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Animal Love Pet First Aid

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Fantastic course I learnt so much. Invaluable.Thank you Sophie x

Just received my certificate! (With little presents included) I loved the course, it is lovely structured and so so good, great value for money as well. Thank you Sophie Bell, great course

Excellent course! Great value for money. Great re-cap for an RVN. Love the quizzes at the end of each unit to reinforce your learning. Would highly recommended

brilliant course and so glad I did it. in all my 40 years of having dogs I've never witnessed a choking until this evening. it was the scariest thing ever seeing my little cocker nearly go into unconsciousness, he was stiff and couldnt breathe. if I hadn't attended this course I am positive he wouldn't have made it. Thank you Sophie. x

I really recommend the online course. I recently completed it and found it thoroughly engaging. Full of interesting and relevant information, absolutely essential for all dog owners.

Aiding Animals

Have just got back from one of Sophie’s courses on First Aid for Dogs, am now very confident about putting the theory into practice if and when needed. Thank you Sophie for your concise and sympathetic approach to animal care. I only hope more people attend your courses and get the same confidence as myself👍

This was a brilliant course and I would definitely recommend this. thank you you so much

An amazing Canine Health and First Aid course. Sophie is a fantastic presenter and has every quality you look for in a vet. Definitely looking forward to future courses and on-line learning.

A great course that is easy to access and navigate. I found it very informative and enjoyed the end of unit quizzes. As I took time to complete the units, I found the email reminders that I hadn't finished a useful tool to prompt me into action. Never having done an animal first aid course before I found it user friendly and straightforward. A must for all pet owners.

Sophie is a fantastic teacher, her courses are the best you will get I loved it.

Sophie is a wonderful tutor. Always has time to answer questions. Have done the normal and advanced first aid courses and would highly recommend them.

Absolutely fantastic! Sophie is so informative and makes things easy to understand. The passion radiates from her. I have done the regular and advanced courses and hope there's going to be another. I'm a dog groomer as well as a dog owner so it's important to me that I feel I've got the knowledge to deal with any emergencies that may arise.i also know that Sophie is there if I have any questions. I can't recommend these courses enough and urge everyone who either owns a pet or works with pets to do the course with Animal Love Pet First-Aid.

Attended this course after looking through so many different websites offering pet first aid. The difference with this one is that it is taught by a vet who currently practices emergency situations. Sophie is friendly, funny and super knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the course, but most of all am delighted with the advice she continues to provide via her Facebook page. Highly recommended!

In-depth, detailed and packed with information. Highly recommended, this is a must for all dog owners. Animal Love make it easy to absorb and learn, this is an excellent course.

Awesome course! I learned heaps. The course was jam packed with useful information and great tips to help me care for my dog. I loved the quizzes and the fun format of the course overall.

I would highly recommend any of the courses offered. Having been fortunate enough to do both the online course and the classroom course I can say I have learnt so much! Sophie is so informative and shares with you her extensive knowledge and ‘real life scenarios’ so you can properly relate. The little tips are truly invaluable for any pet owner or those who work with dogs, course are friendly and not overwhelming, you won’t regret doing it (online or in person) and for all of the information you get the cost is outstanding value!

The online course was a very informative and fun experience, a much needed alternative to sticking my head into text book pages and all for an affordable price! Very happy with it and hope there is more to come!

As a pet care professional I have attended many pet first aid courses over the past few years, even ones taught by vets or vet nurses and none have covered some of the crucial things that this course did. The key thing I really liked was the additional knowledge which wasn’t just ‘first aid’ such as neutering, preventative healthcare and alternatives to medication. I will certainly be looking out for any future courses, particularly those more in depth. After I completed the course, I still wanted to enhance my knowledge and Sophie was on hand to answer in detail all of my questions. I would highly recommend this course for dog owners and dog professionals and look forward to completing more of Sophie’s courses in the future.