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Ecology Pest Control

2901 Ohio Boulevard Suite 114-2
Terre Haute IN , 47803

Very professional from the time I scheduled an appointment until the time the technican left my house. Ecology Worked around my schedule and had better pricing then any body else I found in the area. Definitely recommend this business to anybody who needs help with their pest issue. I haven’t had any reoccurring signs of the issue I had addressed. Thank you Ecology!

Fantastic company with fantastic knowledgeable employees. I have my house and yard treated quarterly and never have any issues. Previously it was near impossible to take my kids out to the yard with out them being eaten alive. I recommend ecology to any one and every one. Recommended ecology to a friend of my who managed to catch bed bugs and they were able to get him squared away in no time. Quality service and quality people.

We have used Ecology pest control for years and had nothing but great experiences. I have family who use Ecology also. Staff are always on time and professional. Prices are reasonable. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Ecology Pest Control is the best pest control company in Terre Haute Gary Buis is our pest control guy and he is the best he does a great job and is very friendly I highly recomend them.

3 treatments one every 2 weeks for $1200 i had to bag everything! I've broken and ruined alto of stuff unpacking the white dust is still visible. The steam did not help. I just killed the largest nest I've ever seen with my bare fingers. I saw bed bugs everytime they were out here. I even waited till it was 80 degrees out and heated the inside to 140° last month and as I have said I just killed probably 100 with my fingers only minutes ago.

Ecology has been providing dependable pest control services to our company for over one year! Jim is a great guy! Im happy to recommend them!

We have been with Ecology for at least 8 years. They do excellent job of keeping our home bug free.

Very Professional, Very thorough. Brock has been our tech for several years now and he does a good job. I recommend Ecology Pest Control

Very professional and very helpful! Have used Ecology pest control for over 27 years and never had a problem.

Ecology Pest Control is the best, by far, of any pest control companies in my area as far as I'm concerned. Have used them for over 27 years and never had any problems of any kind.

The folks at Ecology Pest Control are great to work with. My service techs (in Terre Haute) are knowledgeable and always explain exactly what they're doing and how that will help us. They even explain the critters' habits and give little tips on things we can do to keep them out of the house. They're very efficient, respectful and friendly. They come on time, and they take lots of care in working around the house, both inside and out. The cost seems reasonable to me and well worth it. I will continue to use Ecology Pest Control!

Very personalized service and always there when we need them. I highly recommend this company. They were able to customize a plan to fit my house and budget. If you need something, I highly recommend this company. I have had 2 other companies with random technicians showing each time and not knowing what was going on. He was on top of it and knew where everything was and completed the service perfectly.