little funny. Luckily after a couple uses he got used to them and now he walks perfectly fine in them and does not fuss when I put them on him. If you live in a place where there is a lot of snow and/or extremely cold temperatures, I would highly recommend the Thera-Paw Dog Boots.