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Dru Louis LLC

3755 High Point Ln SW
Atlanta GA , 1

Great customer service

Mr. Louis, was very professional my staff really benefited from the new changes he has implemented in our business. We could not be more excited about the results. I will refer this company to anyone.

Testimonial #15

I worked very closely with Dru at a previous workplace. He was a dedicated employee and a great person overall. If I ever asked for something, he was always on top of it. Truly a wonderful guy, but even better employee.

Testimonial #14

I have found Dru to be a very compassionate person who is always thinking out of the box for ways to help others. He is a very driven and results oriented person and also a pleasure to work with.

Testimonial #13

I met Dru in college over 10 years . Since then he's shown that he is a genuine person with a big heart and a hard worker. I've seen him reach out and help the community in numerous ways. Definitely a good person to know and work with!

Testimonial #13

I've known Drew for almost 20 years and he is the most honest, loyal, and caring person I know. He is an outstanding person and having him around makes life better.

Testimonial #11

I worked with Dru on a few projects. He's just overall a great person. Great spirit and vibe to be around. Very hardworking and motivated.

The Guy With The Biggest Heart

I met Dru a few years ago and I will say that he has always tried to figure out how to give back. He's always in the communities doing some type of toy drive or charity event. He's an amazing person that I admire a lot. God has a blessing with your name on it. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for creating an amazing website for Girls Empowerment Club

Partnering with Dru Louis LLC team was one of the best moves for Girls Empowerment Club/ non profit organization. The company provided so many professional services for new & growing businesses. The new and improved business model created by the Dru Louis team was incredible, it took the idea from summer camp to a year round club. On behalf of the Club, we would like to thank you for all hard work, dedication, and training to take our youth program to the next level.

Nydia Nydia Nydia

Dru meeting you changed my life. I was young still trying to figure out life and you offer me a friendship I’d never had. Right from the start you trusted me, invited my roommate and I to your home because we didn’t have furniture at the time. I had just become a single parent working two jobs and you offered me a car. Everyone told me there was a catch but there wasn’t. You trusted me with so much there was no limit to things I’d do for you. You saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. You wanted me to be the best version of myself and I am forever grateful. There are so many stories I can share, so many memories, just continue to change the world my dearest friend.❣️

Manager at Lids

Great assistant. Reliable. Funny. Hard working. Hola oriented. Receptive to feedback.

One of the best guys I know

Dru Louis LLC is an amazing company that u know will do great things for the community. He passionate about people, his work and his ability to be a leader. I would refer him to anyone I know. He is truly a great person to know, work with and surround yourself with.

Dru is the best

Great marketing tools and business advice!


Drew was my Boss at ADT and yes I respected him but he was more of a mentor/teammate than the typical “Boss”. #Respect

Alexis Travels

Drew was an absolute delight to work with! My website is absolutely amazing because of him. He helped me design and manage it, I couldn’t ask for a better person to work with.

A hard worker, and a great guy

I worked with Dru at MiLend, and I have nothing but positive things to say about him. He is a very hard worker, and also a great guy. We have also worked together with non profit organizations, and he is always looking to find new ways to help people.