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Bangalore Hundeskole

73, 4th cross, 1st main, Koramangala 1st block
Koramangala Karnataka , 560034

Great enabled in understanding my dogs

Right from the start I was clear that I wanted somebody who can help me understand my pet better rather than just train. My sessions with Sindhoor has been just that.She has been a great 'enabler' in helping me connect with our dog better.Frankly for me building my confidence as a pet parent has been the greatest take away from these sessions. My puppy , while extremely affectionate and generally curious becomes a scaredy lil dog the moment we step out .She is terrified of elevators as well as staircases - as a result began to detest her walks , leash ,car ...just about everything connected to stepping out of the house.
The loose leash walking has given me a lot of hope ..she has been a lot more responsive and relaxed with her walks .And she has started peeping into the elevator on her own :-)..while we are not 100% there, I am absolutely optimistic that leia will eventually start sniffing the green grass without a care in the world !

Appreciation from Precious Paws Foundation

I met Sindhoor even before she started her career as a Behaviorist. So to start with Sindhoor you give me immense strength and power to continue my work even though we do not meet often. To talk about Sindhoor with the 4 legged babies I had never seen anyone connect with the pups/dogs so soon. With her touch even the shy or aggressive babies becomes the most gentle dogs. She transforms a dog to an individual with their own personality. She is great with anything that she takes up. Hats off to you Sindhoor for your dedication, love and most importantly the kind gesture to help a 4 legged one.
If you need to understand your babies Sindhoor and Bangalore Hunderskole is the right place!

People not comfy with dogs are comfy around mine now

When I became a pet parent, I just assumed I would know everything but in a month I was so lost. Sindhoor came to our rescue, she teaches you how to understand your dog in the most simple ways. She will explain why and how something affects your dog. We are now very proud parents when even people who don't like dogs get comfortable around him. We owe it all to her and her training methods.

The compassion in approach is comforting

Sindhoor is an absolute treasure. She is fantastic the way she handles the dogs. The understanding and compassion in her training sessions is very comforting. As a dog parent I would recommend her as a must have relationship for my doggies well being.

Dealing with a bait dog with compassion and knowledge

Thank you for presenting your aggressive dog program. Our Boxer, Rocky, has demonstrated extreme dog to dog aggression during the past two and a half years he has been with us. We adopted him or maybe he adopted us and we discovered he has two special problems. Separation anxiety and dog to dog aggression. His past history is not known to us therefore our thoughts and others thoughts are speculation. Rocky’s behaviorist and trainer, Helen Sutton, recommended we contact you and investigate your experience and training program with aggressive dogs. We had some apprehension of getting someone new involved with Rocky’s special needs. Your presentation of yourself and your program put any apprehension at ease. You met and observed Rocky in several environments. You observed our relationship with Rocky. You visited the areas we exercise and work with Rocky. You became familiar with Rocky’s mood and temper in these areas. You became friends with Rocky, Susan and I and put us at ease. I became aware of your professionalism when you did not offer a one program that claims it fits all dogs. You studied Rocky, Susan and I, our neighborhood, trails, parks and streets. You observed Rocky with Helen Sutton at her training facility. You watched Rocky at rest and observed areas that he favored, licked and scratched unusually often and advised us of concerns you witnessed. Only then did you offer a program for Rocky’s special needs. The program is orderly, detailed and understandable. When Susan and I had problems with resources for any recommendation you quickly questioned and found alternatives. Your in-field training for Susan and myself was very valuable. Your demonstration and advice will continue to help us build more confidence when we work with Rocky.
Your summary assured us that we had not lost any main points.
I am more optimistic about Rocky’s future and that one day he will have a dog friend for life.

Enriching for pet parents

The most enriching experience. A whole world changes after meeting her . Sindhoor's consultations have just not made us good pet parents but made my kids healthier and calmer.

Appreciation from a fellow pet professional

I have learned so many ways to understand doggie language and behaviour from Sindhoor, that my work with my client doggies has helped immensely. Her methods are latest and is not old school. i would recommend all who wants to understand dogs better to pls go to her.. good luck Sindhoor, and thanks for taking so much effort to study further so that our dogs can benefit with the latest learnings and methods practised all over the world to India..

Opening up a whole new world

Sindhoor opened up a whole new world to me when we first met almost one year ago.. Since then every preconception i had about dogs and our relationship with them has been challenged... It has been an exciting journey and i would like to thank Sindhoor for being a wonderful and patient guide.. Its great to meet someone who is as willing to teach as to learn and who has not let commerce dilute the passion for the job.. Kudos Sindhoor!!

