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Carpo-Flex Sports Wrap

My boxer with degenerative myelopathy has worn both front splints for some time now...they are stretched out and losing sticking ability. Sometimes they stick together! I was wondering if you would consider a discount if I order another pair. She wears them 12 hours a day...since she has nerve issues I like to keep them on as protection from licking, although she hasn't licked yet. Also because when I get home there is no time to put them on...we have to race out to potty. I wash them about every two weeks and let them air she has a yeasty face and they stink too! We need them to protect her only working legs..she has been down for 6 months and in a cart for 14 months...Jen Zimmerman

Banjo - Thera-Paw Boots

I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you know about our Greyhound Banjo and his Thera-Paw boots. Unfortunately Banjo has got corns on all four of his paws, some paws even have more than one toe affected by corns, and as such, treatments haven't been successful and surgery isn't an option with so many corns. However, thanks to Thera-Paw boots, Banjo is able to go on all of his walks without having to worry about splaying his feet or hobbling along on the pavement. Once he has his boots on, he trots along like a proud horse, ears up, searching for any sign of a cat, a remarkable difference to how he walks without his boots (tail between his legs, concentrating on the pavement with his paws splayed out in front of his torso). We've had the Thera-Paw boots for two years now, and only now are they starting to show signs of wear (and he wears them every day, twice a day). I cannot imagine how much the quality of his life would be affected if we didn't have the boots, they are superb and I cannot recommend them highly enough to other Greyhound owners who's Grey's have got corns. Attached are photos of Banjo from his recent holiday down in Cornwall in the UK - he loved walking around the towns, and had lots of attention from everyone wanting to see his boots.

Thera-Paw Dog Boots

I live in a place where theres a lot of snow in the winter and the temperatures get extremely cold, so my friend recommended the Thera-paw Dog Boots to me. I am so glad that I decided to purchase these. In the freezing cold winter months, when my dog would go outside to use the bathroom, he would often start limping and not wanna walk anymore because of the cold snow on his paws. Several times I had to walk out in the cold myself to carry him back inside. With these boots that is no longer a problem. He is actually able to walk around for a bit and enjoy being outside. The first time I put these on my dog he did not really like having them on and was walking a little funny. Luckily after a couple uses he got used to them and now he walks perfectly fine in them and does not fuss when I put them on him. If you live in a place where there is a lot of snow and/or extremely cold temperatures, I would highly recommend the Thera-Paw Dog Boots.

Thera-Paw Boot - Helps Your Pet in Many Ways!

Lame gait can be troubling in a pet, and not only causes worry for you, but negatively affects your dog's day-to-day activities. The dog boots are really cushioned, providing pain relief. Also, the boots provide a sense of structure and help your dog walk with more even weight. There's breathing space that also prevents paw injuries such as torn calluses, corns, and blisters from getting worse when drenched in sweat and trapped moisture. Overall, this is an inexpensive, yet effective product to make things easier for an aging or injured dog. Even if your dog isn't injured, you can use the boots to protect him when you're walking on icy and gritty surfaces. I use this product for my Labrador retriever, but I've heard it works wonders for breeds such as greyhounds and boxers. The boots seem to be pretty comfortable, and I haven't had a problem with my dog gnawing on them or trying to remove them from his feet. This is clearly a good investment, whether you have an aging pet or just want to prevent injuries to its feet.

Thera-Paw Boot Size T/C

I have recently purchased a Thera-paw boot for my 11 year old Greyhound. She has a corn on her left front foot. To start with I used corn plasters, with tape round her toe to secure it in place. It worked quite well for a while, but lately she was limping so much that I was getting very worried. So I looked up corns in Greyhounds on the internet, they suggested the thera-paw boot. I followed the measuring instructions & then ordered one. I am so pleased that I did, as she can now come on longer walks with me & my other dog. I had to protect her leg where the Dew Claw is, as the boot has to be a reasonably tight fit for it to stay on, the claw was rubbing the skin & making it very sore. I use a small flat piece of cotton wool with microporous tape to hold it in place, under the dew claw, it works brilliantly. Thank you Internet, what would we do without it now.

Daniel - Thera-Paw Boots

Daniel suffers with corns and we tried everything. With your boots, he improved and a few of the corns fell out! Your boots are freaking awesome! Puppers loves them!

Lola - Thera-Paw Boots

Our short walks were "painfully" slow and I kept her on the lawns as much as possible. Now she is a walking fool, trotting along side me at a good pace and we can actually go a distance. Lola was like a kid with new shoes, so busy admiring them I couldn't get her to pee!! Thank your for a great product, your help and advice.

Because of Thera-Paw, my dog walks with no limping

One of my greyhounds was having a severe problem walking on any hard surface because of a corn on his foot pad.Having the corn surgically removed is not an option because most of them grow back which defeats the purpose of removing them. I heard about Thera-Paw which is a special designed boot for dogs with any type of foot problem. Because of this boot, my dog is now able to walk with the others and with comfort and no restrictions. We are both grateful for this product.

Caleb - Thera-Paw Boot

Caleb is 12 yrs with a congenital foot /ankle type deformity and the pad on his foot is deformed. He smiles as he walks in his new boot.His left front is deformed and shorter than his other leg. So the boot gives him some additional height as well.

Dog shoes anyone?

These seemed really comfy on my pomeranian (who is absolutely picky).  I loved the look and they are great in the winter.  I bought these because of my poms feet getting too cold in the winter.  He would refuse to go outside.  Now he loves to play in the snow.  I would even recommend these shoes for people who love to take their dogs on hikes.  Their paws are well protected and it is wonderful.