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JR Dog Training | Montreal Area | Master Dog Trainer Montreal

Montreal Quebec
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Best Dog Trainer

I would say that he is the best of the best :) my dog Tiny has been amazing since I brought him to JR. don’t look any further if you live in the Montreal region! Thank you Jay!

Instantaneous results

My dog feared other dogs and people. He was always ready to attack. The first trainer I had hired wasn't effective at all. Joe however understood my dog's behavior and helped me resolve his fears and anxiety. Joe's training method saved my dog. Thank you Joe!!!!

Effective training

Joe is definitely a fantastic dog trainer... Although we realised that he is also a very efficient dog owner trainer as well. We have a jack Russel mix puppy that quickly outsmarted us. Within one session we can see a change in behaviour. I very much recommend JR as he has helped us have a great experience as first time dog owners.

Could not have done it without JR!!!

Being a new, first time dog owner of a German Shepard, and a mother I knew I had to hire the best and I did! At 5 months, we began lessons at 8 weeks, my puppy is now walking off leash and makes no messes around the house. He is also incredible with my daughter and loves socializing with other dogs. The key is to hire JR within the first week you receive your new family member, listen to what JR teaches you and then practice... practice ... and lots more practice.

best dog trainer hands down!

from the first day that joe came over for my baby husky malamute, i immediately saw changes in my puppy. you have to listen to his instructions and practice practice practice... that’s the key. now my dog is 7 months old and has been off leash at around 6 months, does not take off, does not bark, bite, pee or poo in doors. i have the perfect the companion and it is all thanks to jr! i highly recommend it!


We rescued an American Pitbull terrier over a month ago, he is 4 1/2 and we wanted to be armed with the best tools and techniques possible to help Spike adjust and be the great dog we know that he is. We contacted Joe Rosen prior to us adopting Spike because I knew that he had the experience that we needed to train our dog. From the first lesson at our home, Joe's techniques showed immediate results and they are very effective. If you listen to Joe's techniques, be consistent and do what he teaches you to do with your dog then you will have results and an obedient dog. He is always just a phone call away with any concerns that we may have regarding Spikes training and whenever we feel the need to refresh our training with Spike in the future, we simply go back at anytime. It's part of his training. Amazing! We highly recommend him.....and Spike just loves Joe!!

Effective Training

JR has been helping me train my 6mo old pomeranian, poodle, russell terrier mix. The first session was at my home and I saw results immediately. There was significant decrease in my dog's biting, whining and other bad behaviors. Over the following weeks, my dog's training only got stronger and he is almost fully obedient off leash. What I like about JR's classes is that I am present at all sessions so I know the proper commands to make my dog obedient. We meet once a week with other dogs and their owners outdoors which I prefer because it not only socializes my dog, but exposes him to distractions that we can train him to ignore. I then spend a few minutes here and there during the week to practice what we've learned. Another big advantage is the guarantee that JR offers; if ever a few years down the line my dog starts misbehaving, I can bring him back to reinforce his training.

Happy customers

We got Prabu as a puppy and she turned into a little terror! JR helped us out and now she is an angel with a fan club. JR even came by to answer questions about Prabu’s relationship with our new babies.

Bear The Rottweiler

On behalf of Bear, my wife & I, we cannot thank JR enough for all of his help. We are now confident when bringing Bear around other dogs, thanks to JR's help. A controlled setting amongst other dogs, with JR's support equals success! We highly recommend JR's training, you will not be disappointed.


I was referred by a friend to JR and I have no regrets; Jr is professional and straight to the point in terms of what you have to apply order to have a well behaved dog. recommended

The best dog trainer I have ever worked with

Jr has been training my dog for about 3 months now. The results are almost immediate, he is very knowledgeable and can make any dog into a great pet. I recommend Jr if you want great results.

My puppy is a wonderful dog, but she suffers from anxiety which causes her to have many issues The vet called her a lemon and asked if she could become an outdoor dog :(, so we were very concerned that we were not going to be able keep her because of her anxiety issues. Joe came to our home for our first meeting and taught us how work with our puppy to help her issues without any anti-anxiety medication. We now go weekly to his training classes and after the first class, we immediately saw an improvement when we walk her around the neighborhood. We are now learning basic commands (sit, stay, come, down) off leash in a group environment and she is less and less uncomfortable every class. Joe did not “cure” my puppy immediately because that is impossible, but I see progress all the time and none of this would have happened without Joe.

JR is the real deal!

JR is the real deal. Great attitude and attention to every detail. He has a great way of putting us owners at ease and holds us accountable every step of the way. Our St-Bernard puppy is so well behaved thanks to Joe and we highly recommend him for all breeds and ages. We have heard and seen success stories first hand of Joe helping owners with troubled dogs and it is very encouraging. Joe will never give up on any dog or any owner, no matter what the situation and history. Thank you Joe and we look forward to and know that you will help us get the best out of Apollo!

Very effective training

JR really helped our dog become behaved and obedient. We saw progress from the first day. JR really gives great tips and advice that are specific to your type of dog. The man knows what he's doing. I would definitely recommend him, especially for stubborn dogs.

Best Trainer

Great with step by step levels of training. JR knows the behavior of different breeds and can help with the training of Dog/Owner. Our puppy retriever was trained from 4 months with JR and after 8 sessions she was obedient and able to be off leash. Would recommend

Curbing lunging

I started training my dog with Joe about a month ago. My dog would lunge at other passing dogs. He has given me the tools to work with her effectively. She will sit whilst I am 30 feet away and not move an inch with other dogs near her. A remarkable achievement in such a short period of time. Thanks Joe. I will continue to work with Joe to perfect his training methods knowing I will have a well behaved dog


My dog has been in training for just over a month now. I needed to stop her lunging at other dogs. With Joe's guidance I now have her sat with other dogs in the group and she doesn't move an inch and she is 30 feet way from me. As remarkable achievement in such little time. I will continue with his guidance knowing I should be well equipped to handle my dog in the future and knowing I can call him even after training sessions are over. Thank you Joe

Best trainer

My boxer has completely changed since she’s been with jr training.. She listens when she has to, comes when I call her and doesn’t jump people at the door ..I am sooo impressed because I didnt think it could happen this fast. I highly recommend Jr Training to everyone!!