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Dr Jeremy Ayres DO, ND, SBRCP - Naturally Better Shop

Dorval Quebec , H9P 1H6

The BEST of Hands

There are a handful of doctors worldwide who, if you follow what they are saying, will lead you to good health (not just suppression of symptoms which will pop up again in your body a short way down the line).
Dr Jeremy Ayres is one of these doctors. If you do not have your health you could not put yourself in better hands

Suggested heart attack and heartburn

My mum age 80 had an episode one month ago that alarmed her to go to the hospital. Her blood pressure had risen and she had a strange feeling in her heart area. She had a previous Stent 10 years ago. The doctors immediately did a procedure on her and pushed the old Stent forward and added a new Stent. The doctors only spoke to my mum, who is hard of hearing and just nodded yes out of politeness. After the procedure they sent her home with 10 different medications. I contacted jeremy and he helped me to get my mum to understand that these prescription drugs were poison. She was also on a previous Stent medication and a heartburn tablet. She came off everything at once and started to follow Jeremy's protocol. She detoxed quite badly and was in discomfort especially her heartburn. She stuck with it and two weeks later atarted to feel so much better. Her cardiologist confirmed that she in fact never had a heart attack but that at her age better to be safe? Her doctors ate horrified that she stopped the drugs but couldn't help notice how well she looked. She had dropped 18 pounds in a very short time, her heartburn was much better and her legs were feeling better. The Statin drugs made her legs feel like they were full of bricks. We have a long way to go and will continue to work with jeremy. Will be updating this again shortly. We all have learned so much from Jeremy it's amazing.

Dr Jeremy it is rare to come across a doctor like this!

I am so glad to have the pleasure of knowing Dr Jeremy Ayres. He has a unique approach to health restoration. He is very sharp and zero's in on the root cause of Dis-Ease. Dr. Jeremy shows us that being naturally better is our normal state of being and getting better doesn't need to be exclusively for the rich. Jeremy is a leader and a light for all of us who desire to live in a world that can be Naturally Better. Valerie Warwick RN

Simply The Best!!

I personally think Dr Jeremy Ayres knows more about chronic dis-ease than anybody I've ever met. ❤ u Dr J!!!

Colon Cancer

I was fortunate enough to meet Jeremy at a lunch party in Barbados over 4 yrs ago. We spoke intimatly for several hours about so many important issues and I was so intrigued by his knowledge and insight and passion for healing and giving hope to others...I had felt immediatly blessed by the encounter and remember telling.myself that this individual could really help me in so many ways I had yet to know .I have a history of colon cancer starting back in 1997 and have suffered through the brutal treatments and psychological trauma that the medical profession and the cancer society project as the solution to fighting dancer.. cut, burn and poison policy and had a poor state I'd health and a negative disposition as a result. Christmas of 2012 I had returned to Barbados for holidays and was so depressed that all I wanted to do was end my life. I booked an appointment with Jeremy and he brought me in immediatly for a consultation. He asked me the oddest questions and I answered them as honestly as I could and after some time he had completely opened me up and had me looking at myself and understanding my condition. Through poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle I had over many years driven my system into mass dehydration and neglect. In the course of an hour he was able to tell me more about myself and my condition than any doctor ever could and Instead of breeding despair In me...he had for the first time In 12 years...given me hope.He put me on distilled water right away along with Briggs a.c.v. and within 3 days I was already feeling better and looking forward to waking up each day. Jeremy had overloaded me with insightful information to equip me for the journey ahead...learning the art of undoing. Several years had passed and I started feeling weak again... turns out I had grown another tumor in my colon ... the doctors wanted to operate immediately and follow up with chemo and radiation... something I knew I could not endure again. I contacted Jeremy and we decided to starve the tumor and do everything possible to avoid surgery to the shock of the medical institution as well as family members and friends. Jeremy put me on a 12 week protocol of no sugars or carbs and GcMaf ...along with a.myriad of other things including enemas to reintroduce water to my colon as it had become hard. By the time I had finished the program I was feeling great and we were certain we had beat it. Half a year went before I began losing energy and it was determined that I was losing blood and becoming anemic... I had a colonoscopy which determined that the tumor had inflamed and was bleeding.... they booked me for surgery 9 weeks away...what happened to their urgency a year ago ? One week later. .. dec 11, 2015 I experienced tremendous pain almost immediately and was rushed to emergency where they went in and removed the tumor. To the doctors and staffs surprise and amazement , the pathology report determined that the tumor was "dead" and was scooped out like ice cream. The pathology report also determined that the initial pain was from a blockage in my small intestine and was unrelated. I was not able to avoid surgery due to the bleeding but surgeon was able to remove only a small portion of my colon due to the fact that it was completely soft and clean ans he had even remarked " what did you do to it to soften it up" .... and he just looked at me with this big smile and stunned look of amazement and said " keep doing what your doing.. it seems to be working ". It's now coming up to a year since and am doing great ...I now look forward to many years of enjoyable living with the promise that the knowledge and wisdom I have learned from Jeremy has and will continue to change and enhance my life. I am a living witness to miracles that this man has performed for myself and many of my friends who have reached out to him because of me and who are now living richer , better lives. I encourage any and all to to take the risk of discovering yourself and awakening to new and more promising possibilities for your own health and well being and becoming a better you...naturally of course. Forever grateful. Byron Parker.

Amazing Knowledge

My first stop of call whenever there is an issue with the health of my family members....  A fountain of knowledge worth tapping into. 

