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Dominican Surf Trips

South West

The South West is my favorite part of the island. Fun consistent waves and nature all around. It's like going back in time and discovering the real DR. Friendly people and fruit in every tree. The different shades of blue in the Ocean are unlike anywhere else and around every corner is another set up waiting to be surfed. If your into Kite surfing there are a number of spots too! See you down there in July! 

Ben B 

Must do for surfers

Perfect beaches, empty waves and good vibes all around! A must do if you are in the DR and want to surf some uncrowded waves. Brandon, the surfguide, makes sure that you have good waves and a good time. Thank you Dominican Surf Trips we had a perfect day!

Amazing surftrip to secret spots in the DR

We've spent a great day with the crew of Dominican Surf Trips. Drove up north to surf two different secret spots for hours. Cristal clear water, no crowds, lovely people around - what else could you wish for?! PERFECT surf trip and definitely a MUST for every surfer that comes to the DR!

Epic Everything

Hands down the most professional and customizable Surf Trip thus far. Brandon has a wealth of knowledge everything ocean and Dominican Republic. If you are looking for an inexpensive all around epic surf trip with waves for days get at Brandon. You will not only feel like family but progress!!!

Thank you for the amazing adventure!!

We had a beautiful day of weather and so much fun floating down the river! I love the convience of being picked up and driven to the river. I was concerned about my personal iteams but Brandon brought a lock box. Not to mention the cliff jumping, I had a freaking blast and can't wait to do it again!

Good times with Dominican Surf Trips

Dominican Surf Trip came to the rescue after the airline snapped my board. Brandon had many boards to choose from and put us on the best surf conditions possible. If you're looking to get away from crowds and find epic surf #somewhereinDR, I high recommend Dominican Surf trips.

Great surf tour and awesome DR hospitality!

A surf buddy of mine were looking for a great day to go surfing during our visit to Puerto Plata. We found Brandon for our excursion to some surf spots. He picked us up promptly at our resort and had coffee, fruit and locat eats. He also provided surf boards and brought us out to some surf spots.  He introduced us to some locals and provides a great experience and superb hospitality with special attention to details!  Also gave us a well organized welcome package that was well thought out. Thinking of flying back to go with him for few days to explore some more and catch some more surf spots. Great experience!

surf excursion

The surfing tour and excursion we experienced (two surfers) was excellent!  Brandon attended to our board rental needs very well and chose the perfect boards for our abilities.  He also chose a break for my beginner friend so there was ease of getting out to the break, safety from sea urchins and coral and told us when to go in when the conditions were changing.  He also took my GoPro camera in when the wrist housing failed (came loose) so I could keep surfing.  He is someone I would definitely recommend for surfing that area and I would definitely use him again.

Brandon is the MAN

Dominican Surf Trips is the best way to explore the coasts of the DR. If you are a lover of the ocean it is a no brainer; surfing, kite boarding, bodyboarding, body surfing, or even just seeing the different beaches will give you an unforgettable, authentic experience. The places you go no one else sees on their travels. 


Brandon is passionate about the ocean, and has a personality that makes you feel like you have known him for years. Brandon is a seasoned veteran on dealing with people and anything one would need in their travels.  There is so much to do in one day I suggest booking a couple days to get a REAL experience. 

Dominican Surf Trip with Brandon #somewhereinDR

I had a great time learning from Brandon. He took me to some awesome surf spots on the island and made a pretty cool video from some of the surf footage. Would highly recomend taking classes and getting coached by him as it helped me out a lot. Overall the adventure was fun and i ended up making a good friend out of it. 

Waves for days!

Over the years I have been lucky to be included in the many surf tours that Brandon Sanford organized over the island. I've seen places I never dreamed existed and surfed perfect waves in uncrowned waters. Being shown around by a local is far more rewarding and relaxing. I would recommend a trip to anyone from solo soul surfers to family's to someone just wanting to try something new and be in good hands.


Dominican Surf Trips ROCKS!!

Going surfing with Dominican Surf Trips was one of the coolest things ive ever done, Brandon takes you to beaches you couldve never imagined and just hangin out and surfing with such a local legend is awesome enough, let alone scoring great waves with no one out, what more could you ask for??

Coach session with Brandon/Dominican Surf Trip

I really enjoyed this first coach session with Brandon : the goal was to get a diagnostic of what needs to be improved while , for the fun factor , getting many more waves than the usual . It was a total success : we went to a secluded spot with only 3 guys out , waves were glassy and perfect for my level and we maxed out the conditions . Brandon offers a live briefing and the end of the session and then you receice a video by email with his add on comments on all your mitsakes and .....  the very few  things you do right  ;).Well done and Pro service .... i highly recommend ... Cheers Eric v   

Good vibrations, great waves

When you travel with Brandon you can kick back and relax knowing your guide is going to do everything he can to find you a clean wave in a spot few are familiar with. Brandon isn't interested in seeing you once. He is interested in having you leave with an excellent taste in your mouth and hungry for more

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Let us know how your dominican surf trip was! share your favorite photos & videos, and leave a comment to let us and others know about your experience #somewhereinDR