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Driving With Ellis

28 Arbroath Grove
Hartlepool Cleveland
United Kingdom
07867 382768

Patient teacher

Excellent tutition, very patient would highly recommend to anyone.

Progressive Learning

Excellent driving instructor, came away from every lesson feeling like i'd made some progression, would definitely recommend.

You're the best

Ellis you are the best instructor thank you for being so patient and calm I never felt under pressure I felt comfortable in every lesson I had with you thank you, you the man !!!!!

Thank you so much

Can't thank you enough for stepping in at such short notice and getting me through.

Thank you

Thank you so much for taking Stu on at such short notice and getting him a pass! Very grateful for your time and help!

Last minute helping hand

Thank you so much for helping me pass my test Ellis. I'm not sure I could have done it without you. I really enjoyed my time with you and I will be recommending you in the future.

The best driving instructor

The best driving instructor out there and would recommend him. I wouldnt have passed first time if it wasnt for him. Thank you mate.

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor

I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor than Ellis. He's a fantastic teacher, patient, kind, and so easy to get on with. He made me feel really comfortable in every lesson and helped me to feel much more confident with driving. I couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks so much for everything Ellis, it's been a pleasure to know you :)

Best driving instructor ever

Best driving instructor ever i would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Best ever

Best driving instructor I have had friendly and a very positive attitude.

Great teacher

Passed my test first time. Great teacher. Would recommend to anyone.

Huge thank you

I couldn't thank Ellis Wood enough for his amazing work to help me pass my driving test first try. I'd recommend him to anyone; he was calm, patient and a brilliant teacher. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't of been able to pass in the time I did.

Massive thank you

Massive thank you to Ellis Wood for helping me pass my test. Would recommend to anyone. A brilliant instructor and a top man

Highly recommended

I would recommend Ellis Wood to anyone as he helped me pass first time within 2 months and was really helpful in all aspects of driving :)

Patient and polite

Ellis Wood was a fantastic, patient and polite instructor and around the bend were great logistically.

Best instructor ever

Ellis wood - best driving instructor ever helped me through everything (sorry about the wing mirror) really tried to fit me in when ever I wanted

Life changing

After trying 5 instructors previously and not getting anywhere Ellis was a god send. He made me feel calm, confident and comfortable. I have now been driving for 3 months and my life has completely changed and it's thanks to him!! Would recommend him to anyone and everyone

Massive thank you

Massive Thank You to Ellis Wood for getting me through my driving test!! Couldn't have done it without him