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Dr. Adrian J. Hohenwarter

745 S. Grant Street
Palmyra PA , 17078
717 832-5993

Healthy BP

So far (1 bottle) has shown improvement of my blood pressure. I will keep using this for sure.

A Doctor For Healthy Life

I searched for a physician that understood the concept of bio-identical hormones as a means to maintaining health, not as a means to lessen the symptoms of menopause and who had a medical degree. My OB/GYN had no idea, despite using a compounding pharmacy. They did not understand, embrace, or prescribe bio-identical hormones correctly. My search ended with Dr Adrian. Dr. Adrian graduated first in his class at Hershey Medical School. My recent Dexa Scan shows ZERO signs of osteoporosis or osteopenia. My numbers are all on the positive side. Recently one of my family members has chosen Dr Adrian to treat her osteoporosis rather than go down the road with Big Pharmo. It is a shame that more people in the health field don’t use the brain that God gave them rather then rely on what they are fed via Big Pharmo. Bio-identical hormones make sense, however many in the health care field would rather pump their patients full of drugs with numerous side effects that range from unpleasant to downright dangerous. The human body can do amazing things given the proper food and support. That is the other point that is so important. Dr Adrian focuses on nutrition. “You Are What You Eat” is an old adage that is very true. Dr Adrian educates his patients on nutrition. If you prefer to talk to a live person, in this case Shannon, rather than enter a phone system nightmare, if you prefer visiting a doctor’s office that knows you by sight, rather than a health care system where one feels like they are in line at a store to place an order, complete with, “Next” & “ Can I see your photo identification” (even at offices where one has been a patient for 30 years), then Dr. Adrian’s practice will make you feel right at home. Younger generations may not appreciate differences since many have grown up with nothing but a very impersonal and industrialized health care system. Personally I prefer a personal approach, especially when the subject regards ones most private & personal subjects-oneself. I’m so fortunate to have found Dr Adrian . I highly recommend him, especially to friends and family who “don’t like taking medications”, “don’t like doctors” , and anyone who believes in alternative medicine and nutrition. Don’t despair if you are hours or even states away. Many tests can be done elsewhere and electronically transmitted to Dr Adrian. Phone call visits are also an option. You may only need to do a yearly visit, and hey Palmyra is less than 1/2 hour (12 miles) from Amtrak station in ETown & 17 miles from Harrisburg Amtrak. Your health is worth the trip! This country needs more doctors like Dr Adrian Hohenwarter, MD. We are very fortunate to have such a bright, well educated, independent thinker, and compassionate doctor here in PA. THANK YOU DR ADRIAN & SHANNON!



I have been looking for an alternative doctor with a real MD for a long time. After hearing about Dr Adrian for several years I was finally able to experience an appointment with him! He was most helpful! He took the time to listen to and discuss many of our concerns. He was very patient and understanding! My wife sure appreciates his help and kind wisdom. "You have no idea how much we appreciate a REAL MD who takes the approach you do!!!I" Only wish you had an office in the York area! Also, the beautiful Diet for Life color magazine we purchased last week is not only very attractive, but very helpful!

I am so grateful to have my vitality BACK!

Dr. Adrian MD is a genius but more importantly, he is a natural born healer. You don’t find many of those around. He has helped bring back vitality and balance into my life. His HRT protocol and supplements are exactly the nourishment my body needed. I was on oral HRT and other supplements and over the years continued to decline in overall health. Dr. Adrian knew exactly what to do to help me. I can’t say enough about this HRT compounded hormones, they are exceptional! Don’t wait if you are suffering. If you do see him, be patient, compliant and he will save your life too!

Better than Androgel

Prior to seeing Dr. Adrian, I had been seeing my Urologist for my low testosterone. It was frustrating because the highest blood levels we could achieve were only 250-275 and it cost me $380 per month; more since I needed to use 3 daily doses not two of Androgel. After switching to Dr. Adrian's testosterone gel, I had a level of 1375 which was too high and have since titrated my dose to get below 900. The cost is only a tenth of what I was paying. I've had no side effects and all blood tests look good on it. My Urologist was amazed by the levels. Thanks!

Chelation Therapy

My story starts in the fall of 2012.  I had to dig around some railroad ties in our garden because field mice decided to overwinter there.  I started to dig and soon had to stop.  I was short of breath and had no strength to continue without resting.  I was able to complete the job, but only after resting the second time.  I didn't think too much about the incident. 


