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Best dog training ever

He helped me turn my doberman from a menace to a great dog who listened and obeyed me extremely well. I admit i was skeptical at first, but JR's Dog training is hands down the best thing I did for my dog. 
 JR helped me out in my situation, helped train my dog and worked with me at every step of the way and i am very thankful. He was recommended to me by friends AND my vet! A vet won't recommend just anyone, but only what is best for the dog, and JR is the best

Perfect fit

My 2 years old boxer (Hugo) and I are students at JR's school for over 3 months...and every week I see significant change in him; and I keep bringing him to JR's class not because I see degradation in his behavior but because I want to be completely stress free when I take him for a walk.

So, to put you in perspective, a boxer, lots of energy which seems to translate in a very volatile behavior:  (i) very crazy playful to, what it used to be, (ii) very aggressive (towards new dogs). My wife and I, at one point, we counted the number of "dog-friends" he had and it turned out to be around 20...but every time he saw new dogs he would, sincerely, loose it and would charge at them. Also, every time people or DOGS walked in front of our place he would bark none stop until  they were out of sight (mind you, he's a big teddy bear with children and strangers). And, on his walk, every time he saw someone walking towards us, he would pull towards them (did not show signs of aggressivity) but, honestly, people would get scared (I completely understand them). So, we were in a very delicate situation, I would be stressed coming from work thinking of where can I take my dog for a walk without any sort of complications...and, man, did I not want to leave Hugo excluded from society...things would have certainly got a lot worse. So, at one point we thought of giving him away (which hurt me so much, we are so attached to him and he trusts us with his life, extremely loyal) but who would have taken him anyway? And one last thing, as soon as we got Hugo at 7 weeks old, we called a trainer who only believes in positive reinforcement. This guy, honestly, also did a great job. But at one point, with Hugo's impulsivity and power and with his desire to become head of the pact (it would seem), we had to think like a parent and start to put him in his rightful position.  

If at this point, your dog's behavior does not match Hugo's, don't worry, JR dealt with all sorts of dogs (ex: simple puppies and dogs that are unfriendly to: children, cyclists, skateborders, pedestrians, cars...and dogs ;) ) . Joe believes so much in his capabilities that he would assess the situation before hand, and he would then fixe the price; if however you need more classes or you want more classes, he would not charge you a penny more (unless you want a different type of training; ex: guard dog)! 

Now, the one point that seems recurrent in the reviews relates to his methods. One thing that I have to tell you is that the people who quit his class before the end of their corresponding program, will tell you mostly inaccurate things on JR: that he hates dogs and that he apparently insults his clients! First, I have to tell you, for those who don't know, the dogs are rarely the ones to be blamed on for their bad behavior, so you should also be expected to receive some adequate education from any trainer, including JR. So, during your first classes with JR, you should expect a more conservative approach, where he will quickly tell you when to: make you dog sit, when to start walking with him, make him sit again, walk, sit, etc. And if the dog does not listen or if you don't correct your dog accordingly, Joe will intervene. And when he intervenes and if you mistakenly generalise his methods on the inaccurate reviews here, you'll think that Joe does not train dogs properly and you'll think that he insults you...but after some time in his class I came to realise that he is very direct in his comments because he simply does not want your corrections to be repeated unnecessarily. Yes, as taboo as it seems nowadays, we use such things as the choker in his class, BUT trainers like Joe, teach us how to properly use the choke so that dogs are not harm by it  (as opposed to the other reviewer who probably did not stay long enough in the class) and if used properly only the sound of the chain does the need to choke him at all! 

At first, I was very worried about using other techniques than positive reinforcements, believing the possibility that Hugo would get even worse than his initial situation.  HA! now, after 3 months in JR's class, Hugo not only walks by me with no leash  when other dogs are around (see, don't need the choke anymore) but, so far, he made 5 new dog friends (something I would never have imagined)! I even get compliments on his behavior, and I have seen so far no unexpected bad behavior coming from him. In a few words, JR has fixed every problem I mentioned and thanks to him, I avoided doing something extremely regretful: abandoning him!

Effective Techniques

I am a fan of JR for one reason, the results, the tools he gives us as pet owners to train our dogs is in the end, a life saver. The amount of times I am juggling groceries, my kids and the dogs, I have to say the results are proven to work. My dogs are calm, excellent off leash dogs and wonderful family companions. 
His technique with the chain is limited to shock training, it isn't meant to hurt the dog or abuse it in any way (I am a huge animal activist, I wouldn't do anything to harm my babies in any way) Essentially with the pack mentality in mind, a mother to it's pups will use body language to communicate danger. Often (just like spanking with our kids) if a pup strays the mother will not be gentle and nip the pup so it understands BAD IDEA, the pup doesn't need to know why, it just needs to listen for it's own safety.
As soon as my dog got the idea of what the chain was for, we switched over to the commands using sounds like a clap or snap of the fingers. The chain was used to associate wrong doing and shock, never to harm.

If the result of the training is a dog that seems to be afraid then as the dog owner you didn't listen correctly and should be worried. 

JR trains owners, not dogs, the owners need to understand when adopting a dog, it isn't about the dog listening to you, as much as it is you listening to the dog. 

Not a fan of the chain at all, but a proven method that has nothing to do with abuse. 
Any dog lover with enough academic research will know this!

You will not regret taking his classes

I really enjoyed my training from JR's Dog Training.  I was refered to him by my vet, and i have not regretted taking his classes at all.  I have tried 3 other vets, and they all gave up on my dog, but not JR.  His method is effective, and really quick.  He even came over to my house for a free follow up because i needed some help with the doorbell, and it was impressive how he was able to make the dog listen to him, even though he wasn't his master!

You can not make a mistake by going with JR's Dog Training!  It might seem like i work for him from such a review, but i don't!
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JR's a Magician

Joe turned my dog from a little menace into a little model citizen. My dog is inching closer and closer to my idea of the perfect pet, and I have common sense and JR to thank for it. 

His methods aren't rocket science, they are consistency and hard work. He's been at this for 30+ years and it shows. He came highly recommended from the well-regarded rescue where I got my dog, and so far I've got nothing but good things to say about the results I've seen. 

Don't bother with ignorant comments about dog abuse here - whatever corrections he performs on the dogs are far less intense than what they do to themselves in the wild. It's impossible to imagine how many dog's lives he's saved so far, but I imagine it's more than a few.