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Emotional Rescue

Unit 6, Miller Court
Tewkesbury Gloucestershire , GL20 8DN
United Kingdom

We STAND above the rest! #justsaying

For all who wasn't present at PG LIVE, here's a glimpse of our representation this year. I'm sure we'll have a de-brief shortly of how the show was for ER and insight into other publishers/retailers presence.

The PG Humour Supplement front cover, gets great reaction...

As usual, ER is the face of the PG humour supplement. This year the front cover focuses on our highly successful Wit And Wisdom Of Mum, On-The-Ceiling book which was rated #4 best seller in the Sunday Times. Also a new hashtag which has been adopted for the PG LIVE #JustSaying. On Twitter we have had great support with many retweets and should bode well for PG Live. Of course, this is only the front cover and the content of the two spreads we have inside is the bread and butter. There are copies floating round the office for a more in-depth read, so pick one up when you have 2 mins.

10 years for Nikoli

We have a book in the Sunday Times Best Seller List!

Wit & Wisdom of Mum makes the best seller list...
Bonnier Books UK - "We are thrilled to have five spectacular @bonnierbooks_uk titles in this week's Sunday Times best seller list! 🎉 Congratulations to @stacey_halls, Heather Morris, @TheAntonDuBeke, @RosieGoodwin, @ERescue1 and the talented teams at @ZaffreBooks and @StudioBooks."

Message From Da Management

Until further notice, we will have a 15 minute get together every Tuesday morning at 9.30am. (Most likely to be fortnightly once things settle down) This is an attempt to keep you guys up-to-date with 'everything' that's going on. If you have any questions about anything - THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO RAISE THEM!!

Tesco FDay 2019

2019 listings are in, and we're pleased to report: 35% increase in designs (to 31) and 33% increase in total supply volumes (To 215k singles) This represents a fabulous result, so thanks everyone right across the team for their contributions to product development & customer presentations.


The recent calendar competition proves a big hit with our followers on social media, giving away 3 sets of OTC calendars to 4 lucky winners (photo attached from Sandy, one of our champs). To further boost our social presence, we plan to introduce another competition friday on both Emotional Rescue's and The Dog's FB & Twitter to win £5 Dogs Doodah's Vouchers. This is also the time of year running up to Christmas, we introduce 5 for £10 at The Dogs Doodahs. You'll see many post on ER socials to help support this offer.

Thanks for coming!

Thanks so much for coming and help us celebrate!! I hope you all had a good time!

Asda Occasions - 2019 Replan Allocations

Dear All, Following on from our 2019 replan presentations, we have now received our allocations for Asda's Occasions. Our listings in this area have increased from 2 to 8 designs, with an incremental gain of 1,940 pockets. Thank’s to everyone for their contributions across product development, presentations and submissions. Good result

Carte Blanche at Emo Towers

Today we welcome Alistair, Grace and Martin from Carte Blanche! Get the kettle on!!!!......

Thumbs Up from Moonpig!

Moonpig informed us that we are their No1 humour supplier and a top 10 supplier overall. New strategy they are implementing means we will get even more designs up in Relations and Age! Woohoooo!

Tesco Office Visit

Thanks to everyone for their help in making Tesco’s visit to our offices yesterday a big success. All the Best – Chris / Mark

Today is Tesco Day!

Today we welcome Sara & Lauren from Tesco to Emo Towers. (Big smiles everyone!) We hope to show these lovely ladies that we actually 'do' know what we're doing!

Sainsbury's meeting Update

It’s Official Following our recent review meeting at Sainsbury’s, Emotional Rescue have been confirmed as: No.1 Father’s Day Supplier (By overall contribution to retail sales) No.2 Father’s Day Supplier (By overall sales volumes), just behind Sainsbury’s Own brand (Which doesn’t count right…) Top selling design was: Jam & Toast JTF05, Ranked No.1 of 178 designs, selling over 22 cards per pocket across the season. BOOM

IT'S LOOSE! New Virtual Safari is out now!

New Virtual Safari has been released into the wild.
Today, it will be presented to Carte Blanche at the sales meeting (You may have seen the rucksacks this week in the building with the sales packs in them).
#newvirtualsafari #nowwithsharperclaws. We hear it was a ROARRRRRING SUCCESS!

Many Thanks to @ERescue1 great hosts #RETAS18

A great day at The Retas Awards 18.. Very honoured to be a guest. Many Thanks to @ERescue1 great hosts #RETAS18

ER Sign new deal with Carte Blanche

ER and Carteblanche, re negoitate thier Independant trade agreement, and sign a new deal that takes the partnership to 2020, with minimun target goals set which will see Carteblanche enhancing thier sales force penetration....Re launch to take place on 18th July 2018 at the Carte Blanche Spring Sales conference - Jen and Martin to attend.

Tesco Meeting Feedback

Thanks to everyone’s for their support with our prep for this week’s trading review at Tesco.  Overwhelmingly positive feedback from the buying team, soundbites being:


Emotional Rescue considered amongst Top 5 category partners


We were the ‘Star of the Show’ in this year’s Father’s Day range (In what was a tough season for many)


Loved new Virtual Safari & OTC Captions refresh + Seriously Just Kidding


Chris and Mark will follow up all sales opportunities over the coming days, with Sara & Lauren (The Buyers) planning to come across to ER Towers in August.