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Embrace the Natural You

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Twist Truffle Whip + Gelato

These make a great combo for my wash and go's. I learned to be very light handed with the Gelato and layering an oil over the Whip keeps it even more moisturized. These are my holy grail HG products for life!

Elixer, Nectar, Tapicoa, + CoWash are Amazing

I love these 4 products for my type 3/4 hair! I get perfect juicy twists with the Nectar and Tapioca and I love the gentle cleansing that the cowash does. I love the Elixer to treat my scalp for the two weeks I have the twists in and then on the third week my twist out is defined and beautiful! Great job Embrace!

Satin Beanie is Bomb

I love that these are satin lined. I saw the brand featured in the local newspaper and I must say the quality is amazing. Stitching is amazing. It really protects my hair. No more rough scratchy wooly hats will be on my hair ever again!

CoWash is amazing!

I really like the cowash. It is really gentle so I use it on me and my girls curls. We have 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b curls all in one household! Very great product!

I love theeee CoWash

I never thought I would like a cowash this much! It's more like a gentle cleanser that doesn't strip my hair! Thanks for making this!

Bigggg Bonnets! - Natural Hair Freindly

I love my satin bonnet. It's so big and perfect for my pineapples at night!

I love the Dream Creme Gelato paired with the Leave In + Style Nectar for my wash and go! I layer a little of the Trinity Glaze between the two on damp hair and perfect wash and go flake-free every time!

So Many Great Products

There are so many amazing products. The Shea + Marula line was definitely made for my thick hair. I've also used the Mango + Kukui Line and I am just as impressed. I like the S+M when I'm doing braids, twists or protective styles and the M+K line for twist outs, braid outs, and rod sets.

Tapioca is Amazing

I love that this butter works wonders for my thicker hair in the crown by softening it. I had a lot of issues with breakage in the area but I'm happy to have found this product which melts immediately.

Condish CoWash is Awesome

Love that this comes in a 16 oz now! I like the price point as well. I've purchased this a few times and I just love it as a cleansing conditioner. My hair feels clean but not stripped! I actually love the whole Shea + Marula collection! My hair is thick and this line truly quenches.

Amazing CoWash

I really love this cowash. Didnt think I would like anything better than the AIA cowash at Sally's but I definitely love this. Can't wait to order a 16 oz.

Tapioca is like Buttah

I love the Hair + Skin Hydration Tapioca for my skin and hair. It is so buttery soft and the ingredients are luxurious>>>shea, marula, olive, tucuma, etc. It's worth the price!

Elixer Great for Braids

I love the elixer for this itchy spot on my crown when I have braids or crochet braids installed. It takes it right away. I love this product and have already purchased more!

Scalp Growth Elixir Has My Hair Growing!

I have really seen a difference in growth in my edges and the thickness in my hair using this product weekly

Love that Tapioca!

Where has this product been??? I love buttery products for my two strand twists. I layered this over the Nectar in small amounts and my twists look so juicy! Don't stop making this!!! If feels so luxurious on my hair and skin!

Freaky Fast Shipping

Love that I get my items really quick every time. Only time there was ever a slight delay was on a holiday.

Satin Slouchy Beanie Glitterati

I love this beanie. I wear a lot of wigs so I keep my hair braided down. I love that I can whip the wig off and wear the satin lined slouchy beanie. It's light and fashionable.Love will purchase more.

Love the Leave In Frosting + Nectar

I was curious to try both of these so I bought them both. They are really amazing products. I can tell the difference when I use the Nectar because of how my hair feels stronger. They both smell amazing as well. I use under gel for my wash and go's.