In December, I had talked to a friend about upgrading my computer.   I planned to walk to his house, about one-half a mile away.  I had only walked two blocks and had to stop to rest.  The next block was slightly uphill and I knew I could not continue.  I had to rest a few minutes before I could return home.  I made it halfway to a neighbor's garage.  I rested again and then returned home. 


I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Adrian and he sent me for a stress test January 14, 2013.  The stress test was positive for a significant blockage causing 'ischemia' (low oxygen) to a part of my heart muscle. The doctor who talked to me after the test recommended I begin taking a low dose aspirin and a cardiac catheterization was advised.   I visited Dr Adrian on January 16.  He did not recommend chelation as a treatment for my condition, because of the blockage discovered in my heart was too symptomatic.   I had an appointment with a cardiologist for a few days later so I thought I would have a chelation treatment before I went.  After some thought I canceled the appointment with the cardiologist and began chelation therapy, two times a week through July although I had only one in June because of vacation.    Chelation treatments during 2013 totaled 41.


We had someone do our lawn and yard work during the summer of 2013.  I began walking during the spring of 2013.  When I first started, I could only go about a block without resting.  Treatments in 1014 were 10.  On March 17, I had another stress test and the energy produced was 46% higher than the previous test of January 14, 2013.  I resumed doing the yard work, although sometimes I had to rest when mowing the lawn.


Chelation treatment in 2015 were 12 and in 2016 were 10. I will continue chelation every five or six weeks.  The only prescribed medication is Imdur  (isosorbide mononitrate)  - 15 to 60 mg daily.  By now I am able to walk about 1.5 miles, usually without stopping.  I do take a number of other supplements daily, some Dr Adrian recommended and some self-prescribed.


There is one other great benefit I have received from these treatments.  I had cataract surgery on both eyes in early 2011 with very good results.  I could see much better than I had in years.   But during the early of 2012, I was experiencing distortion of my vision. especial in in my left dominant eye.  Oncoming cars seemed to be in my lane and traffic lights were hard to see at a distance.  This was because of macular degeneration which was present at the time of the eye surgery, I wore an eye patch and finally a homemade pinhole lens when I was driving.  I stopped using the pinhole lens sometime in late 2013.  I can now read with my left eye.  Supplements I take daily for my eyes are:  Lutein - 25mg, Zeaxanthin - 5mg, and Zinc Gluconate - 50mg.


Although we look at illnesses in a negative light, no one would choose to be sick, if it were not for my heart condition and the choosing of chelation instead of a by-pass or stent, I doubt very much that I would be able to see much with my left eye and am sure that I would not be driving.  The vision improvement was probably worth the cost of the treatments. 


I had to date 73 treatments at a cost of $9395.00 which has enabled me to do most of what I had done in the past as well as having my vision restored.  God does provide healing for everyone but His grace is sufficient for all.  We need to number our days and be thankful. Contentment does not come automatically. The Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4.11 NAS Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.  May God help us all to learn as Paul did.

Plaque Psoriasis

Plaque psoriasis starts inside the body. It is caused by an overactive immune system, and appears as flaky, white patches on your body. It is embarrassing and often painful. There is no cure.


I've had psoriasis since puberty but it flared up terribly later in life with the stress associated with my dad's death. The psoriasis that was only on my elbows, hair line and back spread to over 70 percent of each leg. My dermatologist had me on cortisone creams that only masked the problem but never alleviated it. And personally I did not want to take any steroid meds internally because my immune system was not working correctly already, so why tax it even more.


I started seeing Dr. Hohenwarter and he put me on a very strict (at least I thought so at the time) eating regimen. No processed foods, no wheat, no dairy, no to most meats, no sugar. It is quicker to tell you what I could eat—fruits, vegetables and chicken. Out of desperation, I took the plunge and eliminated all processed foods, dairy, sugar and most meats. I only ate fruits, vegetables and chicken. Occasionally I would have fish, even though I was told not to because of the mercury in it. He also put me on several supplements to aid in my recovery.


