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Great Product Great Service

I have a custom Glock and gave Stan some very tight trigger specs that I was looking to duplicate in dry fire practice. I received the product along with a note from Stan to call him. We spoke on the phone and he decided that I needed a different spring in my Dry Fire Mag. He sent one right away. I put it in and with a minor adjustment it worked exactly the way I had hoped. I highly recommend doing business with Stan and Dry Fire Mag!

Testimonial #22

Love your product!!  A little over a year ago I bought your 9mm/40 S&W Dry Fire Mag for my Glock 34 and love it.  My son, Max and I share this gun and he has won 3 - Junior Division Glock tournaments with it.  My son, my brother and I have thousands of dry-fire/reset pulls on your magazine and it just plain works.  We shoot PPC, GSSF, and my son also shoots SASP competition.  Our scores keep getting better.  I just ordered one for my Glock 41. Thanks!!


I just bought one and it is Awesme!!!  It's great not to have to rack the slide and I can just concentratte on my DryFire.  Excellent product!!!

Fantastic product!

I've received and been practicing with my DryFireMag.  The DFM's trigger pull is much better than my Glock's pull. My 22 had a good bit of travel, takes more poundage to fire, and has a softer "squishier" break,than the DFM .I wish this was a gunsmithing project instead of a practice mag! But the easy adjustment of the DFM allowed me to adjust the trigger's travel so that it closely matches the "squishy" trigger of my Glock I actually have to shoot with.Thanks again for the fantastic product!

Testimonial #19

Works great for muscle memory training for trigger reset. Great for body arrmor practice.  

Testimonial #16

excellant product with outstanding help (highly recommended to communicate with stan) to get the trigger set right.  purchased DFM for a g19 with a ny1 trigger that i had then the better half decided she wanted it.  so i got the dry fire mag to help her learn the way of the glock.  stan inquired which trigger i had and sent it set for the ny1 and it was right on(yes i know that means terrible!).  well i then changed to a standard trigger with the neg connector, about 5# and needed to adjust on the DFM.  contacted stan and he got back with me right away and walked me thru changing it for the new release and break.  works great.  we talked about pairing it up with a laserlyte training barrel. which might flash on the release and again on the reset but that would be good to show follow thru.  will check back i just purchased the laser and should have it in a week or so.   rod p.  

Testimonial #15

Tremendous product, practice rapid fire on mutiple targets with a red dot is unmatched. What a great training tool. My man Stan got me a couple extra srings to play with and now im rockin it daily.


I purchased the dryfire mag with an asumption that it would trigger my laser barrel from laserlyte and it works well. I can now train using my existing Glock 19 Gen4 for $100 investment. Thank You DryFireMag.




Easy and Effective

I had been trying to get my shooting to the next level in USPSA and IDPA.    Most of the Master shooters advocate dryfire training.    I used a laser training cartridge for a while but it needed to be reset after every trigger pull plus, I found it developed a habit of becoming target focused (which is exactly the wrong thing to do).    


The dryfiremag allowed me to stayed focused on my front sight and call my shots after every trigger pull.  It really helped with transitions and breaking my next shot quickly.


A great training tool that will get you to the next level

Prompt shipping

Thank you very much for the prompt shipping.  I really like the product.

Dry fire mag new user

i am a new gun owner and the dry fire mag was very easy to install and everything I wanted it to be. 

Muscle memory and dryfiremag

Had the dryfiremag for about a month and have noticed an increase in the amount of time I spend dry fire practicing. It is great muscle memory without the interuption of racking the slide. Especially important is the the ability to practice controlled pairs. Definitely translating to the range

Frank Campana from Top Shot Season#1

Besides my 15 minutes of fame on Top Shot, I am a retired police officer from New York where I served on my Dept's  SWAT Team. Since retiring a few years ago and missing all that free training and ammo,  I sought out a REALISTIC way to practice at home since regular range time here in the City is a real hassle! I tried a reseting trigger which was great but you have to disassemble the gun to use it! A Glock 19 airsoft pistol...better than a blue gun but not the right feel. I then bought a SIRT pistol which I still is a great tool but not the exact "feel" as the real thing so I continued looking for something to compliment the SIRT. A few Google searches later and I found the Dryfire Mag.  What an incredable training device! Unload your gun, pop the Dryfire mag in place and fire away! Actually, when I tried it for the first time I felt that eureka moment! As a police officer what I like best about the mag is that you are training with the same gun that you will be carrying. Nothing replicates the "real thing" like the real thing. One of the lessons that I learned from my years as a SWAT officer is that in real life you will, without thinking about it, do exactly what you do during training, so you want your training to be as realistic as possible...using the same gun, same holster, same everything.  I'm sold on Dryfiremag! Another thought... if Robert Vogel uses the Dryfire Mag then enough said!

Great product

Dry Fire Practice is important for accuracy and being able to perform under stress, but I was worried that I was going to program the wrong thing into my muscle memory with my Glock because I was having to cycle the slide every time. With the DryFireMag I can practice as long as I want without cycling the slide, and I get the feel of the trigger breaking. The trigger feel isn't the EXACT same as without the DryFireMag, but it does reset the triger each time. Works great!

Maximum satisfaction.

My dryfiremag works exactly as it should. I finally began to train every day for 30 minutes. Very easy to use. It is super that I can use my real weapon.  My dry fire takes much less time because  I do not have proof for each shot. The product is really cool, it seems to me that I was very weak advertising. For us in Europe, I found no similar product so I had to order it from America. Mark from Slovakia.

Good Stuff

I love the way the Dry Fire Mag allows me to draw, come to target, fire, and practice trigger reset all with out having to rack the slide. I bought this and a laser lyte target system. I hoped the trigger click the dry fire mag made would activate the laser, but it doesn't. No matter Dry Fire mag is great!


The minute I saw this product, I ordered it!  Maybe the best $100 I have ever spent?  This Mag gives me the opportunity for High Volume Repetitive practice with my Match Pistol which I love!  This practice tool will make your front sight your best friend.:)

Kent H  USPSA Master