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Envision Pass

Envision indeed... I PASS!

I stumble on Envision pass unintentionally, I would say it was not a mistake contacting Taniesha. My first phone conversation with her really reduced my anxiety level fro 10 to a 2; she was very real and sincere, I guess her sincerity made me stick out with Envision pass. During our sessions she was very practical and assisted me to see the inner me that can pass the exam, and I did after 3 attempts. I am thankful that she was there to support me and made me see through the questions and how to answer them correctly. Thank you Taniesha........

Very Helpful

Taniesha was patient and gave great feedback that helped me prioritize areas to focus on. Thanks in part to her help, I passed my exam on my first try

I Passed On the First Try

I passed on the first try! Thanks again Envision Pass for all of your help and support, I found my tutoring sessions very helpful!

Patient and practical help.

Taniesha listens very carefully.Taniesha is helping me understand behavior theories/lenses. Person-in-Environment and biopsychosocial lens. They are all tangled in my mind and she is keeping me from getting 'strangled in my tangle.'

Better Understanding of the Exam

I attended several LMSW seminars and Envision Pass has given me a clearer perspective on how to pass the exam.

I PASSED on the first try!

I was getting tutoring assistance from Envision Pass, very nervous about the exam due to being bi-lingual. I became confident and used the tools and strategies received from Envision Pass to PASS the exam. Now I am a tutor with Envision Pass helping other Spanish speaking social workers to pass.