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clive de Carle - Celtic Sea Salt

Idan Naor

Dear Clive,

I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes about the differences of Rock and Sea Salt.

For years I have been trying to enjoy the mineral content of natural salts, whilst each time getting a reaction of sweaty palms and hot flushes nearly straight after consuming an Himalayan or other rock salt.

little did i realise for all of these years that rock salt, as you wisely put it, has only inorganic minerals left in it. whilst unprocessed sea salt is rich in organic minerals.

Indeed, once i switched over to a natural Celtic sea salt, those sweaty palms and hot flushes gone!

Many thanks again,

Clive de Carle - Diabetes

Justin Hillan

Hi Clive,

I spoke to you regarding my diabetes a few weeks ago to which you gave significant help.
I just wanted to let you know that I took your advice, and now I have been able to stop the insulin, and my blood sugars have come right down and leveled to within a healthy range.

My doctor has given me a fit note to return to my fire service role and I'm
Feeling a lot better and healthier.

I just want to say a massive thank you to you for your advice and time, I feel
Your knowledge far surpassed any advice I was given by my GP, he mocked me when I said I was coming off the insulin and said it would never work!!,

How good it was to prove him wrong!!
Clive once again, thank you so so much.

Kindest regards