Shelly Coles

Dr. Jeremy has been so kind in sharing such beneficial and positive information on his pages. The energy emitted from his advise and congruent suggestions on health issues, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually hold love, truth and compassion. When my beautiful cat companion Tara was poorly this summer his verbal care and kindness was invaluable. I would never hesitate to seek healthcare guidance from him now or in the future. Heartfelt thanks Jeremy for all you do for  humanity and the animal kingdom. It is very much appreciated.Warm smilesShelly Coles ( Complementary Therapist and Soul Midwife )

Healed from Chronic Body Pain

When we first met Dr Jeremy my body was riddled with pain as a result of a Motor Vehicular Accident. Even after the first visit I actually was feeling better and over the twelve weeks period I felt like a brand new person. I would highly recommend Dr Jeremy to anyone!

Healed the Mind, Body & spirit

I have always used emotional healing to do the major part of healing in general for my body. However I have always felt something missing.(the physical) though main stream medical didn't provide real proof to me that they are the go to. Yes they can perform operations, and give antibiotics etc, but I see all that as detrimental to the body, and would only ever turn to it if I found no other way, and believe me when I say I usually found another way.
I watched one of the Skype interviews of Dr Jeremy's on rhythms of our body and water, and became a believer in Jeremy's work at it just fit with my understanding from the bible, (we become like trees planted by streams of water. Come and I will give my water free. And many many other connections to water through out the bible) the moon cycles I kind of knew about also from the bible with the woman leaving the towns together when they menstruated to keep the town ship clean etc. so to me the things Dr Jeremy was talking about fit the physical aspect of healing that I was looking for. So now I feel complete with the spiritual, physical and emotional , and I truly believe you can not be fully healed if your missing just one of those parts.thank you Dr Jeremy, you really don't know how much you have helped me.

A genius in Natural Healing...

For the past three years, I have had the honour and pleasure of working closely with Dr. Jeremy and seeing the global impact his body of work has made on so many people who have been given little hope for recovery from the world of allopathic medicine.  I have seen his work in action in broadcasts we have done in Natural Health Solutions as as one of our key panelists in 'The Owners' Manual for the Human Body' in video and radio and later on as anchor of his own show Naturally Better Television where he features some of his clientele and their conditions in order to facilitate the education of others in acccessing the information that allows them to heal themselves. Callers are also welcomed for an impromptu mini-session. I have witnessed many epic recoveries of wellness from some of the most dire cases. Cancers in all stages, emotional disorders, Autism, chronic pain and loads of skin issues are just a few of the ailments that Dr. Jeremy is able to trace back to the ROOT CAUSES and onsets--which allows him to approach the healing from the core of the problem rather than from a point of view of merely 'stopping the manifestation of symptomology'. That is what true wellness looks like.  I am constantly in awe of his bedside manor, his sincerest committment to each and every client and his availability to walk with each one (as if the were the ONLY ONES) in their journeys back to optimum health.  I have learned so much myself that I implement in my own life as a survivor of various health challenges and through working with Dr. Jeremy, I am able to learn--and share with my family-- how to live a life free of the toxic habits  that make us all so sick.

Gnawing Stomach Pain and Fatigue

I went to Jeremy some years ago and he immediatley saw what my body was lacking and needed. He identified the causes and educated me.Let me say that again, he educated me on so many levels of my health and health systems in our society. I felt like new again after about 2 months, not taking one single drug!Since following his advice my health has never been so good!Highly recomended! 

Terrible Migraines for 30 years!

I went to Dr. Jeremy Ayres in Barbados after years of severe migraines, weekly throwing up, lots of back pain, food allergies, and the list goes on.  It's been 4 weeks without a headache nor throwing up! I cannot express the relief, mentally and emotionally far less physically that I am experiencing right now! Thank you Dr. Jeremy!

Fulvic Minerals & Mag-Oil Plus

Lisa Bodley

Hi Clive,

No problem, rather a difficulty in this online age I would think.

I am loving your Fulvic minerals, bouncing out of bed at 5.30am even though it’s holidays and my year 12 (final year of school) stressed out daughter is now sleeping thanks to magnesium spray massages.

Excellent products thanks.

Talk soon

Warm regards
Lisa Bodley________________________________________

Clive de Carle - Depression

kai bowman

Hi Clive, I suffered from depression for 12 years (sometimes very severe) but after being introduced to natural remedies for body and mind by you, I now feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life! This isn't because my life circumstances has changed, it's my clarity of thought and well being.

In fact I have lost my mum (best mum in the world) my nan (the closest person in my life) and my grandad, all in 14 months!

Although this was very upsetting for me, not once did I slip into depression!! And that is my evidence that a clear mind (free from chemicals) and a healthy body massively helps combat life's hardships!

Thank yo so much!!

Clive de Carle - Diabetes

Justin Hillan

Hi Clive,

I spoke to you regarding my diabetes a few weeks ago to which you gave significant help.
I just wanted to let you know that I took your advice, and now I have been able to stop the insulin, and my blood sugars have come right down and leveled to within a healthy range.

My doctor has given me a fit note to return to my fire service role and I'm
Feeling a lot better and healthier.

I just want to say a massive thank you to you for your advice and time, I feel
Your knowledge far surpassed any advice I was given by my GP, he mocked me when I said I was coming off the insulin and said it would never work!!,

How good it was to prove him wrong!!
Clive once again, thank you so so much.

Kindest regards