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Pampered Pet Inn

2411 Bissonnet Street
Houston Texas , 77005
United States of America

We love day camp

Pampered Pet Inn is wonderful! My Penelope loves going to day camp regularly .

we tried the Pampered Pet Inn and it was great

We chose the Pampered Pet Inn because it was clear our dog wasn't having a good time at the place I was boarding him before. He always looked miserable when I picked him up, and the last time I took him there he was shaking the whole time. That's not a good sign.

So we tried the Pampered Pet Inn and it was great. I could tell he got the personal touch we were hoping for, and I love the extras they offered. They also let us go back and see where he was staying, no questions asked. The staff was really friendly and welcoming and they clearly love dogs. My pup was happy when I got him, and if my dog is happy, I am happy. Suggestion: offer a free day or half-day of doggy day camp with a three or more day stay.

He loves coming here!

I take my cat, Riker, here when my family goes on long trips. He loves the attention and I know he is having a great time with the other kitties!!! He loves coming here!

I needed a reliable place to take my dachshund

While visiting Houston I needed a reliable place to take my dachshund, Shakespeare. Pampered Pets is in a great location. He didn't freak out like he often had in the past when I've boarded him, he like the atmosphere right away. He also got a bath and a trim while he was there and was clean and happy when I picked him up. The prices are great for the quality you get here.

Merry's favorite people!

Knowledgeable, attentive owner and staff that treats their guests like family. This cozy spot in the West University area has become a weekly resource for my little terrier, Merry, and me and I cannot say how very much it helps me to know that Ellen and her staff will treat my dog just the way I do. Merry goes for doggie day care as well as a sleepover each week. You should drop by and meet Ellen and see how special this place is.

Cat Boarding

I've brought my cats here for boarding twice, both times on short notice, and so far I've had excellent and thorough service. Thank you for always being available to me and my pets.

The grooming was amazing

This is my second time using this servicw. My leo stayed and he loves it. The grooming was amazing he was so cute and happy when we arrived.

Small family owned business with lots of personality.

Small family owned business with lots of personality. The atmosphere here is wonderful and the owner and employees are so friendly. Ive taken my pets here on multiple occasions and they loved it! They helped me with every concern and personally checked on my pets for me. I recommend this place to all of my pet owning friends and they love it as well!

I want to thank you for everything you did for him throughout his little 14.7 year life.

LOVE Pampered Pet Inn!

LOVE Pampered Pet Inn! They are always so friendly, and can get my pup in within a few days.

Highly recommended !

I love this place , I've been using PPI for the last two years to kennel my 110 lb Germanshepherd dog , they take good care of him and he is excited to go there. The pool is a big plus since Lamar is a great swimmer and he loves the water .
Highly recommended !

First Time Boarding

It should be noted that this was my family's very first time boarding our little man Eddy, an 11 month old corgi. We were very (very) nervous! But Pampered Pet made it easy. They have many options for customizing your pet's experience (e.g. level of interaction with other dogs, outside time, etc) and are also accommodating to various requests (e.g. treat dispensing). Our particular request was that Eddy be given a bedtime treat, which I can acknowledge sounds absurd, but they made it happen!

The staff was very understanding when I called the Inn 1 hour after dropping Eddy off, double checking that he was okay and acting normally compared to other puppies in this situation (first time boarder). A staff member personally went to check on him and reported back to me.

As a sometimes overly-concerned puppy mom, I greatly appreciated the care that Pampered Pet Inn provided my little guy. Eddy seemed very happy and came back to us smelling fresher than he ever has.

The only thing I would change (at both Pampered Pet and all pet inns that don't already have this) is that I would love the ability to watch/check-in on my pup remotely, kind of like a nanny-cam. I have no idea if this is even possible today or currently being done in the industry, but it would be neat!

Our girls are always so excited to go there!

Our girls are always so excited to go there! Granted I have had better grooming jobs but as long as the girls are well taken care of and look good I am fine with the sometimes inconsistent cuts they get. The boarding services are always great and the staff is always very accommodating. We use to go to A Dogs Dream and although they did wonderful grooming our dogs were terrified to go there.

They took great care of my pet and she really enjoyed it.

They took great care of my pet and she really enjoyed it. Sadly my dog wasn't too nice to the others so she was sadly asked to leave. So the dogs there all seem to be very happy and there grooming there is good as well.

I absolutely love them

I've been taking my dog to get groomed, boarded, and doggy daycare to Pampered Pet Inn for about 6 months now, and I absolutely love them.
Why? Because it's a mom and pop run business that truly cares about the dogs that they serve. I've watched them groom the dogs from behind the door, and they treat them like friends. The best part of it was when I found an abandoned dog on the street and needed to board it until I could find a foster home, the owner heard that the dog was a rescue and immediately gave me 50% off of the bill...that's just plain nice. I would highly recommend them for your puppy's need!

I highly recommend!

Ellen at Pampered Pet has been grooming my dogs, first a Bouvier, then two Standard Poodles, and a Toy Poodle for OVER 20 Years! She knows what she is doing and my dogs always look fabulous. Her prices are very fair. I am very picky about how my dogs look and they are always groomed to the breed standard, not just a shave down. I highly recommend!

Thanks for the way you take care of my pet, Mylo.

Testimonial #24

Zoe the Newfoundland just spent the week at PPI with great results: she got to have a swim day, watch the staff, relax in her own safe place, play in her dog trot, and she got a BEAUTIFUL grooming by Ellen. The best telling moment? While waiting to check out at pick-up yesterday, I took her out for a quick walk. After a quick pee, she made a beeline back to PPI's door to go back in - tail wagging. The PPI team really knows how to pamper our furry friends. If they had six stars, I'd give them all six for their review. Awesome people creating awesome spaces for our pets. Great value, too!