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LYME -O-ZYDE------ "I haven’t felt this good in years..."

I was treated for Lyme disease some 15 years ago. Five years after my treatment had ended I was still suffering from the same symptoms. I had my blood tested again and was surprised when I was told that the results were negative for the infection. I had heard of “Doc Bruce” and the success he was having with the problem, so I figured I would give him a try. He told me that his product LYME -O-ZYDE was a diagnostic tool as well as a treatment for the disease.

After spraying behind my neck, he said that if I had Lyme disease I could get a slight headache within minutes and depending on how long I had the infection, I could also get a slight rash on the spot where he had sprayed. He called this a “Herxheimer” reaction. As he had predicted, I quickly developed a slight headache with an accompanied rash. He said this confirmed the presence of Lyme disease and recommended that I begin the 90 day treatment program with the LYME -O-ZYDE spray.

For almost 12 years I also suffered from plantar fasciitis (terrible pain in my feet). I’ve been to five doctors and no one seemed to be able to tell me what caused it or what to do about it other than NSAIDs for the inflammation and opioids for the pain. “Doc Bruce” told me that this was probably a co-infection associated with the Lyme disease and that besides spraying behind my neck and my lower back, I should also spray the LYME -O-ZYDE directly onto my feet. Within minutes the terrible pain that I had had for more than a decade, literally went away! I couldn’t believe it.

I couldn’t be happier. I’m now in my third week and I intend on continuing the treatment as long as necessary. I am still getting a mild “Herxheimer” reaction, (which is sometimes called “die off”) which I’m told means that I’m still fighting off the infection. As this reaction becomes weaker and weaker, I know that I am progressively getting better. The pain in my feet is diminishing with each treatment. I haven’t felt this good in years and this time I believe I am really getting rid of this horrible Lyme disease.

HONEST LEAF SPRAY------"I was amazed..."

I have suffered from severe headaches most of my adult life. I was visiting my parents house and upon their seeing my extreme discomfort with pain, muscle tension and pressure, they had me try the Honest Leaf spray. I was amazed at how quickly it worked! Within seconds the pressure was releasing as was the pain in my head, neck and shoulders! All of my symptoms were gone and did not return. I have never had any product relieve all of my symptoms to such a complete degree. I need to buy my own now!!!

HONEST LEAF SPRAY------"It worked for me..."

I'm a Mother of 5 and a Grandmother of 6 and I've been suffering from fibromyalgia for more than 15 years. I've tried dozens of pain remedies ranging from strong prescription drugs down to every over the counter concoction that I could find. The results were mixed, unreliable or just plain bad.

Then a close friend, who knew how much I suffered asked me to try something new. Hesitantly I agreed, thinking that at this point I had nothing to lose. Within a minute of spraying the Honest Leaf on my back, I found myself wiggling my shoulders and my neck until our friend who shared the product with me asked, "What are you doing?" I quickly realized that I was trying to bring the pain BACK ! I couldn't believe that those 3 little sprays had taken away the pain that has plagued me for so many years. It was that quick.

All that I can tell you is... Try it ! It worked for me. Now I carry my little bottle with me in my purse, spraying anyone who is in pain just to see the surprise on their faces when their pain disappears like mine did.

SERENITY NOW------"The products are a AMAZING !!"

Amazing all natural products that work! To share my experience in the first week...The products are AMAZING!! “Serenity Now” combined with “Slumber Mist” allows me to sleep within minutes totally unencumbered by the slightest sounds that would wake me up in the middle of the night.
The Transdermal application is the fastest application I have ever used!! Wake up feeling refreshed and recharged ready to take on your day!
You will not be disappointed !

LYME-O-ZYDE------I'm... telling everyone..."

As a mother, it was devastating to see the results of Lyme disease affecting my 12-year-old son. He missed two months of school because of fevers and body aches. The pain and swelling in his joints was so intense that it mimicked arthritis. He felt so depressed and sad because he was sitting out on every day activities because of the sickness and pain that he felt. It also dramatically affected his grades due to the fact that he missed so many of his classes.

We had had a blood test from our family doctor in order to rule out Lyme disease. However, it came back negative, so they did not treat him. But I knew in my heart he had to have it. We decided to go to our family holistic doctor. His bio feedback scan came back positive for Lyme disease.

I had heard about a product called LYME-O-ZYDE from a family member and so we decided to try it. As instructed, we applied it to his occipital bones near the base of his skull and to his spine and within minutes we noticed he had a painless red rash on the back of his neck. We knew ahead of time that this was normal because this amazing product also serves as a diagnostic formula. If upon application you see a similar type of rash, were instructed that this was a normal Herxheimer reaction.