Appreciation from Asheville, USA

In the past year that I have known Sindhoor as a dog trainer/behaviorist , I have been thoroughly impressed with her knowledge base as well as experience handling all types of dog situations and assisting our canines in so many ways. She also is constantly researching and trying out new methods, and the creative ideas she comes up with to help dogs is truly one-of-a-kind. If you need assistance with your dog, do not hesitate to contact her and your relationship with your dog will blossom.

These methods are like yoga

When I took Princes Cleopatra (Cleo) to Sindhoor, I went with some expectation. This was based on her posts on Bombat Dawgs and her articles in general which, for me, were the beginning of an intriguing exploration into canine-human harmony. Little did I know that it would turn into something I'm increasingly passionate about and now Sindhoor has a devout disciple :D  I tell people Sindhoor's methods are like yoga. Slow, patient, kind but certain. In simple ways, with some effort, I have seen Cleo calm down significantly. I've taken Sindhoor's advice to heart and do as much as I can to give Cleo the best life including mentally and emotionally. It felt great when a neighbour who regularly sees Cleo one day commented on how she has calmed down and I have Sindhoor to thank for that :) We also have lots of fun doing nose work, puzzles and Cleo's confidence has noticeably grown as well. I'm happy to say after going to Sindhoor, Cleo reacts aggressively only to 30% of the dogs. But that's ok, she's still learning :)  As a first time pet parent, I'm lucky to be exposed to a profoundly humane and effective school of thought - giving dogs the respect they deserve. I recommend Bangalore Hundeskole to every pet parent because, really, there is nothing better than a happy and secure doggie :) All the best Sindhoor! I hope you go places and many more people get to know how pawsome u are :)

Doable changes that can be incorporated in everyday routines

Meeting Sindhoor was a revelation to say the least! I love dogs but I don’t think I have ever thought about the human-canine interaction the way she does. She is great at explaining small everyday things from a dog’s perspective, suggests very doable changes that you could incorporate in your everyday routines and steers you towards thinking of that one little extra something you could do for your dog today :) I had gone to her to figure out a solution to a specific issue but what I took away from my sessions was so much more! Her consultations will not only help you solve the issue at hand but also provide you with multiple pointers that will a long way in having a stress-free, happy and a healthy dog!! Thank you Sindhoor!

Made me look at dogs from their perspective

for me personally sindhoor is a hero! ever since we first met on bombat dawgz, all her writings have helped me so much not only with my own dogs but with my streeties & yes even in my dealings with humans. i lack the virtue of patience but thanks to sindhoor have managed to become a little more patient & what a difference it has made with my dogs! i was having huge problems dealing with one of my dogs & we used terms like agrressive, ferocious freely. till sindhoor. she made me look at things from my dog's perspective & things really changed after that, after just 2 sessions with sindhoor i could see a big change in zarah. sadly we lost her soon after that. but i know that if we had had the time zarah would have come through with flying colours. she who barely liked any outsider...walked up to sindhoor after her first session & kissed her of her own accord. do i need to say more? more power to you sindhoor!

Our house is the opposite of what it used to be. No stress, lots of happiness

My life changed when I took the decision to request consultations with Sindhoor. I didn't know canines. Treated them like human children. Same set of rules and discipline. Followed Cesar coz everyone said he was the best. And I was unhappy. Really really unhappy, stressed and anxious all the time. And then Sindhoor happened. After two months of continuous work and consultations...... our home is the polar opposite of what it used to be. No stress, lots of happiness and minimal worry which will always be where there is love. Thanks Sindhoor for all that you have done for our family!!! You know it coz you see the difference yourself. We are eternally grateful to you...

Don't wait till you "need" a behaviour therapist. Learn now

5 stars don't sum the work Sindhoor does. She knows her stuff, she is good at it and the biggest of all- she absolutely deeply madly loves dogs! She is the kind who can gently nudge you to do more than you thought you could for your four legged pals and she will also help you be kind on yourself and understand your limitations.
With her work, dogs essentially become individuals (not just four legged cute objects of affection) and you get to enjoy them more. You have got to hear how beautifully she knits a story around small little things that your dog is trying to do and say. A sniff here and a pee there for you, for Sindhoor it is a glimpse into your dogs world!
My suggestion: Do not wait till the time you "need" to see a behaviour therapist. Go for her puppy training classes and understand your babies.

Appreciation from Norway

Sindhoor is a big-hearted dog trainer, with a large international network of educated trainers. She is good at finding a solution to a problem on the dog's terms, and not giving up! We here in Norway are proud of you!