I stayed on this diet and supplementation for months, not seeing any results at all. But I was determined. After all these years, nothing else had worked so why not stick it out. At the 4 month mark I noticed that my legs were not as itchy as they had been. I continued eating this way. At 6 months, my legs started to clear up. And the results were rapid at this point. Within a very short time, my legs were completely clear. Nothing changed in my life—other than what I ate and the supplements.


At this point Dr. Hohenwarter told me I could start gradually introducing other foods and nuts back into my diet to see what affected my psoriasis. I did start adding nuts but only slowly. They only bothered me if I ate large quantities. I chose to not add many things back in since this way of eating was working and I felt satisfied and healthy.


It has been a few years now and I am still eating this way. Now whenever I cheat and have anything processed (I love bread and it can be my downfall), my right lower leg will itch slightly within a very short time frame. If I continue to eat what I now know is poison for MY body, my right leg will start to show signs of the plaque psoriasis reappearing.


I would like to report that all the psoriasis has disappeared from my body. This is not so however. I still have patchy areas on my elbows and at the base of my neck, along the hair line. I also have red, patchy areas on my back. But my legs (which were the most embarrassing and painful) are clear. Stress is extremely hard on any autoimmune disease but my stress level is about the same. The only real change I made was what I ate and the supplementation.


This is a difficult way to eat—especially when the rest of the family and world are eating anything they want. But if your psoriasis is like mine—painful and embarrassing—eating this way is totally worth it.


P.S. You will not get this advice or support from your regular dermatologist. Because when she saw how the psoriasis on my legs had cleared and asked me what I was doing, her reaction saddened and angered me. Her reaction to my explanation was “well, that is overkill, isn't it?” She totally did not understand the relationship of what we eat to the health of our bodies. She would rather just keep prescribing ineffective and harmful cortisone treatments.

After one visit

After one visit, went off statin and followed dr's vitamin regime for high cholesterol.  Three month check up revealed good counts all around....its working!  Also found low D and B12 and addressed that, and feeling MUCH better!!!





Testimonial #22

Becoming a patient of Dr.Hohenwater is the best thing I've ever done for my heath concerns. At first visit he patiently reviewed my medical history, lab reports and medications that were prescribed by my previous doctors. 

I had been misdiagnosed as bipolar and prescribed anti psychotic mood stabalizers. The medications prescribed had left me witn little to no enjoyment or drive for life. They had left me with horrible debilitating side effects. This all resulted in my leave from work for almost a year as well as severe depression, anxiety, blackouts, seizures and last but not least horrible skin conditions. I was at my end ready to just give up hope. 

The day after my first visit with Dr.Hohenwater I felt so much better! I had energy, a feeling of well being  (I had not felt this in years and almost gave up any hope of every feeling again). With one visit and a thorough review of my medical history Dr. Hohenwater found that I am a 42 year old perimenapausal woman, not a depressed  bipolar woman....Thank you from the bottom of my family and I hearts! You, your family and staff  have saved me in so many ways.  Thank you for giving me a new beginning! Life is good!

In two weeks what a change!

My wife has been to see Dr. H and in two weeks what a change has taken place, we are very thankful for traveling 31/2 hours away to have his imput into her health.

Dr Hohenwarter is on your side.

Great Physician who really spends time finding the right treatment for our health problems with holistic and natural approach. Most knowledgeable and communicates very well. You really feel Dr Hohenwarter is on your side and I am greatly improved. Did wonderful things with my wife also just by suggestions for her diet, cured her GERD and she lost 30 lbs just by eating right!

The best MD I have been to in 60 years.

The best MD I have been to in 60 years, the real deal in finding nutrition and diet and medical help on an individual basis. Much better than the mass produced one size fits all treatment that passes for medical treatment often these days.

Doctor actually listened

Doctor actually listened to me instead of passing me along to another doctor. I've seen 5 doctors for my health issues and Dr. Hohenwarter took care of the majority of my iproblems in one visit. I feel like a new person now.

Great doctor and staff!

Dr Hohenwarter is smart and very knowledgeable. His Assistant Shannon is fabulous and great to work with! Very sweet. I highly recommend this office to anyone!

A really special Doctor.

A really special Doctor.  I use him to maximize health but I know he treats a lot of sick people too. Yes, he sells supplements but I dare you to find them cheaper.  Gets you to look at things in ways you would not otherwise.  Doesn't take my insurance but I don't even care; it's worth it.