It seems that this is because the spirochetes are being affected by the formula when the Lyme bacteria is active in the body. This process reaffirmed to us that he in fact did have Lyme disease despite the false negative that we received from our family doctor. I personally wondered if it was just a reaction that everyone would get, so I sprayed it on myself and I never got any rash because I do not have Lyme disease.

It is very easy to apply, I started with the occipital bone at the base of his skull and applied it down the spine all the way to his tailbone. Then if there was an area of pain or discomfort, we would just apply the product directly and the pain would go away. We used it quite often on my son’s ankles and knees. I’m glad we have it in our home in case any of us were to get bitten and not realize it, because we know that Lyme disease left untreated can be absolutely devastating.

So, how is he now? Well, he used to complain that when he would play sports outside with his friends he would be in a lot of pain and would have to come in and rest. In the past when taking normal walks as a family, he was always so far behind because he said his feet hurt so much. He has no more pain or inflammation in his joints and he is able to attend school regularly. Most importantly, he feels like a normal kid again. He’s happy and vibrant. As a parent it’s been so rewarding to see him get his life back!

I think everyone should have this product in their medicine cabinet both as a diagnostic tool and as a natural way to gain wellness after living with Lyme disease. I’m actually telling everyone about this product!

From one happy mother...

HONEST LEAF SPRAY------"...the pain was totally gone."

On the very first day of our “dream vacation” while my wife and I were in Paris, I had an unfortunate accident that literally brought me to my knees for most of our stay. While loading our luggage onto a train, I inadvertently twisted and wrenched my back in such a way that I was left almost crippled.

In our wildest dreams we never thought that we’d end up in a French emergency room. The doctors prescribed narcotics, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants and still the only thing that gave me any mobility whatsoever was the cane that I was forced to purchase. Still the pain was unrelenting. I’m 35 years old, healthy as a horse and I felt like I was an 85 years old man who was sliding rapidly downhill. When we returned to the states, I decided to visit my parents in Pennsylvania before returning home to Austin, Texas.

After a long flight and then train ride to get to Pennsylvania my back was in pretty bad shape. My parents picked me up and were surprised to see me hobbling on a cane. I was in agony. Within the first five minutes of seeing my parents and explaining what had happened, my mother, to my great surprise, began pulling my shirt up in the back in an effort to expose the areas that were giving me the most pain. Here I was standing in the middle of a main street in a midsize American city with my mother spraying my exposed lower back with some concoction that she took out of her purse. Before I had any time to object, she finished spraying my back. The light soon changed and we began crossing the street. This is where it got interesting.

By the time we reached the other side of the street, I stopped dead in my tracks on the sidewalk and looked at my mother and asked, “How long does this stuff take to work?” She said, “Sometimes in less than a minute.” I stood there in disbelief, because the pain was totally gone! I found myself trying to make the pain come back because I couldn’t believe that for the first time in nearly 2 weeks I was pain free and I couldn't believe that it lasted for several more hours. It did return later that night, although much much less. I had to spray several times over the course of a few days, but for the first time in nearly 2 weeks I was fully mobile.

I never experienced anything like it. When I asked her, “What is that stuff?” She showed me a small bottle labeled “Honest Leaf.” I never used the cane again.

LYME-O-ZYDE ---- "I finally have my life back!"

I suffered with Lyme disease for years. During that period of time, I tried any number of treatment regimens including several antibiotic protocols, all to no avail. I was very dissatisfied, because no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. I was just not getting any better. I calculate that I spent upwards of $25,000 over the years most of which, in retrospect, was out of desperation. I felt like I was chasing every “carnival barker” that came along because traditional medical solutions weren’t working.. “Doc Bruce’s” name came up while I was meeting with some of my local Lyme group online. We had heard some good things, but I was naturally very skeptical.

I found out that he lived fairly close to me so I made an appointment. I soon visited him at his office and after a brief discussion he sprayed the LYME-O-ZYDE SPRAY on the back of my neck and on my back at the bottom of my spine. He told me that if I did in fact have Lyme disease that I would within a minute or two experience a Herxheimer reaction. He also said that if I did not experience the reaction, that meant I was not suffering from Lyme at all.

In less than a minute, I had all the confirmation I needed. I had an immediate reaction including the red blotch at the site where I was sprayed. I was so surprised when a doctor told me to also spray the areas that were giving me pain. The pain subsided in less than a minute. During the 15 years that I tried all of the other so-called solutions, I never got a Herxheimer effect. I never experienced any “die off” reactions of any kind. The LYME-O-ZYDE product really works! I used the product for the suggested 90 days and I feel like that after more than a decade and a half I finally have my life back!